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Don't Delay – Submit Agreement, Insurance, Certification Fees Early
A complete Client Agreement (CA) must be on file and certification fees must be processed prior to final verification of any project seeking NGBS Green certification. Delays will impact a Verifier's ability to submit a final verification packet for review. "Complete" for a CA means that Home Innovation has the current and correct certificate of insurance (COI) and that the agreement is signed by both the client and Home Innovation.

CAs must be signed by an officer of the company. Why? Because the agreement requires the Client to maintain appropriate insurance until the building is certified; typically only an Officer of the Company can bind the Company to such a requirement.

Certification fees must also be processed before a final verification packet can be reviewed – this means payment has been received by, not just submitted to, Home Innovation. Please note that credit card transactions are not immediate. It typically takes at least 48 hours for payments to transfer and Home Innovation to receive funds. Checks are even slower to process. If you have a special situation or emergency, please contact us as early as possible so that we can assist you.
APOLOGIES! Client Agreement Notification Errors
We recently uploaded new versions of our Client Agreements to AXIS; as part of that effort, a few companies were inadvertently pinged unnecessarily for signatures on new versions of their agreements. Once we have a complete Client Agreement on file, we do not need it replaced if/when there is an update to our new outgoing agreements. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience.
2024 NGBS Development Underway
The 2024 NGBS Task Groups are meeting and working their way through the many proposed changes from partners and other industry stakeholders. Below are some of the topics being discussed:

  • Should the NGBS incentivize artificial turf?
  • Should a modern-style house be exempt from the roof overhang requirement to preserve the clean lines?
  • How should embodied carbon be addressed by the NGBS?
  • Which energy code baseline should be referenced in the 2024 NGBS version?
  • How can the NGBS Existing Buildings pathway better align with accepted tools like ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?

All discussions are open to the public, which means that you can still participate and help shape the next NGBS version, even if you did not apply for a formal role. Visit www.HomeInnovation.com/NGBS to view all process updates and upcoming meeting dates.
NGBS Green Now Available to More Buildings!
The NGBS Green Appeals Board approved the use of the Chapter 11 Existing Buildings (remodeling) path to earn NGBS Green certification for buildings older than one year but less than five years old. The 2020 NGBS previously made these buildings ineligible for certification (see top of page 13 in 2020 NGBS) and created a gap in buildings that could seek certification.

Buildings less than one year old should use the traditional Appeals process for New Construction.

We are working on the final policy document(s) for this new policy. Stay tuned!

In addition, we are working on putting Appeals into AXIS with a new workflow and hope to have that completed shortly. This should streamline the process, make it more transparent, and boost our QA on these projects.
NAHB Industry Awards NOW OPEN
Submit Your Green Certified Buildings for Award Consideration
The NAHB industry awards are now open. Enter one or more for an opportunity to win and be recognized as one of the best of the best in our industry.

Visit https://awards.nahb.org to apply.
Congrats to the latest NGBS Green PROs!
Six green building professionals earned the NGBS Green PRO credential in June and July.

This brings our total Green PRO count to 11!
Will you be next to earn this professional designation?
Industry professionals can now earn NGBS Green PRO, a professional designation that validates your expertise in green design, construction, and building certification.

Those who successfully earn the NGBS Green PRO designation demonstrate advanced understanding of the National Green Building Standard ICC-700 and the NGBS Green certification program.

Training for the designation – consisting of four self-paced modules, each with its own mastery check – is live and available 24/7 at the NGBS Green Pro Training site. Completion of the entire course earns 4LU Elective from AIA or 0.4 CEU credit from ICC.

Learn more and get started today – download the overview document and discuss the benefits of this professional development opportunity with your supervisor and colleagues.
White House Initiative Seeks to Modernize Building Codes, Improve Climate Resilience, and Reduce Energy Costs
The Biden-Harris Administration announced a national initiative that will help state, local, Tribal, and territorial governments adopt current building codes and standards and improve resilience against extreme weather events. This initiative will involve:
  • Comprehensive Review of Federal Funding and Financing of Building Construction: ensuring that federally-supported housing and other building projects follow modern building codes and standards

  • $225 million for Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Funding: funding for advancing building codes and job creation

  • Incentives and Support for Communities: providing technical assistance and best practices from across relevant agencies in the federal government; mapping code adoption based on energy efficiency and resilience

  • Federal Building Performance Standards: advancing "above-code" resilience and energy efficiency standards for new federal projects; developing the first Federal Building Performance Standards to achieve net-zero emissions across new and existing federal buildings by 2045

View the press release here.
Chicago Energy Code to be Expanded to Include NGBS, Passive House
A new ordinance was presented to the Chicago City Council that would amend the energy code section of the City's Building Code. This amendment:
  1. adopts an amended version of the 2021 IECC as the baseline energy code, and
  2. recognizes the 2020 NGBS Gold or Emerald and PHIUS+ Commercial as alternative pathways for compliance. 
A hearing was held in mid-July. Stay tuned for more information.
Water Shortages Across the Southwest
With temperatures rising across the US, the Southwest has been facing water shortages like never before. Last year, for the first time, the federal government declared a water shortage in the Colorado River. California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada receive their water supply from the Colorado River, and, therefore, are impacted the most by this shortage. Federal officials have warned that there will be cuts to those states' access to the river starting next year. Cities and utility companies are starting to implement conservation programs and incentives to decrease residential water usage. A few of the cities offering these programs include Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Denver, and San Francisco. Many of these programs incentivize switching to low-flow appliances, converting to climate-appropriate yards, installing rainwater harvesting features and greywater fixtures.

As water shortages continue to increase in severity across the Southwest, we anticipate more local incentive programs and regulations will be passed that require water conservation measures.

Now is the time to invest in water efficient homes everywhere, but especially if you are building in the Southwest! The NGBS Water Rating Index (WRI) and EPA WaterSense Certification are great tools for developers to demonstrate the water efficiency of their homes! Visit our website or Contact us to learn more.
QAP Watch
The following states have or will revise their Qualified Allocation Plans (QAP) for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. The summaries below indicate if NGBS Green certification is incentivized and provide information on how to submit comments or stay informed. If you're aware of any current QAP activity in your state or locale not listed here or included in our online QAP Round-Up, please contact us.
  • The Alabama Housing Finance Authority (AHFA) released their DRAFT 2023 Housing Credit Qualified Allocation Plan. Comments are accepted via their Public Comment Form through August 15, 2022. The QAP includes prescriptive energy and water conservation measures, but no third-party programs are referenced. We are coordinating with other energy efficiency and green building programs to request that they incentivize third-party energy efficiency or green building programs.
  • The Tennessee Housing Development Authority (THDA) published their preliminary proposed changes to the 2023 QAP, and comments were accepted through June 17th. Tennessee's QAP does not currently reference any third-party programs. Their proposed changes document cited alignment with current energy efficiency standards and increased flexibility for energy efficiency compliance as two current goals. Home Innovation submitted comments that requested that they recognize third-party green certification programs, as they are a tool to accomplishing those agency goals.
  • The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) released the preliminary draft of the 2023 QAP. Comments can be sent to Colin Nickells through 5PM CDT on August 3rd. Four competitive points are available or NGBS Green, Enterprise Green Communities, or LEED certification. Alternatively, 0.5 to 4 points are available for prescriptive energy and water conservation measures and IgCC compliance. NGBS Green Partners are encouraged to express support for the QAP's inclusion of third-party green certifications, including NGBS Green certification. For assistance on a comment letter, please contact us.
Product Spotlight
In each issue of Insider Update, Home Innovation profiles products that can help builders achieve points toward NGBS Green Certification. To browse all NGBS Green Certified products, visit the online directory.
Preserve® is a family of soluble copper-based preservative solutions for exterior wood products. Copper azole (CA) is a wood preservative formulation made of copper that uses organic triazoles to control copper-tolerant fungi.

Preserve® is certified for use as part of retaining walls (503.2(4)) and as a termite-resistant material (602.1.6).
21 Revere Beach – Latest Case Study
21 Revere Beach Boulevard – one of two buildings within the Ryder community of Revere Beach — is a 2020 Silver certified mixed-use building and was among the first multifamily buildings to earn the +WELLNESS certification. The building features areas for exercise and play, technology for energy and water efficiency, and low-emission materials. Read our case study here.
Quality Assurance Highlights:
As an accredited laboratory and third-party certification agency focused on the home building industry, Home Innovation Research Labs is uniquely suited to manage a residential green certification program, and quality assurance is central to NGBS Green certification. Insider Update editions highlight key tenets of Home Innovation's quality assurance program.
Verifier Performance
The credibility and integrity of the NGBS Green program relies on NGBS Green Accredited Verifiers following our program policies, processes, and procedures. NGBS Green Verifiers must fully comply with the Verifier's Resource Guide when inspecting and verifying projects seeking NGBS Green certification.

Each verification report is graded on accuracy and completeness. Verifier grades are visible to Verifiers in real-time on the AXIS platform, and cumulative report cards are distributed every six months.

Verifiers whose performance does not meet Home Innovation's high expectations and have a grade of "C" or less for their six-month average are placed on probation and a performance plan is developed which may require additional training or education. Verifiers under probation are subject to more frequent desktop reviews and virtual audits.

Clients should contact us if Verifier performance is ever an issue. Have a great Verifier that you want to brag about? We would love to hear that too!
Quick Links to Marketing Materials & Guidance One-pagers
Recently, we've been posting case studies on some unique and exemplary NGBS Green Certified projects. If you haven't had a chance to check them out yet, be sure to go to our Resources page – there are several there already and we're adding more each month. While on the page, be sure to check out the wide range of guidance documents, comparisons, and other helpful resources we've created for our NGBS Green Partners, including:

And, you can also find LOTS of great resources by visiting the following pages – #BookmarkWorthy:

As we strive to keep up with events of interest around the country,
we welcome your input!
If you know of a program that may be of interest to our NGBS Green program partners, please let us know.
Webinar: New Federal Funding Opportunities for Affordable Housing Retrofits
Date and time: Thursday, August 4, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Join this webinar to hear early insights from two cities and states using funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to create and scale retrofit programs that address local community priorities such as job creation, health and comfort, and reducing energy costs to make housing more affordable for families that need it the most. Register here.
Continuing Education
And, if you or a client are interested in scheduling virtual or live training on the 2020 NGBS, contact us – we have AIA and ICC-approved programs that we'd be happy to deliver.
Career Opportunities
Following are our current openings:
Mechanical/Electrical/Civil/Architectural/Structural Engineer Building Scientist – Sustainable Construction.
Seeking a recent college graduate with engineering degree and practical knowledge of residential building technologies, process, and trends to join our Building Science Division. This person will conduct analytical and experimental research.
Research Analyst - Building Science and Sustainable Construction
Seeking a recent college graduate with a technical (non-engineering) construction management or accounting degree to join our Building Science Division. This person will be responsible for the analysis of residential and mixed-use construction.
Project Manager – Building Science and Construction
Seeking a skilled project manager with a technical background and experience with federal contracting. This person will manage multiple technical projects, while coordinating staff and resources.
Visit our website for more information.
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