Welcome to the October 2016 edition of HomeCareBuzz.

Quick Home Fixes on Daylight Saving’s Time

By Tara Walsh on October 19, 2016

“Fall Back” time is coming. When it arrives on November 6th, we, in theory, gain an extra
hour of sleep. If you’d like to spend that extra hour doing something other than sleeping, here are seven
quick and easy home improvements, each of which you can complete in an hour [...]
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Get Your Fireplace Ready for Winter

By Janine Barrett on October 11, 2016

There’s nothing quite like the crackling warmth of a fire on a chilly evening. All that comforting
coziness, however, eventually adds up to a pile of ashes and soot deposits in your fireplace that
needs to be removed. Fires also cause soot and creosote to build up [...]
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What to Look for in a Home Warranty

By Janine Barrett on October 10, 2016

Home warranty coverage can be a great way to protect your budget against expensive home
system and appliance failures. However, a home warranty isn’t an insurance policy–it’s a service contract.
It provides repair and replacement service on a home’s major components (such as heating, plumbing [...]
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Get Ready for Old Man Winter

By Tara Walsh on October 17, 2016

Once the chilly temps set in, no one wants to cope with breakdowns to their heating system,
oven, cooktop, or water heater. A home warranty can cover appliances and home systems when they unexpectedly
break down. Home warranty coverage can also help minimize the potential hassles and delays that may [...]
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Avoid Freezer Fails – Clean Out the Crud

By Tara Walsh on October 11, 2016

Halloween marks the first holiday of the big, year-end celebrations to come, most of which
require storing extra food in the freezer. Keeping the freezer looking clean and fresh ensures that
any house guests who peek in won’t be appalled. And regular maintenance may help keep your freezer [...]
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