Thursday, Oct. 24
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Inside Student Government provides weekly summaries of all major board meetings within student government: the president's cabinet, lobby corps, board of control and the senate. Please take a moment to read the summaries from each section.
Hey, Long Beach State! I hope you've all been able to catch some of the amazing events going on during Wellness Week. If you haven't had the chance, click here to see everything we've got planned through Friday. These events are designed for you to prioritize your mental and physical health while improving your knowledge on the fantastic resources available to you just for being a student at LBSU. We encourage you to always keep wellness at the forefront of your mind, especially when school, work and other personal ambitions begin to feel overwhelming.

Last week, I met with Senator Lena Gonzalez' staff to discuss how her office can work with our students to ensure our voices are heard in Sacramento. We had a very productive discussion about future collaborations, and I am eager to see how this new relationship can help promote the interests of my fellow students. From supporting certain legislation to advocating for our concerns in the state senate, we are excited to have a proven community leader like Senator Gonzalez on our side!

I also attended the Graduation Initiative 2025 Symposium (GI25) in which several California officials, including Chancellor White and Governor Newsom, met to discuss our ongoing goal to improve graduation rates across the state. The CSU system has been doing great work as part of this initiative, and The Beach is leading the charge with a 18% increase in our four-year graduation rate over four years. Great work, LBSU!

Another important development involves the upcoming vote on the addition of a fourth-year quantitative reasoning requirement for college admissions. As many of you may know, we have vigorously opposed this bill from the very beginning in order to stay true to our goal of having no barriers. I am happy to announce that the Cal State Student Association passed our letter of opposition, sending a strong message to the CSU Board of Trustees. We hope they will consider this message in their final decision next month.

Have a great rest of your week!
Go Beach!
Mondays - 3:30 p.m. (USU 234)
Last Monday, the President's Cabinet met to discuss various issues affecting the Beach community. Topics included installing locks on doors across campus, campus construction and budgeting.

Each commissioner shared a report on their respective community. Reports include the work they have completed since the previous meeting, upcoming goals for the next two weeks, student concerns and other important information.

For more information on the President's Cabinet, check out their web page here .
Thursdays - 2:30 p.m. (USU 234)
The Lobby Corps met last Thursday to discuss their recent legislative visits, policy agenda, updates within student government and ongoing advocacy goals. Members discussed their recent outreach efforts across campus.

The board discussed preparation for the California Higher Education Student Summit (CHESS), in which any interested students at LBSU are encouraged to apply and advocate for their fellow students in Sacramento with various members of student government.

Other student concerns such as mental health and basic needs were brought up, and ideas for promoting resources through events, tabling and other forms of outreach were discussed.

To learn more about the Lobby Corps, click here .
Tuesdays - 3:30 p.m. (USU 234)
Last Tuesday, the Board of Control (BOC) awarded funds to:
  • Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers - Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers West Regional Conference 2020
  • Women in Computing - Society of Women Engineers (SWE) WE19
  • Amber Normann - The Effect of Light Therapy and Acute Aerobic Exercise on Serum Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Older Adults
  • Alec Wallace - Impact of Six Weeks of Intermittent Fasting, With and Without Aerobic Exercise, on Serum BDNF and Cognitive Performance in Young Adult Males
  • Shani Jones - Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) 2019 Annual Conference

The board discussed accessibility, program grants and other updates regarding their funds.

To learn more, check out BOC agendas and minutes here .
Wednesdays - 3:30 p.m. (USU 234)
Action Item Summaries

  • Election of (2) College of the Arts Senators
  • Nickolas Altman and Ambar Bibilonia were elected to the positions.

  • SR #2020-03: Resolution in Support of Assembly Bill 48 (3rd Reading) - PASSED

  • SR #2020-04: Senate/Board of Directors Policy Agenda for 2019-2020 (3rd Reading) - PASSED

Report Summaries

  • ASI President Lizbeth Velasquez – reported on
  • ASI Treasurer Reylayn Villegas -
  • ASI Commissioner for Environmental Justice Sylvan Streightiff -
  • ASI Executive Director Dr. Miles Nevin -
  • ASI College Senators - discussed their ongoing advocacy efforts to address their constituents' concerns in the senate and across campus.

To learn more about the Senate, visit their web page here .
Wednesdays - 3:30 p.m. (USU 234)

  • CSULB Africana Studies Chair Dr. Maulana Karenga

New Business

  • Action Item: PA #2020-16: Confirmation of Chief Government Relations Officer - Katherine Pham
  • Action Item: PA #2020-17: Confirmation of Commissioner for International Student Affairs - Debbie Catayong
  • Action Item: BOD #2020:24 - Confirmation of (1) Isabel Patterson Child Development Center Board of Trustees (IPCDCBOT) Trustee At-Large - Candy Redd


  • ASI President Lizbeth Velasquez
  • ASI Commissioner for Environmental Justice Sylvan Streightiff
  • ASI Executive Director Dr. Miles Nevin
  • ASI At-Large Senators
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