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Sunday, May 20, 9:15 and 11:15 a.m.
Youth Sunday: Journey
Join us this Sunday for what is one of the most beloved services of the year, Youth Sunday! We will be led in worship by our high schoolers through story, song, and reflections on the theme of “Journey”. Each service will include our brief annual Religious Education (RE) Volunteer Appreciation ceremony and cake will be served in honor of this amazing group of volunteers in Fellowship Hall after both services. There will be RE as usual for grade 4 and younger, but grade 5 and up will attend the entire service. Finally, we will recognize and send-off our seniors with a special gift as they journey into adulthood. We hope to see you there!
Summer Worship Schedule Begins May 27
Please mark your calendars for May 27 when we begin our summer schedule for worship services and RE for all ages. May 27 thru September 2, there will be one Sunday service and RE for all ages at 10:15 a.m.
Share the Plate
May 20 STP: UUs for Social Justice

This week’s Share the Plate recipient is UUs for Social Justice ( UUSJ). UUSJ is a community of UUs that works to amplify UU voices through advocacy and witness for immigration reform, climate and environment justice, and reversing economic inequity - protecting the social safety net. UUSJ educates and mobilizes UUs to take action on these vital issues. The UUSJ Capitol Hill Advocacy Corps, includes more than eight UUCA members, takes our liberal religious messages to policy-makers each month. UUSJ is the only UU organization with a regular presence at the federal level, that includes delivery of our regular “Write Here! Write Now!” letters. UUCA is a founding member of UUSJ and church members have served in UUSJ leadership since its inception in 2000. Join us and learn more on May 24 for the UUCA Happy Hour 6 to 7:30 p.m. Please support UUSJ to keep the momentum going! To learn about becoming a UUSJ member click here.
Tamara's Update on Share the Plate
Last week Share the Plate went to Metro DC PFLAG. The total received on Sunday, May 13, was $2,188.

This does not take into account any contributions received during the week. As a reminder, if the donation is received before the Sunday where the next group is announced the credit will be given to the community partner named on that Sunday. In this case, Metro DC PFLAG was named on the 13th and any donations given to Share the Plate through midnight Saturday, May 19, will go to PFLAG.

I also have some exciting news to share. UUCA had in its approved operating budget $37,500 targeted through Share the Plate. We have met that goal! Beginning with our first targeted plate this quarter (April 8) we began distributing the entire plate to the organization named on Sunday. If the total amount collected is over the goal we are holding that amount. For example, if the goal was $3,000 and we collected $3,200 we would hold $200 until the end of the fiscal year. This excess would then be divided among the organizations that had not met their goal. This is being done with the intent to get all organizations to the 100% of the goal.

Thank you for your support of UUCA and our community partners!
-- Tamara Srader
Acting Executive Director

Reminder: You can make donations for the STP organization named on Sunday through the following Saturday night at midnight.
MoonFire Beltane Ritual
You are welcome to join MoonFire for a ritual celebrating Beltane. Beltane is all about life: life at its most optimistic; life beginning; life taking over and challenging you. It is a time for love and laughter, for the Green Man and May Queen, and for celebrating all that is good and new. We will call forth the powers of the Green Man and May Queen in a ritual that challenges us to spread love and joy throughout our lives and our futures. We will kindle the sacred fire of Beltane and make a happiness pact with our future selves, and seal our happiness with a charge from the Goddess. A potluck will follow. For more information on MoonFire, please visit, or contact

Date: Sunday, May 20, 1:30 p.m.
Location: Chapel
Transmissions Meditation Service
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 7:30 - 9:00 p.m .
The May Transmissions service has been canceled. Watch for announcement on next date.
In Gratitude for Christin Green's Time at UUCA
Please join us in thanking Christin Green for her wonderful contributions to our church as she served as UUCA’s ministerial intern for 2017-18. Christin's time with our congregation ends on May 27; on her final Sunday with us, she will lead the service and be with us to say goodbye. There will be treats and a card to sign to share your best wishes in Fellowship Hall on May 27. In gratitude for her service at UUCA, and to help support the next step in her ministry formation, we are collecting a gift for Christin to help pay for her clinical pastoral education (CPE) in Los Angeles this summer. We hope you can contribute! On May 20 and 27 there will be a table in Fellowship Hall to accept donations, or you can give online here. There’s more information in the link about Christin’s chaplaincy and summer plans. Christin’s time at UUCA has been a blessing, and we are looking forward to supporting her in her next steps to become a UU minister.
More Staff News

Dear UUCA Community,
It is with both sadness and happiness that I share with you that I have accepted admission to Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville, Tn., to pursue a Master of Divinity beginning this fall. This means that my last day at UUCA will be ‪Sunday August 12, ‪2018. I will continue to give my best to UUCA’s RE, Young Adults, and Social Justice programs for the next three months and am committed to making this as smooth a transition for everyone as possible. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to this congregation and my fellow staff for all of your hospitality, love, dedication, and teamwork, so I will simply say, thank you. Thank you especially to our youth, young adults, and social justice leaders: it has been an absolute privilege to get to know you, to serve alongside you, and to learn, grow, and witness together. I look forward to making the next three months count!

Blessings and gratitude,
Elisabeth Geschiere, Coordinator of Youth, Young Adult, and Social Justice Programs
Church Matters
Budget Proposal Update
By Tamara Srader, Acting Executive Director

We continue to move closer to our Annual Meeting on June 3 and as we move forward, I wanted to update everyone on where we are with our budget proposal ( proposed 2018-19 here). As of this past Sunday, we have held seven open budget meetings. All seven meetings discussed various parts of our budget process including three covering the proposed budget. The fifth and sixth meetings discussed the draft proposed budget with a $214,000 deficit. After discussions with the Board of Trustees, a few changes were made to lessen the proposed deficit. They were:

  1. Remove the second minister from the budget for FY19.
  2. Lessen our Annual Program Fund donation to the UUA to less than Full Fair Share. As a note of interest, this is one policy that the Board dictates to the Executive function of UUCA to fund this portion of the budget at 100% of the cost. We have not done this in several years and this year the proposed budget had it funded at 100%--which was almost $70,000. We instead budgeted the amount at 10% above what we contributed last year.
  3. Add in a Social Justice Coordinator for 20 hours per week through FY19. The current position was only funded in the budget for FY18 and as a contractor. This year the position proposed would include eligibility for benefits.
  4. Payments due to Rev. Linda were taken out of the operating budget and instead will be drawn from the Endowment.
  5. Added the revenue into the budget for Share the Plate (estimated to be around $75,000). Since we also have a cost budgeted for $75,000 for distribution to our community partners, it does not change any input/output. However, please note that the amount we propose sending outside the congregation is only $2,000 less than what we now will need to have a balanced budget.
  6. The revenue projected does have a $60,000 endowment draw approved by the Board of Trustees in FY17 due to the increased mortgage cost (mortgage cost annually is around $190,000 or $15,900 per month).

I will also take this opportunity to ask those of you who have not yet made a pledge to UUCA to please consider this now. Our average annual pledge amount is $1.2 million dollars. We currently are at $1,144,762 pledged. That is $75,000 short of where we normally are this time of year. Given this shortage and without additional cuts being made, we will need to request an endowment draw to cover the shortfall.

With this board approved budget, we hope to continue moving the ministry of UUCA ahead. Thanks for your support in this very important mission.
Nominee Slate for Annual Meeting
The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following slate of nominees to fill elected congregational leadership positions and to be voted upon by the congregation at the annual meeting on Sunday, June 3, as follows:

  • Al Himes, Janice Morris, and Warren Wright, each for a two-year term on the Board of Trustees (each currently serving)
  • Linda Battaglini for a two-year term on the Board of Trustees (new)
  • Nancy Hyde, Josh Mohr, and Paula Bendl Smith, each for a two-year term on the Nominating Committee (new)
  • Amy Shepherd for a one-year term as Board Secretary 
  • Peter Vitaliano for a one-year term as Church Treasurer (currently serving)
  • Bob Gayer and Gene Mulligan, each for a one-year term as Assistant Treasurer (each currently serving)

In keeping with church bylaws, additional nominations for any of the offices or committees may be made by a petition signed by no fewer than five members who are eligible to vote at the annual meeting. A petition must be handed in to the church office by May 24 (10 days before the annual meeting). Any other nominations for church office may be submitted from the floor at the annual meeting.

Please mark your calendars for these important dates:

  • May 20—Forum for church members to meet the nominees
  • May 24—Deadline for handing in additional nominations by petition
  • June 3—Annual meeting

For more information, please talk with any member of the Nominating Committee: 
Ben D’Avanzo, Liz Fuchs, Tina Hinh, James Tsai, and Bill Turner
Announcing UUCA's Annual Congregational Meeting
Mark your calendar for Sunday, June 3, 12 p.m. You don't want to miss this year's Annual Meeting where we approve the 2018-19 budget, vote on nominees for the Board and its officers, and approve the slate for the Senior Minister Search Committee.

All are welcome to attend. Members who have been members for at least 90 days (since March 4, 2018) are eligible to vote.

Our Youth Group will sell sandwich lunches before the meeting and childcare will be available.

Date: Sunday, June 3, 12 p.m.
Location: Sanctuary
Commissioned Lay Ministry: A Conversation
Join Diane Ullius , UUCA's candidate for the Commissioned Lay Ministry through the Unitarian Universalist Association, for an informal conversation about her work in the CLM program and what it might mean to UUCA.

Date: Sunday, May 20, after each service
Location: Volunteer Room
GA Comes to UUCA
If you're interested in finding out about General Assembly (GA) without leaving Arlington, join us at UUCA on Thursday, May 24, for an orientation webinar. This year, four members have already volunteered to represent UUCA remotely at this annual meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association (in addition to a larger team traveling to Kansas City as onsite delegates). Many events will be available by livestream at UUCA and at Goodwin House during GA in late June. For information on becoming an official delegate, contact the Nominating Committee,

Date: Thursday, May 24, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Location: Parlor - Rm. 13/15
Ministry Matters
Eternal Flame
By Christin Green, Ministerial Intern

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." 
- Albert Schweitzer

It is difficult to express gratitude in words at times. They often seem inadequate. Schweitzer's reference to the "sparks" from other people is a vivid metaphor I have felt time and again while at UUCA these last nine months. Your words of affirmation and encouragement have revived my internal flame from fatigue and confusion at critical times. Your support and belief in my ministry is truly like the oil that feeds our own chalice flame from week to week. It is my hope that I have also provided some lasting oil for your own journey ahead. While our time together is coming to a close (for now), our service to the world is only just beginning. We may not know what the future holds, but I find comfort knowing that we hold one another in Love, Light, and Good Vibrations!
Wheel of Life
Our condolences to Alice McLellan on the death of her husband Hugh McLellan on May 10, 2108.
Lifespan Religious Education
Wellspring Wednesday Classes
Only two more weeks of Wellspring classes! Childcare available with RSVP.

Screenagers Film. Tonight, May 16, is FULL.

New UU. Learn about UU and UUCA history and theology, and find out how to connect and get involved. This class is part of the path to membership. May 23.

Prayerful Doodling and Art. Explore how doodling can be both creative and meditative . May 23.

Complete Wellspring class list with descriptions here.
Register here.
Holistic Moms Meeting on Screen Time
The Arlington/Alexandria chapter of the Holistic Moms Network meets on the third Thursday of each month at UUCA. Their next meeting features early childhood educator Ann Marie Douglass of Nature Club Kids leading a conversation about “Sensory Deprivation and the Nature Cure.” Screen time norms have shifted greatly at home, school, and around our town and globe. We’ll consider the unintended consequences of today’s technology and learn how nature connection and outdoor project-based learning can grow healthier learners in all of us. For more information:

Date: Thursday, May 17 from 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Location: Activity Room
Yes! We offer Religious Education Classes for All Ages During Summer
Here’s what’s in store for our Summer Sunday program:
  • Nursery care for 2-years-old and younger
  • Preschool thru 1st grade meet in Room 5 for story and play time
  • 2nd-5th grade meet in Room 2 for stories, activities, and active play
  • 6th grade and up meet in the Youth Room, led by Elisabeth Geschiere

Please volunteer to lead a Summer Sundays HERE
Lesson plan and supplies provided.
Faith in Action
40 Days of Moral Action
By Elisabeth Geschiere, Coordinator Social Justice Programs
This past Monday, May 14, the day after Mother’s Day, ten UUCAers attended the launch of the Poor People’s Campaign “40 Days of Moral Action” together at the U.S. Capitol. Over 1,000 people of so many different races, classes, abilities, and gender identities were arrested in acts of nonviolent civil disobedience all across the country to draw attention to the plight of women, children and people with disabilities in poverty. In my past decade as an organizer and activist, never before have I witnessed or participated in a national movement that is so intentionally and powerfully connecting people and issues on this scale. UUCA member Chris Hager , UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray , UUA's LGBTQ and Intercultural Programs Manager Michael J. Crumpler and I were some of the 150 people who participated in the DC action where we blocked traffic on 1 st Street adjacent to the Capitol. I especially encourage you to read Crumpler’s reflection on his experience here.

I believe we can double our congregation’s participation each week in the remaining five weeks of the Poor People’s Campaign’s national launch, “40 Days of Moral Action.” Will you join this growing, powerful movement against systemic poverty, systemic racism, the war economy, ecological devastation and the nation’s distorted morality that blames the poor for being poor? Next week’s theme is “Linking Systemic Racism and Poverty: Voting Rights, Immigration, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, and the Mistreatment of Indigenous Communities.” Reverend Beth will be attending the Rally with me and I know for a fact that there are at least 20 congregants out there who can rally with us, and at least four who are willing and able to risk arrest with me. Please complete this Google form to get connected with all the other UUCAers who are involved in this Campaign and click here to Pledge to join the Campaign and get all the latest updates on local events and actions.

Forward Together! Not one step back!
A Discussion on Escalating Economic Inequity
UUSJ’s Escalating Economic Inequity (EEI) team invites UUs to join in on a discussion about priority issues and opportunities to address the assault on our nation's social safety net, from Medicaid to food stamps to affordable housing. Help raise UU voices and our liberal religious value to further advocacy, witness and education in support of these issues. Participants will discuss goals, objectives, upcoming opportunities and the infrastructure for a systematic EEI advocacy approach. We will look at lessons from our work over the past year and consider ways to do better. How can we engage more UUs? What can we do to integrate education with witness and advocacy? How can we support UUSJ’s monthly advocacy efforts?

Date: Saturday, May 19, Gather 1:30 p.m.; meet 2-4:30 p.m.; small groups 4:30-5 p.m.
Location: Mount Vernon Unitarian Church, 1909 Windmill Lane, Alexandria
Get Out the Vote & Dreamer Action Opportunities
To build on our success last fall with increasing voter participation in underserved precincts, VOICE (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement) leaders will be knocking on doors of public housing units the next two weekends in light of the upcoming Virginia primaries. VOICE is committed to nonpartisanship, but we act on the principle that government support tends to follow voting power. There’s power in numbers: Can you help us out? There will be multiple shifts on Saturday and Sunday of May 19, 20, 26 & 27. Join us for the kick-off rally on Saturday the 19th. For more information, contact Jeremy at or Connie at

Another opportunity for making a difference in the lives of immigrant kids will be our VOICE Dreamer Action at the Arlington School Board Meeting, Thursday, May 31, 6 p.m.
Syphax Education Center, 2110 Washington Blvd. For more information, click here.
DIG in with DIG
Come one, come all! Helpers of all ages can pitch in to celebrate the UU Seventh Principle by Doing It Green at our ALL Church Workday on the Grounds at UUCA. Children of all ages can help carry and spread mulch and look for bees and butterflies in the butterfly/pollinator garden. Everyone can work for an hour or two and then visit the UUCA Used Book Sale. Flyer with details here.

Date: Saturday, May 26, 9 a.m. to Noon
Location: UUCA Grounds
Proud to Wave Our Flags
Equality UUCA invites you to join in a fundraiser/pride-raiser for UUCA -- let's wrap UUCA in a rainbow for Capital Pride Week in June! Stop by the Equality UUCA table any Sunday in May to sponsor a rainbow flag for $5/flag. Flags will have labels to write a dedication or message. And, mark your calendar for Saturday, June 2, 10 a.m.--the beginning of Capital Pride Week--for a rainbow flag "planting" party. Will we have enough rainbow flags to make it all the way around the church? We'll find out! Will we have a big, bold, public reminder of UUCA's commitment to the inherent worth and dignity of ALL people? YES! For more information:
Register for June 23 Allyship Workshop
As part of our congregation's Live the Pledge campaign to end racism, UUCA has partnered with Service Never Sleeps to offer a racial justice Allyship training. Over 150 UUCAers have already taken this training. Now it’s your turn. This workshop will teach you about the causes of racial injustice, how to be an effective ally for marginalized communities of color, and how to actively influence and educate others. More information and sign up here. UUCA contact Alex Ziehm,

Date: Saturday, June 23,10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Location: Activity Room
Buckingham Cooks
Cooks from the Buckingham community will be selling savory Latino fare after services on Sunday. No time to eat? They’ll provide carry out. Income from sales will go to a charity which benefits immigrants.
Fiesta Fun!
Thank you to Janice Stallard , Nancy Hall, Connie Freeman , and the rest of the Buckingham Outreach Committee for organizing this year's FIESTA!--It was an evening filled with fabulous food, lots of fun and dancing, and of course, warm fellowship with our Buckingham friends. And, a special thank you photographer John St. Hilaire .
Wear Orange - June 1 & 2
June 2 is the 4th Annual National Gun Violence Awareness/Wear Orange Day (as well as the beginning of Pride Week). Orange is the rainbow color chosen to call for ending gun violence in the U.S. Wear something orange on the entire weekend.
  • June 1 wear orange to work or school. Also, wear orange to the Arlington County Courthouse Rally at 6:30 p.m.;
  • June 2 wear orange to to Alexandria's Market Square Rally at 7:30 p.m.;
  • June 3 wear orange to worship at UUCA. 
UUCA is an official community partner of the rally in Alexandria. See flyer here. Please support the call to end gun violence by attending one of these events. Learn more about what you can do to end gun violence by contacting Alison Sheahan,
Culpepper Springtime Party
UUCAer’s are cordially invited to join the Culpepper Garden Springtime Party in celebrating the 43rd year of this Arlington community treasure at a garden reception with music, light fare and refreshments catered by Culpepper’s Chef Ray Riddle and staff. Culpepper Garden, opened in 1975, is an award-winning, affordable nonprofit retirement community established by UUCA for low-income seniors. It was the first low-income assisted living residence of its type in the U.S. and remains the only such facility in Arlington. RSVP by May 24. For more information and to purchase tickets, please contact Linda Kelleher,

Date: Saturday, June 2, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Location: Culpepper Garden, 4435 N. Pershing Drive , Arlington (only two blocks from UUCA)
Music Ministry
Music Sunday - June 3
Celebrating Our Beloved Community Through Music
Come for this special service celebrating our music ministry and to honor and bid farewell to our children and youth choir director, Bea Ann Phillips.

The music, everyone will enjoy--it's uplifting and diverse.

Let the River Run by Carly Simon, Sanctuary Singers 
This Is Me, from Greatest Showman, Youth Choir
Heal the World, by Michael Jackson, All Ensembles
John Rutter’s Toccata in Seven
Ose Ayo, Nigerian Folk Song 
Walk A Mile, Chalice Choir and TrUUbardours

Congregational Life
Bring your books!!!!!

The UUCA Book Sale is back! And we need your help to make it a success.

Please bring your books to church starting Sunday, May 20, and in the days following to donate to the sale. Books can be brought to the Activity Room and stacked along the back wall.

We are also looking for reusable and/or heavy paper bags customers can use to take their purchases with them. Medium boxes, too.

Not accepted: magazines, encyclopedias, textbooks, CDs, tapes and records, or books in poor condition.

Book Sale hours:
Saturday, May 26, 2018
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Sunday, May 27, 2018
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

And you’re invited to an Organizing Party on Friday, May 25, starting at 7:30 p.m. We’ll organize books, eat pizza and encourage you to bring a beverage to share.

Thanks for helping to bring back this great UUCA event. If you have any questions, please contact Emily Goodin at
Young Adult Podcast Chat 
Join the Young Adult Group for the Podcast Chat discussion group! We meet twice a month on Saturdays in the chapel downstairs. We provide the name of a specific podcast episode and everyone listens to the episode on their own during the week. Then we get together and discuss. This week's discussion is from Invisiblia and is called “The Pattern Problem”. It interrogates a question we all struggle with: are we destined to repeat our patterns, or do we generally stray in surprising directions? You may listen to the episode using your podcast app of choice or on your computer via this link. Questions? Contact Elisabeth Geschiere,

Date: Saturday, May 19, 7:30-9:00 p.m.
Location: Chapel
Beer, Pizza, and Questions About the Universe
Folks between the ages of 21 and 35 are welcome to join the Young Adults for beer, pizza, and questions about the universe every other Tuesday. The event is BYOB--bring your own beer, but the pizza will be provided. We discuss topics ranging from politics, to science, to philosophy. Every time the topic is different but the discussion is always interesting. 
Next Date: Tuesday, May 22, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Location: Youth Room
Happy Hour
Join us on for the UUCA May Happy Hour co-hosted by Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ) and the Young Adult Group. We will provide light snacks and some beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to get things started. Please bring a beverage or a snack to share if you wish. Come learn about the programs of these two groups and get to know fellow UUCAers. You can meet some of the members of the UUSJ Capitol Hill Advocacy Corps from UUCA and learn how we can advocate for our UU liberal religious values. 

Date: Thursday, May 24, 6 to 7:30 p.m.
Location: Fellowship Hall
Is growth always good? Is sustainable development misguided?
The Men's Book Group will meet in the chapel June 10 to discuss Beyond Growth by Herman E. Daly. In his book, Daly challenges the conventional notion that growth is always good, and he bucks environmentalist orthodoxy, arguing that the current focus on 'sustainable development' is misguided. All men are welcome to join in the discussion. Do you have a summer read (fiction) you'd like to have discussed. Come to the June meeting to share your suggestion for the July read. Questions? P lease contact Ken Marshall, or 703-533-8004. 

Date: Sunday, June 8, 7:30 p.m.
Location: Chapel
Young Adult Brunch
The Young Adults meet for brunch every other Sunday after the second service! Ages 18-35 and their families are welcome to come get to know other young adults over a good meal. This Sunday we’re having an Earth-themed Potluck Brunch! More information here.
Next Date: Sunday, May 20, 12:30-3:00 p.m.
Location: Outside on North Patio next to the Sanctuary, weather-willing! (Back up: Youth Room)
Young Adult Divine Reading Group
The Divine Reading Group is a Young Adults Group which treats secular short stories as though they were texts. The belief behind the strategies is that personal truth and meaning can come from a wide variety of sources. It is a place where deep and meaningful introspection occurs, friendships are made, and the very nature of religion is explored. The reading is chapters 9-10 of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. Questions? Contact Elisabeth Geschiere,

Next Date: Thursday, May 17, 7-9 p.m.
Location: Youth Room
Seeking Artists and Crafters for Mistletoe Mall
Applications are now being accepted for UUCA’s Holiday Craft Sale, Mistletoe Mall, to be held December 1-2. Spaces require a registration fee, plus a donation to the church based on percentage of sales. Priority is given to UUCA members and friends who submit their application by May 18. If you are interested in participation in this exciting event, please contact Mary Pike, for an application and additional information.
Summer & Fall Retreats
UUCA Shenandoah Retreat - June 22-24
You are invited to join UUCA members, friends, and acquaintances in Shenandoah National Park for our spring/summer annual retreat! Most campers stay in Big Meadows Campground and many people who don't want to camp stay in Big Meadows lodge. The weekend is open to all and is family-friendly.
  1. Book your room or campsite (here), or plan a day trip. NOTE: Most campsites are booked well in advance, but the campground has many first-come, first-serve sites. Some UUCAers may have reserved campsites to release, too– join the email list for more info.
  2. Register with the UUCA group (here) so we can communicate with you!
  3. Make your donation (here) to the UUCA group to cover cost of shared food (and wine) and supplies ($10/adult or more).
  4. Sign up (here) to help make the retreat happen! Many of our needs are small commitments--from fitting an extra box of happy hour supplies in your car to chilling in the picnic area for a few hours on Saturday to “hold” our tables.
Questions? Contact D. Ohlandt, or Jacqueline Lotts,
Join Us for a Mountain Get-a-Way: Fall Retreat is Sept. 21-23
For over 50 years, UUCA members and friends have gathered each fall at Capon Springs in the mountains of West Virginia for fellowship, fun, and renewal. The Fall Retreat (Sept. 21-23) is a great chance to get to know your fellow UUCAers in a relaxed setting. Enjoy discussions and workshops, communal meals, fun and games from Scrabble to shuffleboard, from hiking and birdwatching to golf. Whether you are thinking of coming for the first time or are a repeat retreater, we would love to have you join us! Please stop by the Fall Retreat table on any Sunday in May, where members of the retreat committee will be delighted to tell you more. More information and registration here.

Date: September 21-23
Location: Capon Springs , West Virgini
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