Board Report
by Sharon Sherman, Chairman of the Board

Last year, PAWS of Coronado began a new tradition.  We adopted November, the month of Thanksgiving, as the time for an annual request to our supporters to make a monetary gift to help the dogs and cats that we work with throughout the year.   We wanted to find a way to honor our founder, Louise Shirey, who founded PAWS in 2003, and ensure our continued efforts that have resulted in over 2,000 forever homes being found for the dogs and cats entrusted to us.   
The July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016 fiscal year was hugely successful for PAWS.  We continue to manage and operate the City of Coronado Animal Care Facility.  During that year alone, we processed over 400 animals, resulting in 200 adoptions, 150 returns of dogs and cats to their owners, and 66 transfers of many types of animals to other shelters or rescue groups. The live release rates maintained during this fiscal year was 100% for dogs, 95% for cats, and 100% for other animals, resulting in a total live release rate of 98% for the entire fiscal year. We exceeded the San Diego County wide live release figures for the same fiscal year, which ran 94% for dogs, 79% for cats, 87% for other animals for a total live release rate of 87%.  We are very proud that the City of Coronado through the CACF is clearly leading the County in its committed and aggressive efforts toward saving every animal possible that comes into our care. 

PAWS donated during the 2015-2016 fiscal year over $70,000 for medications and medical supplies, equipment and veterinary services (of both a general and specialized nature) for the CACF animals. Some of the special needs addressed by PAWS and treated through this financial contribution were blindness, deafness, cardiac issues, neurological deficits, dermatological problems and cases of severe neglect. Without this generous funding from PAWS, the City of Coronado through the CACF would be unable to provide the extraordinary medical services that largely contribute to its ability to maintain such a high live release rate. 
For PAWS to be successful in its mission, we must rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for continuing financial support.  By making a donation, in any amount, you can be a Friend of PAWS and join our efforts to ensure the welfare of our community's animals. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference to the Coronado dogs and cats that desperately need our help.  And, as PAWS is a tax-exempt organization, all donations are fully deductible.  

Donate photo

To make a monetary donation to PAWS of Coronado, you may:
  • Donate online via credit card or PayPal on our secure website.
  • Bring your donation to the Coronado Animal Care Facility, 1395 First Street, Coronado, CA, 92118
  • Mail it to PAWS of Coronado, P.O. Box 180956, Coronado, CA  92178-0956
We sincerely appreciate your thoughtful consideration of making a donation to PAWS of Coronado at this time of Thanksgiving and thank you in advance for your support.

Why the Aversion to Black Cats?
by PAWS Staff Writer


We have made it through another spooky Halloween season, complete with costumes, candy and ghostly apparitions galore.  And, with all manner of the shrieking, menacing black cat imagery that abounded we can't help but wonder:  How is it that many in our culture continue to believe in the fearsome nature of black cats?
It is not very common for people to seek out the companionship of black cats.  In fact, shelters are very aware that black cats are among the last adopted and the first euthanized. Around the Halloween season, most shelters even tend to restrict the adoption of black cats for fear they will be used as costume accessories, props or worse.  
So, what are the some of the historical myths and superstitions about black cats?
  • In ancient Greece, black cats were known as omens of death, thanks to a servant who changed into one before joining Hecate, goddess of death.
  • In the European Middle Ages, black cats were associated with devil worship, and people sought total eradication.
  • During the Salem witch trials, black cats were thought to be companions to witches, and even their "familiars," and were burned in baskets alongside owners. 
Fortunately, not all the myths and superstitions about black cats are dark and scary. For example:
  • If you kill a black cat in Ireland, it is said you will have 17 years of bad luck.
  • In Scotland, a black cat on your porch is considered a good omen of looming prosperity.
  • In Japan, a black cat crossing your path is a sign of good luck.
  • In the English Midlands, black cats are given to bless recent nuptials. 
Friends of Ebony, Inky, Blackie, Coal, and all other black cats, need our help to ensure they are well-treated. We can do this by shattering negative superstitions surrounding black cats, adopting them, and ensuring they receive proper care and protection year round - especially during Halloween season.  We currently have wonderful black kittens and cats at the Coronado Animal Care Facility (see Lauren, Miney and Mo above).  Come meet them today and see how loving they are.  They are certainly nothing to be afraid of!
With thanks to  All Pets Animal Hospital Blog

(Photos by Kim Johnson)
Many thanks to the Coronado Real Estate Association!
by PAWS Staff Writer

CREA pet parade donation 2016

This afternoon, CREA President Caroline Haines, presented a check for $12,500 to PAWS of Coronado President Karen Dwinell. This money was raised at the recent 5th Annual Coronado Pet Parade & Chili Cook-off, bringing the total donated by CREA since 2012 to $68,200!  PAWS would like to thank CREA and all the pet lovers who support the Coronado Pet Parade & Chili Cook-off.

To view the photos of the Coronado Pet Parade, click here.
Update on PAWS Alum: Charlee
by Ian Wessels

PAW alum - Charlee
Charlee with Ian
Dear PAWS team -

Thank you for the nice note and photo of Charlee.   He is a blessing to Lyndsey and me - we are lucky and happy to have him in our home!

We recently went on a week long trip, all three of us, and had a blast!  Please find the above photo of me and Charlee in Yosemite National Park.

Thanks and sincerely,
Another Successful Quarter at Coronado Animal Care Facility
by Sharon Sherman 

Coronado ACF
                                                                                                           (Photo by Phil Martin)

The first quarter of the current fiscal year, 7/1/16-9/30/16, was a busy one for the animals, staff and volunteers at the Coronado Animal Care Facility (CACF) which is managed and operated by PAWS. As you'll see, it was also a successful one.  During this time period, the CACF accounted for the animals in its care as follows: 

As of 7/1/16 there were 18 live animals in the CACF;
added were 155 dogs, cats and other animals;
minus 24 animals which were, sadly, dead on arrival, mostly birds and mostly hit by cars; 
minus 1 dog transferred to the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility as he was found in their jurisdiction; 
minus 1 dog transferred to Chihuahua Rescue, the rescue organization which handled the dog's original adoption;
minus 8 non-dog/cat transfers to other rescues having better resources and care for exotic animals (*see below);
minus 37 forever homes found our cats!!!; 
minus 27 dog homes found for our dogs!!!;  
minus 24 dog and cat escape artists returned to their Coronado owners after being picked up running loose; 
minus 3 cats humanely euthanized for a non-treatable illness or injury;  
minus 35 animals processed directly by the police, such as transfers of marine animals to Sea World and injured birds to Project Wildlife; 
Leaving on 13 live animals in the ACF on 9/30/16, plus over 20 dogs and cats in our ACF rehabilitation, lifetime medical care and hospice programs, where the animals are housed in the homes of very dedicated volunteers.

During this period, the CACF staff and volunteers enjoyed working with many non-canine/feline animals, including two snakes, a rabbit, a mouse, a parakeet, a canary and two turtles. Each was examined and kept at the CACF for a reasonable period of time to allow its owner an opportunity to reclaim his/her pet. Those not eventually claimed were transferred to appropriate rescue groups. 

The Coronado Animal Care Facility is a great partnership between the City of Coronado and PAWS; however, we could not have done it without you... our supporters.  You continue to accomplish wonderful things for the stray, abandoned and relinquished animals of Coronado.  Thank you.
A Few Tips for Cat Lovers
by PAWS Staff Writer

                                                                                           (Photo by Ronnie Gustavson)
More and more magazines are featuring a monthly pet column.  Pet health, how pets benefit our health, new products, heart warming stories; we see more and more articles about dogs, cats and other domestic animals.  Finally, publishers are realizing what we have known for years...our pets are important to us!  The October issue of First for women magazine had an article entitled "Smart PET Solutions."  Here are three of their best tips for our feline friends and their families: 
What's the best way to keep a litter box clean?  
Here are two tips from First readers:
  1. Spread baking soda in the box, then add litter, says Wanda Rogers.  The powder absorbs moisture so litter won't cling to the bottom, plus it nixes odor.
  2. Before adding litter, use a paper towel to run coconut oil on the bottom of the pan, says Leah Grey.  The oil makes the surface slick so litter won't stick." 
Protecting ears from mites:
If your furry friend starts scratching at her ears and constantly shaking her head, she might have developed a case of ear mites.  To combat the problem, use an eyedropper to put a few drops of mineral oil in each ear.  Massage the area for about 2 minutes, then use a cotton ball to gently rub the ear and clean off any residue.  The oil smothers and kills ear mites on contact."
Knowing when your cat has had enough:
Ouch!  Your cat usually loves to be petted, but every once in a while he suddenly swats at you in the middle of a cuddle session.  Avoid claw marks in the future by reading this tell-tail sign:  If his tail is swishing fast, you should immediately stop petting him. This movement indicates that your pet is getting aggravated.  Move your hands away and he'll calm right down, keeping you free of scratches."
Lana - Successful Adoption
Successful Adoption Stats for September and October 2016 :

                September      October
Cats          11                  5
Dogs           8                  6       

Click to view our

Here are some of our current adorable adoptables:




To view all our animals for adoption, click here.               (Photos by Kim Johnson)
Youth Donations 
by PAWS Staff Writer

Mariah Hulin

Mariah Hulin recently had a birthday party.  Instead of everyone bringing her  a gift she asked that they bring something for a dog so she could  donate the items to PAWS.  Thank you, Mariah!

Bennett twins donation

Kate & Cole Bennett, twins, recently celebrated their birthday.  Rather than receiving gifts, their friends and family donated $440 to PAWS on their behalf.  Thank you, Kate & Cole!
Halloween Yappy Hour Costume Contest

Yappy Hour Halloween
                                               "Sheruff" Apollo (photo by Kim Johnson)

Over 20 dogs and their owners entered the recent PAWS Halloween Costume Contest  which was held last week during our Yappy Hour at McP's Irish Pub.  It was a fantastic evening with wonderful costumes and cheer!  To see more photos of this fun event, check out our website post!
- Nov. 10 , 8:00am -  PAWS Open Meeting  - Coronado Golf Course Clubhouse
- Dec. 2 - Coronado Holiday Parade - Details TBA
- Dec. 8, 8:00am - PAWS Open Meeting - Coronado Golf Course Clubhouse

Yappy Hour will be on hiatus until March 29th when we will host our Easter Bonnet Pet Parade.  Hope to see you there!

Yappy Hour dog

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