Welcome to the December 2018 edition of HomeCareBuzz.

12 Ways to Make Your Home Healthier

Your home affects your health. In fact, research shows that when your surroundings are
appealing to you, they are more healing to you as well. So when you make improvements to your
home’s environment, those changes improve your well-being [...]
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How Your Home Warranty Service Process Works

When a home system or appliance covered by your home warranty breaks, you can sign in
to place your request online or call 800.992.3400. We’ll assign a service provider, who will
call you to schedule an appointment. [...]
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Winter To-Do Checklist

Winter is quickly approaching and for many of us that means donning heavy jackets to deal
with freezing temps, wind, snow, and ice. Even in milder climates, where rain can be heavy
at times, it’s important to winterize your home for the months ahead. [...]
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I was recently awarded the Super Service Award by Angie's List again for 2017.