Thursday, March 8
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As your ASI president, I am thrilled that the ASI community continues to grow, and  I couldn't be more  impressed  with the competition between so many of our candidates this year. Campaign and election season is a time to reflect on our successes and prepare for the greatness that our future leaders have in store for us.  As  student leaders, we all strive to improve ourselves and our campus.  Now it's time to   make your mark  and   help   ASI continue  to be at the forefront of student success.   

To learn more about your future student government leaders, visit the voter guide at  Or get to know them in person by joining us  for Coffee with the Candidates today from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.   at the University Bookstore vendor area. 

Also, next week is the big Get Out the Vote week where the Board of Elections will be hosting the following series of events to celebrate democracy and encourage voting:

Monday, March 12
Tuesday, March 13
Wednesday, March 14
Elections and proper student representation are at the core of what we do. So be sure to remind all of your friends, colleagues and constituents to vote and let's make this the best election year yet. I can't wait to see you all the events! 

Go Beach! 
Wednesdays - 3:30 p.m. (USU-234)

Last Wednesday (3/28), the board approved the second reading of the resolution to  retire  Prospector Pete and dissociate the campus from the Gold Rush era. The resolution also calls for the creation of a committee to discuss the future mascot of LBSU. The committee would be made up of staff, faculty, students and the ASI president's chief diversity officer. The board also discussed a permanent art installation to represent the Native American and Indigenous students in place of the statue commonly referred to as Prospector Pete.   
The board approved the first reading of the Position on California State Legislature Bills of Interest. The resolution outlines  the  bills  that Lobby Corps will be taking to CHESS to lobby state legislature,  including  support of the following bills:   
  • Educational  Equity: Immigration Status -  SB 691  
  • Foster Youth Cal Grant - SB 940  
  • Mental Health Counselors - SB 968  
  • Mental Health Services Act - SB 1004  
  • Financial Aid Shopping Sheet - AB 1858  
  • Board of Trustees Student Eligibility - AB 1887  
  • College Hunger - AB 1894  
  • Dream Loan Repayment - AB 1895  
  • Sexual Assault Counselor-Victim Privilege - AB 1896  
  • Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Prevention Training - AB 2070  
  • Emergency Student Housing Loan Program - AB 2784  
Lobby Corps plans to oppose one bill, AB 2248 Student Financial Aid-Cal Grant Program.
Check out Senate agendas and minutes here
ASGV Senate Chambers USU
Thursdays - 12:30 p.m. (USU-234)
The Lobby Corps (LC) is will be attending the CHESS conference this weekend in San Francisco. LC is also continuing their preparations for the  upcoming #FreetheCSU: Stop The Tuition Increase event  that will be taking place  at the speaker's platform   on Thursday, April 19,  2018,   from  11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  

Check out LC agendas and minutes  here
Meet your candidates for the 2018 Student Government Elections with refreshments and a cup of coffee on today at the Bookstore vendor area from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

For more information, visit

Coffee with the Candidates!

Every 1st and 3rd Monday - 10 a.m. (USU-234)
The president's cabinet is working in collaboration with the Lobby Corps and the Judicial Branch to gain support among campus organizations for their tuition increase efforts. Members of the cabinet will be inviting campus organizations to table at the #FreetheCSU: Stop the Tuition Increase event on Thursday, April 19 from 11 a.m. to noon. 
The cabinet is still in need of a commissioner for veterans affairs. This position will stay open until filled. Apply on BeachSync or visit for job descriptions and other open positions. 
Check out cabinet agendas and minutes  here.
Thursdays - 2 p.m. (USU-234)
Last Thursday, Board of Control (BOC) approved four student applications for the following programming and travel:
  • School Counseling Student Association - 2018 School Counseling Hooding Ceremony to recognize academic performance and excellence of graduate students.    
  • Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Student Association (WGSSSA) - CSULB Huddle #Time'sUp: Hollywood and Beyond It's Border.  
  • Travel Fund for Maxwell La Forest of the American Society of Neurochemistry. 
  • Travel Fund for Alec Sixta of the Academy of Religion Western Conference. 
Spring Grant Application forms are available on BeachSync through March 23. Remember, if your organization does not apply by the deadline, you will not be able to receive funds from ASI later. 
Check out BOC agendas and minutes here
Do you have any questions or comments for your student leaders?
Access our comment form!
Wednesdays - 3:30 p.m. (USU 234)
  • Invocation by Dr. Nina Flores, Chair of the President's Commission on the Status of Women and Assistant Professor of Social & Cultural Analysis of Education 
  • Reports by:
    • President Joe Nino
    • Treasurer Jonathan Wanless
    • Chief Academic Officer Jordan Doering
    • Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Kyari Cail
  • Action Item: Retirement of Prospector Pete and dissociation from the Gold Rush Era (Third Reading)
  • Action Item: Position on California State Legislature Bills of Interest (Second and Third Reading)
  • Election of (1) Social Justice and Equity Committee Student At-Large Justin Woolfolk

ASGV Senate Chambers USU
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