“It’s my job as an ambassador to educate them and give them those opportunities to make them into successful scholars,” Carr explained.

Eh Gay, a junior from Benson High, enjoyed learning alongside his peers as a student ambassador.

“While we come here to learn about other schools, we take ideas and can improve our program,” he said. “As a student, you’re going through these things; you’re experiencing it first-hand. You’re there in that moment.”

Omaha Public Schools staff presented information to student ambassadors about College & Career Academies and Pathways. They also discussed ways students and staff could collaborate as the programming evolves.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to get together and have the same opportunities for training, messaging and education, but also to network and see each other,” said Amanda Gutierrez,
curriculum specialist at North High. “We’re ambassadors for Omaha Public Schools as a whole and not just our respective schools.”

Gutierrez helped launch the student ambassadors’ program. She says when students and staff work together as big projects develop, the collaboration benefits families overall.

“We really just want to elevate student voice because we think they're the best representation of what we have to offer,” said Gutierrez.