Wednesday, Feb. 21
Last week, once again, our nation was faced with a preventable tragedy. I speak for the entirety of our student body when I say that our hearts are with the victims, survivors and families of the Parkland, Florida shooting that occurred last Wednesday. But if we've learned anything from the brave high school students that have been speaking up over the past week, offering our sympathies and prayers are simply not enough anymore. If you haven't seen some of what these inspiring students have been doing, I encourage you to watch this brief report from ABC News.

Survivors of the Parkland school shooting demand change
Survivors of the Parkland school shooting demand change
To sum up their efforts, these students are leading a charge they are calling #NeverAgain. They are calling on all students, parents  and  activists across the country to stand together against gun violence and declare that the Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting be the last of its kind. Now, I cannot speak for the entirety of student government just yet, but I know that my administration stands with these students. We stand for the idea that schools should be a place where youth go to enhance and enrich their lives, not potentially lose them. Too many lives have been lost and now is the time for Congress to pass significant mental health and gun control legislation.

Over the next week, my team and I will be working with educators and student leaders from across Long Beach - LBUSD, LBCC and throughout the region -  to see how we can support these Douglas High students in their efforts. If they can find the strength to already begin organizing a march for March 24, just days after losing 17 of their peers, then we owe it to them to organize as well. As my team and I develop plans across the city, I encourage you to share your thoughts on this matter with me and your student government leaders. Let's make change happen, let's be partners in saving the lives of our student peers, and let's do something so that this truly never happens again. 

Wednesdays - 3:30 p.m. (USU-234)

Last Wednesday, the board  discussed changes to the 2018 commencement ceremony changes.  President Nino stated that the upper campus location was determined as a high safety risk and the movement of the ceremony makes graduation more inclusive for students and family members with disabilities.  
The board also discussed the potential for a resolution to name a psychology building after Dr.  Joseph  White, pioneering Black psychologist and founder of LBSU's Education Opportunity Program, who recently passed away in 2017.  
On Feb. 8, President Nino attended the Basic Needs Initiative Conference , in which they discussed food and housing insecurity. He also attended the CSSA meeting over the weekend  in Vallejo, California, where they discussed system-wide issues such as social justice and equity. 
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Mary Ann Takemoto presented on the Student Health Fee increase, which will help provide new and continued free services to students. The Health Resource Center (HRC) has a $4.2 million project that includes bringing exam rooms up to code, upgrading equipment and increasing the number of gender neutral restrooms on campus.
Check out Senate agendas and minutes here

This active shooter preparedness video was created by the California State University for the Long Beach State campus.

ASGV Senate Chambers USU
Thursdays - 12:30 p.m. (USU-234)
Last Thursday, Lobby Corps (LC) confirmed six upcoming visits with legislators to discuss student concerns such as the Dream Act and the CSU-wide tuition increase. On Feb. 9, members of LC met with Senator Ricardo Lara to discuss issues concerning the CSU system and LBSU. 
LC will be holding their last phone banking session for the Dream Act next Tuesday, Feb. 27, in USU-304 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. It's not too late to advocate on behalf of your fellow students!  
Don't forget, if you would like to help fight the tuition increase, please send the following to Danielle Gabriella at  
  • Your name and a photo of yourself 
  • Your year and major 
  • 2-3 sentences about why you are against the increase or how it will affect you 
  Check out LC agendas and minutes  here
Join us as we celebrate the 19th Annual Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday, Feb. 26, at noon in the USU Ballrooms.
MLK Celebration
For more information or to RSVP, visit  BeachSync.
Mondays - 10 a.m. (USU-234)
The cabinet is still in need of a commissioner for veterans affairs. This position will stay open until filled. Apply on  BeachSync or visit for job descriptions and other open positions.
Check out cabinet agendas and minutes  here .
Thursdays - 2 p.m. (USU-234)
Last Thursday, Board of Control (BOC) approved eight student applications  for the following events and research projects:
  • Association of Computer Sciences, Cyber Security Weekly Workshop
  • Grupo Folklorico Mexica de CSULB, Mexica Spring Show
  • Kappa Psi Epsilon, Roots II Reality
  • Travel Grant: Metal Arts Guild, Yuma Art Symposium
  • Academy of Religion Western Conference
  • Research for Restorative Practices in Schools and The Transfer Process Among Latina/o Undocumented Students from California Community College
  • Fee Waiver for Mathematics Statistics Student Association, Math Day at the Beach
Check out BOC agendas and minutes here
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Wednesdays - 3:30 p.m. (USU 234)
  • Invocation by Director, Career Development Center Manuel Perez
  • Reports by:
    • President Nino
    • Treasurer Wanless
    • Chief Government Relations Officer Genesis Jara
  • Action Item: Retirement of Prospector Pete and dissociation from the Gold Rush Era (First Reading)
  • Election of Social Justice and Equity Committee Student At-Large Kathia Viteri 

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