Issue 81 December 2021
Publisher's Note

My phone was ringing off the hook this holiday season. Mostly from scam artists trying to sell me something I don't want or need. I also get annoying emails and text messages from strangers offering similar scams. Our
featured story in this issue is about "scams artists." Financial advisor Evelyn (Evie) Preston warns us to watch out for scammers trying to get your money
by hook or crook.

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Are You a Solo Ager? "A solo ager is someone who does not have children
or other familial support" reveals Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D, author, speaker and retirement coach. Read "The Day You Become A Solo Ager."

Exploring Exotic Egypt. World Traveler Bill Moniz just came back from a two week tour of this legendary country with his wife. His experience may surprise you!

Happy New Year!
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Protect Yourself From Scammers!

By Evelyn (Evie) Preston, The Money Lady

“Tis the season of getting as well as giving. However, I received—and turned down—$2.5 million from Publisher’s Clearing House without buying one magazine, and I only needed to swiftly send all my bank info…acct. #, routing #…you get the idea. Well, my gift to readers this holiday season is legit…“gentle reminders” of the past year’s more important messages. Number one—seniors must stay alert to scams!

Scoop readers are too smart to fall for midnight calls from fake grandchildren or Microsoft “techs” demanding to “get into and fix” our computers. If this reads like “old news,” just today an Amazon caller worried that my account had been billed for big bucks—push 9 to check. I quickly trashed the message. Say “No!” to all those iffy calls. Do not be courteous or compliant; just hang up or delete messages!

Emails, even those you may recognize from a company you use with familiar logos and layouts may be bogus. If they seek personal/ financial info, account #s, etc. it’s best to contact them from your end…definitely do not click on any links. Also be wary of odd pleas from a person you know or knew long ago asking for help with a gift card or purchase. Delete! Delete! Delete!

With real mail, closely check past due bills or now-due subscriptions. Review charges (the best clinics and hospitals notoriously double bill), toss endless requests and recurring bills. Keep dates of all giving and receiving, be it MADD or magazines. 

Smart devices also try to outsmart us. Cell phones, like computers, can follow personal contacts, interests and even our movements. And be assured: the IRS, PayPal and websites aren’t kicking us out, demanding immediate payment, changing our registration or ruining our credit…Delete!

Erase “cookies” from computers. Block cell phones against intrusions. Unsubscribe way at the bottom of an email. It usually works.

Santa’s gone but here’s a list for savvy seniors to check twice. Even as Covid still claims our attention, let this be the year when “to do’s become “must do’s.” Along with New Year’s best wishes for family, friends, country and world, we can add a 2022 toast to our Financial Health and Happiness!

Resolve to:

Contact financial advisor(s) and/or tax preparer—2021 surprises may be in store.
Discuss financial, health and personal matters with family.
Update/review trusts, wills, Health Care Directives (a copy to
healthcare provider), policies, warranties.
Organize electronic online “life,” and file IDs and PWs with trusted advisors or family.
Update investment mix and relevant info—review new retirement rules.
Evaluate long held life insurance—compute premiums to payouts and if no longer needed, cash out and self-insure.
Delete old log-ins for long unused web sites….oops, a “to-do”
for me!
Check out retirement residences if interested—popular venues often have long waiting lists—consider long term care and prepaid funerals.
Review home maintenance and stay ahead of potential problems
Understand how recent CA legislation impacts seniors: Prop 19 (2020--both parts,) recent Housing bills #9, #10.
Consider volunteering, exercising more, eating healthier and/or trying something new!

Happy days ahead! As for strict diets, counting steps or buying bitcoin…delete…for now!

Evelyn (Evie) Preston is a financial columnist for A050 and worked a financial advisor for over 25 years. Reach her at 650.494.7443.
"The Day You
a Solo Ager"

By Sara Zeff Geber

A "solo ager" is someone who does not have children or other familial support. Those who are married or partnered rarely consider themselves solo agers. However, when a spouse or partner dies, the widow or widower may then become a solo ager. How do you know if you are
a solo ager? It all comes down to your support system, also known
as your social network.
Certainly, if you do not have children you are a solo ager. Then the question becomes “who do you consider to be part of your social network?” You may have nieces and nephews and if you are close to them and live near them, they are likely a strong part of your social network.
My friend Linda never married or had children. She was a scientist and spent many years in remote locations studying the fauna of that area. Linda also has four sisters, all of whom have children and grandchildren. Linda remained close to everyone in her family. They got a thrill out of visiting her when she was working in exotic locations and she spent a lot of time with them when she was home on vacation.
Now that she is retired, she lives near many of those family members and they have become the main components of her social network. I kid Linda about being the best-connected solo ager I know.

Many solo agers do not have Linda’s close-knit family.
If you are someone who lives far from family members, don’t know your nieces and nephews very well or have siblings who are also solo agers, you may have to look to non-family connections for your social network.

Why Should I Work With a Senior
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Letting go of a beloved home where years of happy family memories were built has to be one of the most difficult decisions one has to make in one's lifetime.
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“Thus, leading to a multiple offer sale and sold in a week. In choosing Mercedes I not only found the perfect agent but a caring, lifelong friend."--Wille L.
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Mercedes Roses is a Gerontologist and Realtor® at Compass. 
DRE 01748726.
Land of Kings & Pyramids

By Bill Moniz, World Traveler

My wife Judy and I visited Egypt for two weeks in November 2021. Egypt has been one of my many bucket list countries--the land of the pharaohs, pyramids, mummies, the Nile and many other historical aspects of the country. 

Flying into Cairo at night one sees nothing but a narrow band of lights surrounded by darkness extending from the Mediterranean Sea at Alexandria to Cairo, 120+ miles south. With a population greater than 100 million (13th largest in the world) 50% live in these two cities with the balance pressed along 15,000 SQ miles of the banks of the Nile River that runs the length of the country from Sudan in the south. The remaining 90%+ of Egypt’s land is uninhabited desert. 
We immediately noted what appears to be chaos on the roadways. People don’t drive in the marked lanes like we would expect. Instead, they drive with about 1/3 of the car in the other lane. This leads to much honking of horns and tight passing of slower traffic which might include donkey carts, tuk tuks (three wheeled covered motorcycles with drivers that ignore all laws and common sense, often driving against traffic in the cities), dilapidated buses and a many gas and diesel smoke belching autos.

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Tips To Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
According to the World Health Organization, 422 million people worldwide have diabetes. That’s 1 in 11 people. In the U.S.,
88 million adults or 1 in 3 has prediabetes but most don’t know it. Diabetes puts people at risk for nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, foot and limb injuries, vision problems and other complications that arise from having uncontrolled blood sugar.
Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder that typically begins before adulthood, in which the immune system destroys cells within the body that make insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar.
Type 2 Diabetes is a disease that develops when the body isn’t able to use insulin properly to regulate blood sugar.
Lifestyle changes can help prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease:

• Lose extra weight
• Be more physically active
• Eat healthy plant foods
Eat healthy fats
• Consult your doctor for routine screenings
and diagnostic testing
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 By Larry Hayes, A050 CEO/Founder

“Do I Need a Smartwatch?
I Already Have
a Smartphone.
I’m 85.” 
--Jimmy, San Francisco

Interesting question. And kudos on getting a smartphone. Covid changed the world and everything is online today. Smartphone usage is 86 percent among Americans age 50 to 59 and 81 percent for those 60 to 69. 62 percent of those 70 and older. 

Back to your question--You should consider getting a smartwatch,
even though you have a smartphone. Health-related benefits
of a smartwatch are amazing including many innovative features to track your daily health and fitness.
It’s like having your own personal healthcare assistant. 24/7.
Emergency SOS, fall detection, blood pressure, oxygen and heart
rate monitoring are just a few reasons why my wife and I wear Apple watches--beloved Christmas gifts from our daughter a few years ago.
I highly recommend Apple smartwatches but check out other brands as well. New Apple Watch Series 7 start from $399.

Got a Question? Ask me anything. If I don't know the answer, I'll ask someone who does. Email me at ASK LARRY
is written by Larry Hayes, founder and CEO of A050.
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Q: Do my children/family members lose their inheritance?
No, a borrower may designate an heir of their choosing.The heir(s) will inherit the home after the last surviving borrower passes away and may then choose to keep (by paying off the amount of reverse mortgage balance) or sell the home. Should they choose to sell, any remaining equity after paying off the loan (minus interest and fees) would be theirs.

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