Welcome to the August 2015 edition of HomeCareBuzz.

Make your home a supportive homework space

By Sheryl Montero on August 4, 2015

Many schools are now, or soon will be, back in session.
Preparing productive study habits at home is just as important as getting your kids
ready for life in the classroom. Creating ground rules and an environment
at home where students of all ages can focus on [...]
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Buying and Selling “Off-Season”

By Sheryl Montero on August 4, 2015

There are many variables that determine what is considered the peak
buying and selling season in real estate. It varies by geographical region
and is affected as well by the economy. Generally speaking, for home sellers,
many real estate experts have traditionally considered the “peak season” to [...]
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4 Ways to Keep Homes Energy Efficient While on Vacation

By HomeCareBuzz on August 3, 2015

Summer months are a popular time for many families to take a vacation.
If you plan on spending time away from your home this summer,
remember to prepare it for your absence. With the proper preparations
you can cut electrical costs and keep your home and electronics [...]
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What to Plant Now for a Fall Harvest

By Raquel Riddle on August 3, 2015

Many people consider spring to be the best season to start planting a garden.
But did you know that late summer is actually considered the second gardening season?
August is an ideal time to plant certain vegetables and herbs.
There are quite a few plants that thrive [...]
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