Welcome to the August 2016 edition of HomeCareBuzz.

Don’t Let Your Home Linger on the Market

By Amy Thyr on August 12, 2016

Sellers are typically interested in two things: getting their home sold for top dollar
and getting it sold quickly. But some homes sell faster than others. Here are a few tips [...]
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Tips for Hosting a Safe Open House Event

By Tara Walsh on August 22, 2016

Most of us would never normally hold an event at our homes where we put out a sign
that welcomed in total strangers. But this is exactly what you do for your clients when you
hold an open house. As part of the month-long safety awareness campaign [...]
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Eight Things You Should Clean But Probably Don’t

By Tara Walsh on August 12, 2016

At HomeCareBuzz.com, we’re always on the lookout for safe, easy cleaning tips
that preferably use natural ingredients. You may have noticed how much we love to recommend vinegar
as a cleanser, for example. That got us thinking about the weird stuff that needs cleaning from time to [...]
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Is Artificial Grass Right for You?

By Janine Barrett on August 8, 2016

Artificial grass has come a long way since AstroTurf first hit the playing fields (and maybe
your grandmother’s patio). With the ongoing drought in the West, the new, improved artificial grass
is becoming more and more popular for sunny, low-rainfall areas, as well as with pet owners [...]
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