April 2020

I want to begin by thanking each of you for the significant work you have done to transition all of our work as faculty and staff to be remote. I fully recognize that this was (and continues to be) no small undertaking. Obviously, the situation that confronts us was unimaginable even a few months ago; yet, we have done the best job possible under the circumstances to continue teaching and supporting our students and carrying out the other responsibilities of our jobs. For that, I extend genuine appreciation.

For this month’s message I created a video to explain the spending reduction targets that we have been given by university administration as well as a strategy, significantly informed by discussions in the Fall with the Faculty Advisory Council and School Directors, for meeting those reductions. You can find the video on YouTube or watch by clicking below.
As explained in the video, we have been asked to reduce spending in the college by $4.9 million over a three-year period. As each college at the university undertakes similar reductions (proportional to the size/nature of each college), there is no question that we will need to find ways to work differently while at the same time maintaining our fundamental value proposition as a vibrant place for learning. In the video, I outline a plan for doing that within the Scripps College. Importantly, my plan does NOT involve the layoff of any instructional or non-tenured faculty nor does it involve changing the current organization of our school-based academic programs.

Important aspects of that plan will require substantive and meaningful engagement by you. Once everyone has had a chance to view the video, I would like to have a “town hall” style discussion on how we can start to plan for our future given the spending reductions we are forced to make. As such, I have scheduled a “town hall” style Microsoft Teams meeting to take place on Monday, April 20, from 1-2:30 p.m. If you would like to join that meeting, please use the following link:

I hope that you will virtually attend that meeting.

Let me end by saying that we are facing challenges on multiple fronts at the moment. Like you, I am concerned for the immediate safety of our students, faculty, staff, and community. I’m also concerned about the scale of the spending reduction facing us. We cannot control much of the COVID-19 issue, but we can control how we react to the budget situation. Although there are going to be ways that we will have to change, the core of who we are as a vibrant academic community will not change so long as we work together in planning for a vibrant future—I have confidence in us being able to do that despite the challenges facing us.

Greg Newton, MDIA 7100

“He had cool discussions and plenty of opportunities to share our experience and hear from others. Plus our papers were applicable and case-based, which was interesting to work on.”
Gary Kirksey, VICO 4229

“Gary is very knowledgeable in this profession and does everything he can for his students to succeed. What a guy!”
Bruce Tong, ITS 4440

"Bruce is a personable and intelligent professor and a staple to the McClure School."
Saumya Pant, Comm Dev Seminar

“Dr. Pant is so knowledgeable and engaged in her teaching. Even in a three hour class, I am able to pay attention because she makes it so interesting. We love Dr. Pant!”
Craig Davis, JOUR AD PR Research and Theory

"Craig is a great professor who brings his real-world experience into the classroom. The class is filled with real world examples and activities."

Craig Davis, JOUR 3400

"Craig is the reason I feel prepared going into the field I am. Long story short: He knows his stuff. He's the best."
Owen Lowery, VICO 2514

“Owen is crazy but in the best way possible. He challenges us to go way outside the box with our designs and do what most designers wouldn’t dare to. He is the best instructor I could’ve had for my first design class because he teaches us to be unique, fun and crazy, and think about the “feeling” of the piece.”
Liane Gray-Starner, COMS 4050

“She takes her time to focus on your educational interest. She cares about students’ well-being and does not waste anyone’s time.”
Sam Girton, VICO 4227

“Sam really helped me with ideas and how to approach a future career as a studio photographer. He always had extremely helpful insights at critiques that gave me a ton of inspiration and always had a solution to every problem I ever had from gear to buy to creating meaningful concepts in my work. Sam is by far the most important and influential professor I’ve had at OU.”
Mark Turner, JOUR 2210

“Mark makes graphic design and learning graphics so much fun. His humor lights up my week.”
Roger Cooper, MDIA 2011

“Coop always comes to class with a smile on his face and is willing to take time to individually help his 200 students when they need it. Never met a more genuine guy. Go Chiefs!"
During these challenging times of uncertainty, the Harris Student Support Center is still serving students, faculty, and staff remotely. We are in full on Fall advising mode and have been conducting remote phone, Teams, and advising appointments since March 23. We have also spent a lot of time working with students to troubleshoot internship uncertainty as well as study away cancellations. Every day poses new challenges, but we are here to assist and are settling in to this new normal.

It is no shock that all on-campus and off-campus recruiting events have been cancelled but that has not stopped faculty, staff and students from reaching out to admitted students. On Monday we conducted an online chat which had over 30 admitted students participate. This chat was very successful and many thanks to our Scripps College Ambassadors who helped us with the chat. We are also conducting “virtual visits” each week and these are also picking up. Many thanks to the faculty who have been calling admitted students and answering many of their tough questions.

Due to classes switching to the remote delivery, many students have needed technology to be successful in their courses. If you know a student who needs technology, please have them contact me directly at moellerg@ohio.edu.

There are many updates for spring 2020 and the Registrar’s Office has a very nice FAQ page that I highly recommend you check out.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Greg Moeller
513-502-2811 (cell)
Although the pandemic has caused significant disruptions in research and creative activity, I just want to take a moment to thank you for everything you have done to adapt to a difficult and changing environment. I often tell people that the reason I love my job is being in an engaged, creative, and collegial environment every day, that I am privileged to work with smart, passionate, and dedicated students and faculty. Even though we don’t share the same physical space right now, I hope you’re also finding that environment continues to exist in some form.

Because of some of the work those colleagues have done, there are still many ways to engage on research and creative activity. Cancelled conferences have moved to a virtual presentation mode (including Broadcast Education Association, International Communication Association, SXSW, and others). Locally, the Office of Research recently hosted the #OUVirtualExpo in place of the annual Student Exp o.

I also wanted to share a quick reminder that there is still time to submit nominations for Ohio University’s 2020-21 Presidential Research Scholars awards program. These competitive awards of $3,000 recognize faculty excellence in research, scholarship, and creative activity. This program is targeted to “scholars who have garnered national and international reputations within their respective fields and who demonstrate clear promise for continued, significant productivity in their research/creative activity.” For 2020-21, applications are being solicited for (1) Arts and Humanities and (2) Life and Biomedical Sciences. (For 2021-22, applications will be solicited for Social and Behavioral Sciences and Physical Sciences and Engineering.) The nomination deadline is April 23 at 4 p.m.; guidelines can be found here or on the Internal Funding page of the Office of Research.

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