Welcome to the September 2018 edition of HomeCareBuzz.

Take Your Home’s Entry from Worn to Welcome

By Sheryl Montero on September 4, 2018

Take a look at your home’s front entry. Step back, and ask a few questions: Does it
convey your style? Is it well maintained and safe? Does it have an inviting wow factor? If your
home’s front door and entry look a bit tired, uninspired, or neglected, [...]
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3 Things to Look for (and 3 to Ignore) When House Hunting

By Janine Barrett on September 17, 2018

House hunting can be exciting, but it can be overwhelming too. Even if you know what
you want, it can be hard to sort out what is crucial, and what is merely a “nice to have.”
Here are three home features that you don’t want to compromise [...]
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Tips and Tech That Help Create a Welcoming Home

By Sheryl Montero on September 24, 2018

Want to create a relaxing environment in your home and save time on tasks and chores?
Here are some of my favorite time-saving tips and technology that help make your daily
routine more efficient and create a welcoming home. 20 Time-saving Tips That Say “Welcome” In the [...]
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Top New Kitchen Counter Materials

By Tara Walsh on September 1, 2018

What is the reigning kitchen counter material today? If you’re ready to replace your kitchen
counters, the quick answer is, quartz is king. The more useful takeaway for you,
however, should be that quartz is only one of many high-quality, interesting materials you can choose from. [...]
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Fall Season Checklist

By Amy Thyr on September 10, 2018

The scent of fall is in the air. Time to bake an apple pie, crunch some leaves on a long walk,
and carve the family pumpkin. It’s also time for some fall home maintenance. Use
our fall checklist as a reminder to do important seasonal tasks like cleaning [...]
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