Issue 75 June 2021
Can You Find Love On a Dating Site?
By Barbara Rose Brooker

Maybe. But You Need To Be Selective And Somewhat Suspicious

Love is one click away, the singles sites advertise. So why not
go on? The pandemic is easing and I’m dreaming of romance. What am I waiting for? 
Fifty percent of the population uses the online dating sites in our current culture of robots, self-driving cars, drones and apps. Instead
of looking for Prince charming or Princess charmer in a crowded
noisy bar and at endless singles events (just as subscribing to a
gym, Netflix, Amazon or Starbucks), you can subscribe to the dating sites and find the partner of your dreams.
 No matter how lonely you are, isolated or weird, there is someone for everyone. On top of that, you get to post exactly what you desire
in a partner.
 So, I write and post an ad on the singles sites. I receive messages, likes and hearts. I print out the messages and I begin selecting and sending responses to those I want to meet.

This is exciting and I feel the hope and the anticipation of meeting
the one. But like anything else there are pros and cons and red flags.
 In our appearance-driven culture, where people are defined by age, 80 percent of those on the digital dating sites lie about who they are.
Just as people lie on their applications for bank loans, resumes and college entries, they lie about their age, height, size, appearances, credentials and financial status.
 People 50 and up to ensure that they will look younger hire professional photographers and writers to write their profiles. 
But all doesn't always turn out that great...

CLICK HERE to read the full story on online dating.
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July is Ultraviolet Safety Month
Safety Awareness Month!
As the weather heats up, it is especially important to remember to protect your skin and eyes from the damaging effects of the sun. The sun emits harmful radiation known as UV-A and UV-B rays. UV-A causes aging, age spots, eye injury and cataracts and genetic damage to your skin, while UV-B is also responsible for sunburns-- the main risk factor for melanoma.

To be safe in the sun this summer, it is important to take a few precautionary steps before heading outdoors.

Wear sunscreen. Everyone should use a sunscreen that is SPF 15
or higher every day, even on cloudy days.

Cover up with protective clothing & hats. Choose clothing that provides different levels of UV protection such as darker colored long-sleeved shirts, long pants, or long skirt. Wear a hat that has a brim all the way around that shades your face, ears, and the back of your neck. Avoid straw hats with holes that let sunlight through.

Stay in the shade. Staying in the shade, especially between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., will further protect your skin.
• Wear sunglasses. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and reduce the risk of cataracts. They also protect the tender skin around your eyes from sun exposure. Wrap-around sunglasses work best because they block UV rays from sneaking in from the side.

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 --Larry Hayes, A050 CEO/Publisher

"Can You Really Find Love On Dating Sites? I Haven't Had Any Luck."--Susie, 70, San Jose, CA

I have several friends—male and female--who have had success connecting with someone on a dating site. Finding “true love” might
be a stretch but finding companionship is highly possible--using legitimate dating sites for older adults.
Recent studies show 20% of men and 13% of women had found a romantic partner online. That means the actual odds for men are 4/1 (5.0) and for women about 6/1 (7.0). Not great odds but not zero either.
There are dating sites for every race, color, creed, religion or age.
Like everything else, do your homework before signing up on a
dating website. They are not free. And some are scams.
Some more popular dating sites for older adults include Silver
Singles, Our Time, Senior Sizzle, Senior Match and Maturedating.
 Q: I know that getting older is the “natural aging” process and no one is getting younger. But at what
age can I expect a rapid “downhill” slide?

Here’s what the experts tell me:
For the average “fit” person, the decline is 0.5 percent per year from ages 20-70. However, for the unfit person, the decline may range from 5 to 10 percent per year. Huge difference. After age 70, aging accelerates for everyone but the actual rate still depends upon your fitness level. 
The takeaway is that “aging is normal” but you can slow down the decline through exercise, lifestyle, attitude and nutrition. By the way, your DNA only counts for about 20% toward your longevity.

Short answer to your good question: exercise, eat well, keep moving and stay fully engaged in life.
Got a Question? Ask me anything. If I don't know the answer, I'll ask someone who does. Email me at ASK LARRY is written by Larry Hayes of A050 ActiveOve50. Larry
Big Ears To Better Hear You!
The creative genius behind Under Cardiac Arrest comics is John Donaghue, a talented art director from San Francisco. He has created dozens of comics depicting the frolics and life of older folks. For more laughs, go to: UnderCardiacArrest
Legacy Revisited

By Evelyn (Evie) Preston, The Money Lady

I just celebrated a big-number birthday, had several shots of knee lubricant, exercise daily and eat healthily. Seniors work to keep up with our expensive and youth-oriented society. We hide our wrinkles, seek wonder drugs and tot up our IRAs and 401Ks. We are living longer!
In 1963 President Kennedy noted that while we’ve added “years to
the American life span,” it’s time to add “life to those years.” Now,
with even more people in the U.S. over 60 than under 18, society harbors all this talent, wisdom and experience. Yet from ageism to
age separation, the old and young grow poles apart.
While this column usually focuses on finances via smart investments and saving strategies--after insuring our own needs-- there’s more to life than amassing assets for our heirs. And with looming changes in tax laws that may severely limit our estate plans, there are other ways to “live forever.”
Q: What could equal a financial legacy?
We’ve all heard that money can’t buy happiness and two older authors share completely separate experiences as recipes for well-being as we age.
Q: Who are they?
One is Marc Feedman, author and CEO of He believes we need to spend less time trying to be young and more time being there for those who actually are. Encore aims to help older Americans make meaningful social contributions and find purpose in later life.
His book: How to Live Forever; his goal: to connect the generations and build bridges that benefit society as a whole and leave a lasting legacy. He believes the longevity revolution may be a “disaster in the making.” Instead of dis-engaging or “greying as playing,” Freedman’s route to happiness would be investing in younger generations to help make the most of our extra years.
Q: Any examples?
 Singapore has invested two billion in a “kampong” (village) built for
all ages and intergenerational harmony of mixed senior centers and pre-schools—the same style as the JCC in Palo Alto.
3Gen flats house older, middle and younger people to connect their daily lives. Elsewhere, volunteering and community outreach encourage contact with youth and breach the walls of retirement communities. Even long-term care facilities and nursing home alternatives exist. Seattle’s “Mount” has floors dedicated to diverse ages from pre-schools with parental involvement along with “neighborhood” floors including a senior living facility, all who daily interact. 
Q: What’s another road to fulsome living as we age?
More relevant now than when first written, Michael Gill’s, How Starbuck’s Saved My life: A Son of Privilege Learns to Live Like Everyone Else, is any eye-opening read. This riches to rags story shows how a top ad executive at J. Walter Thompson had it all—
then lost it all. A middle aged, highly educated white guy from a rich family, who earned a six-figure salary, wound up broke, divorced and with a brain tumor but without money or health care. He jumped at a job offer from the young, Black female manager of a Starbuck’s who sensed his need.
Q: That’s not anyone I know! What’s the message for seniors?
Mr. Gill is an extreme case but his message resonates. One can dramatically downsize, get out of our comfort zone, appreciate minority views, see how the other half lives, excel at menial tasks
and enjoy hard work. We may then discover a welcoming lifestyle
that engenders humility and gratitude—with no desire to change back.  
Q: How could situations so removed from most of our lives
really have any impact?
The crux is that changes in lifestyle, purpose, finances, friends, pursuits, even long-held beliefs and behavior may not only change
our lives profoundly but even make us healthier and happier—rich, indeed.
“The times, they are a’changing,’ according to the Dylan song, and
my mantra has been to “expect the unexpected.” Seniors can become the catalyst for changing society’s increasingly polarized views by leading the way to a New Age as we actually age.
Evelyn (Evie) Preston is a financial columnist for The Scoop and has worked as a financial advisor for over 25 years. She can be reached at 650.494.7443. Her book: Memoirs of The Money Lady is available at
How To Nail a
Job After 60
By Suzanne Campi

It’s not “Breaking News” that older adults face job discrimination, especially after 60. Recruiter Suzanne Campi offers tips on how to land a job.

Q: Six out of 10 older workers have seen or experienced age discrimination. If ageism is systemic and deeply ingrained in our society, what are the odds for older folks to find work?
First, I would like to say, it’s not about seeming “old” that bothers hiring managers, it’s about being ‘irrelevant.” It’s up to the candidate
to learn everything they can to be relevant. 
Be a student of what is relevant in job searching and what is relevant in the career you’re searching for. I had a client that contacted me after being laid off from a job she had for 35 years.
Thirty-Five Years! She said she let herself grieve for the first month, then dusted off and learned what she had to do to look for a job. She had never looked for a job before. She was coachable. She got a job. She just got recruited out of that job and has a bigger, better job. At 64!
I still say that the odds of we fantastic Boomers landing a job are good! This has so much to do with relevance, tenacity, drive and the energy you put forth.

If you show up slouched and feeling "old" or unsure of yourself, you scream “I’m OLD!” If you show up with shoulders held high, big smile, standing (or sitting) up straight, people see the real You first; your
age is in the background. You really have to own this process. Own your power.
Q: Employers are finding it hard to find workers today. Will this open the door for older workers?
The Labor Market being tight definitely opens doors for our AO50 cohort. It’s a numbers game. If hiring managers can’t find the folks
in an age group they desire, they’ll simply have to expand their horizons. 
I have worked for a hiring manager who is only in his late 30’s.
He was not biased against older workers. In fact, he favored them because of their work ethic. I’m saying, you just NEVER know.
Q: Tips on how 60+ older workers can land a job?
Get out there and network. Learn how to use LinkedIn if you don’t know already. Make sure you are relevant and up to date and put
a spring in your step and enthusiasm and energy in your voice.  
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Q: Will the bank own my home?
The bank does not take ownership of your home; they simply extend a loan
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Q: Do my children/family members lose their inheritance?
No, a borrower may designate an heir of their choosing.The heir(s) will inherit the home after the last surviving borrower passes away and may then choose to keep (by paying off the amount of reverse mortgage balance) or sell the home. Should they choose to sell, any remaining equity after paying off the loan (minus interest and fees) would be theirs.

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As of January 1, 2021, it increased to $822,375. Which means it's very likely you can qualify for more money.

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