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Exploring Senior Housing
Looking for senior housing in the San Francisco Bay Area? From independent living communities to assisted living, you have many options to choose from.

Looking For Independent Senior Living?
Check out Chateau-Cupertino in Cupertino, CA starting at $3,400
per month. Independent, home-style living with meals included.

Discover Resort-Style 55+ In San Jose, CA
Resort-style senior living for the active adult 55+ years. Mid $400,000s to $1,000,000+.

Designed to assist seniors and their families in finding the perfect housing solution in the SF Bay Area. Free.

Ask Larry
"What Is a CCRC? AL? SNF? Very Confusing!"

Are "Cash" Offers For Homes Legit?
Many are but you need to do your homework before signing a contract.

"Age In Place" For Lifelong Living
Homeowners embrace Universal Design for lifelong living.
Free consultation Harrell Design+ Build.

Need Extra Money?
Maybe it's time to cash in on the equity in your home. A reverse mortgage may be right for you. Get the facts.

Why Are Eye Exams Important?
Protect your eyesight from potential diseases. Get an annual eye exam. Go to:

Strolling Downtown LA
Award winning travel writer Don Mankin discovers the interesting
and fascinating history of downtown Los Angeles.

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Explore Senior Housing In The SF Bay Area

What You Need To Know

By Kaye Sharbrough, Senior Seasons

Luckily, there are many different types
of Senior Housing to meet most every need. Most people don’t pay attention to Senior Living or communities or support until there is an emergency or at least an eye-opening event. 
Most people simply say, “I want to live in my own home.” Then, usually suddenly, families NEED to know their options:
• Senior Housing can be simply an apartment for independent people over 55. These could be rentals or real estate purchase.
• Senior Housing can be an apartment with activities, housekeeping and meals.
• Senior Housing can be apartments with all the above and also caregivers who provide help with dressing, bathing and mobility support. These are usually referred to as “assisted living”.
• Senior Housing can be a secure, safe, supportive apartment for people with memory loss. This is called a “memory-care” community.
• Senior Housing can also be provided in intimate, single-family homes where there may be only 4-5 other residents. These are usually called “board & care” homes.
Furthermore, Senior Housing can be very expensive or fairly reasonable. Mostly, these options are paid for privately on a
monthly basis. 

Ask Larry

"What Is a CCRC? AL? SNF? Very Confusing!"

--Brenda, San Jose, CA

I agree that Senior Housing and its acronyms are confusing. Not to mention the difference among them, who qualifies and the estimated cost. To help you better understand the many housing options available for seniors, check out the A050 2023 Senior Housing Guide.

Back to your question--CCRC stands for Continuing Care Retirement Community, AL--Assisted Living. And SNF--Skilled Nursing Facility.
Hope this helps! For free help on selecting the best senior community for you in the SF Bay Area, visit Senior Seasons.
Got a question or comment? Ask me anything. If I don't know the answer, I'll ask someone who does. Ask Larry is written by Larry Hayes, A050 publisher. Email: Visit:
Discover Chateau-Cupertino
Independent Senior Living Community With a Flair
Senior living doesn't get any better than living at Chateau-Cupertino whether you're in retirement or just ready for the next great phase of your life. Enjoy a home-life environment in your own senior apartment with three fresh served home-style meals daily. 
Housekeeping and laundry services, all basic utilities, great activity programs, game rooms and transportation--all included starting at $3,400 per month.
Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cupertino is one of the best places to live in Northern CA--home to world famous Apple company.
Come and see for yourself. Schedule a Tour Today! 
Call 408.446.4300. Or email:

Discover Resort-Style Living For The 55+ In
San Jose, CA.

Luxury properties, professionally landscaped, golf course views, city views, openness of the community, trees and waterfalls.

We have many properties for sale at The Villages Golf & Country Club in San Jose, CA. Resort-style senior living for the active adult 55+ years. Mid $400,000s to $1,000,000+.

To receive an exclusive tour of the community and preview selected properties, call Carla Griffen today. 408.274.8766.

Harrell Design + Build

Homeowners Embrace Universal Design For Aging In Place

"Harrell Design + Build was attentive to my needs and understanding of my vision for a more accessible living space. Their expertise in universal design was evident as they seamlessly integrated safety features without compromising on style and aesthetics!"

Universal Design creates an environment accessible by all people, creating a home that functions seamlessly for all family members regardless of age or physical limitations.

It makes a home more “visitable” and allows homeowners to age in place rather than move elsewhere to meet a changing physical need.

The Harrell Design + Build team can incorporate Universal Design features as part of a complete home remodel or in one room at a time. Book a complimentary consultation with one of our UDCP® (Universal Design Certified Professionals) designers to learn about your options for "aging in place" at
Strolling Through History
(And Many Movie Sets) In Downtown Los Angeles

By Don Mankin, Travel Writer

Despite popular opinion to the contrary, Los Angeles
does have a downtown, a surprising mix of old and new, classic, and modern, and a smorgasbord of places to eat and drink.
This past June, my wife, several friends and I spent the better part of a day on a stroll through the city’s history and present, exploring this polyglot of ethnic, architectural and gustatory diversity.
Morning of Food, History and Architecture 

Our urban adventure began at the Grand Central Market,
opened in 1917 making it one of the oldest “food halls” in the western U.S. The market is usually packed with people of all ages and ethnicities cruising among food stalls offering a wide range of food and cuisines ranging from Thai, Chinese and Korean to Mexican and Jewish Deli.

Ask Marilyn

"Is a Reverse
Mortgage Right 
For Me?"
With over 15 years experience right here in Silicon Valley, I can help answer your questions about reverse mortgages.

Q: Will the bank own my home?
The bank does not take ownership of your home; they simply extend 
a loan to you. You continue to own and live in your home and are responsible for payment of property taxes, required insurance and if applicable, HOA fees.

Q: Do my children/family members lose their inheritance?
No, a borrower may designate an heir of their choosing.The heir(s) will inherit the home after the last surviving borrower passes away 
and may then choose to keep (by paying off the amount of reverse mortgage balance) or sell the home. Should they choose to sell, any remaining equity after paying off the loan (minus interest and fees) would be theirs.

Q: What is the lending limit of the HECM reverse mortgage?
As of January 1, 2023, it increased to $1,089,300. Which means it's very likely you can qualify for more money.

To learn more about reverse mortgages, feel free to call me today.

Marilyn Brown Ross Branch Manager & Reverse Mortgage Professional NMLS #453436/1221981 
FREE Senior Housing Guide
For The San Francisco Bay Area
Designed to assist seniors and their families in finding the perfect housing solution in the SF Bay Area. Includes overview of various housing options, descriptions, qualifications and estimated costs.

To download, simply Click Here.
Are "Cash" Offers
For Homes Legit?

By Evelyn Preston, The Money Lady

I’m sure that, like me, many longtime homeowners receive regular mailings offering to buy their homes, “as is,” no realtors, commissions, inspections, fixes, hassles or time frame.

Not for me, we may think; no fast talker is going to trick me out of my many years of accumulated equity. I know what my house is worth…sorta…and I’ll bet I’m sitting on a pile of gold when I sell!

But…we may admit…just because I’m “house rich,” I wouldn’t mind
all that extra cash plus not having to fix the darn roof leak, sagging beam or worry about curb appeal. Even to leave stuff behind that I don’t want…just sell, take the money and walk out. Hmmm…

Super curious, I called! I chose to contact Trident Equity Group, local and legit as a viable company. Their well-written, straight-forward appeal had offered succinct info listed in business-like bullet points. The tone was respectful and non-pushy. I was a pro! I’d sold real estate and mortgages! I knew how to ask the right questions.

And I couldn’t resist teasing the nice male voice who answered. 

Under Cardiac Arrest is a comic series starring a quirky couple loosely based on John Donaghue's parents. Besides thousands of followers online, UCA has been translated into greeting cards, shirts, mugs and a book.

For a chuckle or two, see John Donaghue's latest comics.
Why Are Eye Exams Important?

August is National Eye Exam Month
Regular eye exams are a vital part of your annual healthcare checks. Many eye disorders develop slowly so, it is important to catch them as early as possible so that they can be treated. These exams become even more critical as you age because of the increased risks of certain diseases. 
Ophthalmologists recommend everyone aged 40-65 get eye exams every two to four years. After 65, it is recommended to get eye exams every one to two years. It is important to increase the frequency of eye exams as you age because, after 65, macular degeneration and glaucoma are more common. It is also important for diabetics to receive regular eye exams to catch any complications caused by diabetes. 
The leading cause of blindness and low vision in the United States is age-related diseases. So, getting eye exams to catch these diseases early on is important. These diseases include:

• Age-related macular degeneration
• Cataracts
• Diabetic retinopathy
• Glaucoma 
Your eyes can also reveal diseases happening in other parts of the body. Retinal imaging is one tool doctors use to examine your eyes and look for signs of diseases within them. Retinal imaging involves using a retinal camera to examine the back of the eye and look for certain conditions. Retinal eye exams can show:

• Diabetes
• Glaucoma
• High cholesterol 
• High blood pressure
Your Primary care doctor can perform a basic vision exam during your yearly physical while ophthalmologists can perform more targeted eye exams during a visit. 
Physicians Medical Group of San Jose is the largest independent physician’s association in Santa Clara County. We have been part of the community for 40 years with more than 1,000 doctors in 460 offices plus we speak 30+ languages. Call 888-988-8682 or visit for more information.
New Senior Housing Coming This Fall
Assisted living communities are springing up all over the SF Bay Area. At least five in the last three years. Two new upscale communities with memory care are opening this fall in Santa Clara County, CA.

MorningStar/West San Jose
Assisted Living & Memory Care
1380 South De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA
Contact: Lisa Clarke 408.714.9190

Sunrise Of Cupertino
Assisted Living & Memory Care
581 E. Fremont Ave, Sunnyvale, CA
Contact: Karrie Taylor 408.220.3613

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