Inside-Out, Emotions of Addiction
-Live Webinar-

Date: June 8 ( 6 PM - 7:30 PM )

Presenter : Peggy Kolodny (ATR-BC, LCPAT)

Led by Peggy Kolodny, ATR-BC, LPAT – board certified and art psychotherapist and educator at the university level with over 25 years of experience. 
Participants are invited to apply art materials to a mask which will be supplied. The purpose is to create how one presents selves to the world on the outside, and genuine feelings on the inside.

We will begin with a short discussion of the impact of substance use on our emotional regulation including shame, denial, anxiety, depression, numbing and avoidance. Trauma often is behind addictions; and the impact of trauma on our neurobiology will also be briefly reviewed. The intention of this workshop is to invite compassion, hope and resiliency through the self-awareness that emerges from therapeutic art-making.

Suggested art materials for participants to have are crayons, markers, poster paint, collage materials and found objects, glue stick, Mod Podge and scissors.
Collage materials can include magazines, downloadable images, tissue paper, glitter, buttons, stickers, bottle caps, wine corks, yarn, fabric, natural materials such as leaves, seashells, old broken jewelry, your imagination!