Gómez Family Newsletter                                                    Volume 10, Issue 11
Remember that combination of excitement and concern that we used to experience during the final countdown of a space shuttle launch?  There is also the combination of nostalgia and anticipation that we experience as we countdown the New Year's ball drop.  Lately it seems we're living in those countdown moments (and no, I'm not talking about the US elections despite the gaggle of emotions that produces).  These countdown moments are hectic moments with lots of planning and last minute rushing involved...as we wrap up the academic, church and calendar years and as we participate in the launch of exciting new opportunities.
3, 2, 1... Blastoff
After more than a year we have been praying and making contacts in the southern part of the city.  Utilizing the Community Church Planting concept of finding a person of peace, several in-home groups have begun. 

In addition, several of the church leaders intentionally began working out in a park in that sector.  There they met a man of great influence...he is a non-conventional athletic trainer.  He is Cuban and was deported from the USA after being in jail there.  Now he has many followers who work out with him in that park in Medellin.  Luis Fernando, Rossemberg and Pastor John befriended the guy and shared Christ with him.  He then invited Luis Fernando to join him on Sunday mornings...as the spiritual trainer during his work out sessions.     

As a result of the in-home groups and the work-out, a new church will be launched in that section of the city.  The first service will be held on November 12 followed by a Christmas service on December 10. 

Will you please pray with us as we countdown to this church launch...and as it begins to fly?
3, 2, 1...Happy New Year
Things are getting more hectic here as seminary and Gómez kids alike begin taking year-end exams. (Ricardo gets the joy of grading them for his Pastoral Theology class.)  It is hard to believe that this is the end of the elementary years in our family.

With the end of the year comes graduation at the seminary and the week of academic evaluation.  

In addition, Ricardo and the Free Methodist Colombian board have interviewed 6 candidates in the past few weeks and recommended 3 for ordination.  They are also busy planning the pastoral retreat and the annual meetings...both will take place December 1-4 here in Medellin. 

Please be in prayer with us that God will anoint the church in Colombia for exponential growth...and for special blessings during these year end events!
...and the Peace Update
Mea, we continue to diligently pray for peace in Colombia.   The unilateral cease fire between the government and the FARC has been extended until December 31st.  There have been peace marches throughout the country by various groups and this week, the proponents of the "No" vote participated in the ongoing peace talks.  Please pray for peace in Colombia.  It seems we may be on the road to ending the 52 year conflict!
In the midst of the countdown, Ricardo has been writing for and participating in an interdisciplinary group that is addressing the issues of internal displacement in Colombia.  Beth taught a nativity workshop at the seminary and we all participated in the annual cultural celebration.  Likewise, we've been busy with our regular church activities...preaching, media team, ministry to children, etc.  We are also counting down the arrival of Beth's folks, who will arrive on December 4th for their first visit to Colombia!

We thank God for each of you...and for your faithful investment to fulfill the calling He has on our lives.   We are humbled by your generosity.  You are always in our thoughts and prayers but especially in this month of November when we corporately give thanks for the blessings God has provided.  Thank you for being a blessing to us and so many others in Colombia and Latin America!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Ricardo, Beth, Juliana & Jonathan

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