Inside the Nevada Gigafactory has mostly been secret - 

The Science Channel video shows rare showcase of battery cell production line.
Tesla is pretty open to other companies utilizing some of its technology, so much so that back in 2014, CEO Elon Musk announced through a blog post that the electric car maker is open sourcing its patents for any other company who wants to use them in good faith. 

But even amidst these initiatives, Tesla is quite secretive about some aspects of its business. Among these is the secret sauce of its industry leading vehicles: their batteries. 

The Science Channel has gained access to Tesla's Nevada Gigafactory and released an approximately 10-minute video, which provides the most detailed insight into the huge factory in the Nevada desert to date. Battery production capacities are particularly impressive.

Currently, the highly automated production facility there can already produce up to 13 million battery cells per day, as the video series "Super Factories" states. 

Even before the vehicle was released, Tesla had high hopes for the Model 3. Despite criticism from skeptics, the company went ahead and started the construction of a Gigafactory in Nevada, which would be dedicated to the production of battery cells and powertrains of the all-electric sedan. 

What happens inside the Gigafactory in Nevada has mostly been secret, with only glimpses of the factory's activities being shared online. 

A battery cell. The cells are delivered in formation trays by autonomous vehicle from the area in the factory where the cells are built. The battery pack in the Tesla Model 3 sedan has about 4,000 of these cells.

At the beginning of the production Tesla had guided some journalists through Gigafactory. Since then, there have been hardly any insights into the factory, which is operated jointly with Panasonic. 

The Science Channel was able to take new pictures in the Gigafactory for the documentation, and there are also new shots of the plant itself - although well-known footage is also used.

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