Wednesday, Oct. 16
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Inside Student Government provides weekly summaries of all major board meetings within student government: the president's cabinet, lobby corps, board of control and the senate. Please take a moment to read the summaries from each section.
As midterm season comes to a close, it's time to emphasize your personal wellness. With Wellness Week beginning this Monday, ASI has exactly what you need to reflect on your lifestyle and develop your wellness habits.

Start the week strong at the Beach Wellness Week Kick-Off, a three-hour resource fair on Monday at 11 a.m. at the USU Southwest Terrace. This event, like the many others occurring during Wellness Week, will provide you with information on wellness resources and give you tips on living your best life! Check out the full list of events here. Be sure to check out "Wellness Wednesday: Eating Healthy on a Budget" to get some helpful dietary tips from yours truly!

This past week, the Senators that focus on transferring and graduate student concerns and I met with officials from the Beach Transfer Transition Center ( BTTC) to discuss our goals and possible collaboration. With National Transfer Student Week beginning this Monday, I encourage transfer students to take a trip to the Student Success Center to visit the BTTC and see what resources are available for them.

Many of your fellow students work tirelessly to make sure ASI is working for students, by students, and we want you to be connected with their efforts. I highly encourage you to find your senator on our website and reach out to them with any questions or concerns you might have. Stop by USU-311 to find out when their office hours are to chat in person, reach out via email, or check us out on Facebook to watch live-streamed senate meetings. Another great way to see what goes on in student government is by reading our meeting minutes, all of which can be found on our website.

Have a great rest of your week!
Go Beach!
Mondays - 3:30 p.m. (USU 234)
Last Monday, the President's Cabinet met to discuss their recent advocacy efforts. Topics included government events, meetings with campus leaders and promotion of resources for students.

Commissioners shared reports on their ongoing advocacy efforts. Students' concerns and possible solutions, such as promotional events and accessible resources, were discussed in depth.

For more information on the President's Cabinet, check out their web page here .
Thursdays - 2:30 p.m. (USU 234)
The Lobby Corps met last Thursday to discuss items such as their 2019-20 Policy Agenda, which will include basic needs information and resources for students. They also discussed the 2020 Census and how to increase involvement among the student body.

The board reviewed pending legislation in Sacramento and how it might affect our campus.

To learn more about the Lobby Corps, click here .
Tuesdays - 3:30 p.m. (USU 234)
Last Tuesday, the Board of Control (BOC) awarded funds to:
  • Criminal Justice Student Association - Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Workshop
  • Sigma Lambda Gamma - Latinas @ The Beach Workshop
  • Physical Education Teacher Education @ The Beach - 48th National Adapted Physical Education Conference
  • Claire Carlson & Dream Le - Neuroscience 2019
  • Tiia Kienitz - Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) 2019 Annual Conference

The board discussed scholarship policy, Student Life & Development and accessible resources for student organizations.

To learn more, check out BOC agendas and minutes here .
Wednesdays - 3:30 p.m. (USU 234)
Action Item Summaries

  • SR #2020-03: Resolution in Support of Assembly Bill 48 (2nd Reading) - PASSED

  • SR #2020-04: Senate/Board of Directors Policy Agenda for 2019-2020 (2nd Reading) - PASSED

Report Summaries

  • ASI President Lizbeth Velasquez – reported on recent meetings to understand student concerns and improve resources for students.
  • ASI Chief Diversity Officer Maythe Alderete - reported on recent advocacy efforts and upcoming events such as the Students of Color Conference.
  • ASI Commissioner for Disability Affairs Heather Schmoll - highlighted three forms of accessibility on campus - physical, academic and digital - and discussed the ways in which each of these are being addressed by meetings, events and other resources.
  • ASI ASI At-Large Senators - discussed their ongoing advocacy efforts to address their constituents' concerns in the senate and across campus.

To learn more about the Senate, visit their web page here .
Wednesdays - 3:30 p.m. (USU 234)

  • 2016-17 ASI Vice President Logan Vournas

New Business

  • Election of (2) College of the Arts Senators
  • Nickolas Altman
  • Ambar Bibilonia
  • Ryan Chu
  • Lauren Patt
  • Ocean Spikes
  • Action Item: SR #2020-03: Resolution in Support of Assembly Bill 48 (3rd Reading)
  • Action Item: SR #2020-04: Senate/Board of Directors Policy Agenda for 2019-2020 (3rd Reading)


  • ASI President Lizbeth Velasquez
  • ASI Treasurer Reyalyn Villegas
  • ASI Commissioner for Environmental Justice Sylvan Streightiff
  • ASI Executive Director Dr. Miles Nevin
  • ASI College Senators
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