MARCH 2022
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2015 NGBS Registration Deadline is April 1st. No Fooling!
After soliciting input for over a year, we are proceeding with our April 1st registration deadline for the 2015 NGBS. Homes or multifamily buildings that want to use the 2015 NGBS must register them NO LATER THAN 11:59 p.m. (Eastern), April 1, 2022. Projects will have three years to complete construction (construction deadline April 1, 2025).

Please contact your Verifier ASAP to register any projects that intend to pursue certification under the 2015 NGBS.
REMINDER: Submit 2024 NGBS Proposals and Applications by April 5th
As an ANSI standard, the NGBS is subject to regular review and update to increase efficiency and incorporate best practices and innovations. There are three ways to contribute toward the development
of the next NGBS version:

  1. Submit Proposed Changes: Submit your ideas to improve the NGBS compliance criteria. Proposed changes are accepted through April 5th at
  2. Apply to Participate in a Task Group: The topic-specific Task Groups (TGs) review, consider, and edit proposed changes in order to provide recommendations to the Consensus Committee. 
  3. Apply to Participate on the Consensus Committee: Consensus Committee members vote on proposed changes.

The 2024 NGBS Task Group list is tentatively planned as follows:
  • Task Group 1 – Admin, Compliance (typically all TG Chairs and Co-chairs)
  • Task Group 2 – Site and Lot Development; Operation & Owner Education
  • Task Group 3 – Resource Efficiency and Indoor Environment Quality
  • Task Group 4 – Water Efficiency
  • Task Group 5 – Energy Efficiency 
  • Task Group 6 – Certified Path (Chapter 12)
  • Task Group 7 – Existing Buildings
  • Task Group 8 – Tropical Zone
  • Task Group 9 – Non-residential Space

Task Group participation time commitment varies; participants should anticipate several video calls throughout summer 2022. Individuals may serve on more than one Task Group.

For Consensus Committee members, there will be at least two two-day in-person meetings in Washington, DC. The first is tentatively scheduled for the beginning of June and the second in Fall 2022.

Applications are now being accepted for TG and Consensus Committee members.

Apply by April 5 at
Water Efficiency and Performance Systems Webinar
Built Green Washington will host an online training (12 p.m. Pacific time!) on the WRI, WERS, and WaterSense 2.0 water performance and efficiency rating programs, their requirements, and verifier information. These options are the approved water efficiency performance modeling rating systems for the Built Green Washington program.
Home Innovation's Cindy Wasser will present on the NGBS WRI methodology and process.

Learn more about the session and register online.
Delray Beach, FL to Host Green Building Certification Overview Event
The City of Delray Beach will host an informational meeting with presentations and discussions on NGBS Green and the Florida Green Building Coalition program. Everyone from the local development community is encouraged to participate.
Drew Smith, NGBS Green MASTER Verifier with Two Trails, Inc., and Jennifer Languell, NGBS Green Verifier with Trifecta Construction Services, will be the featured presenters, sharing their experiences as green consultants in southern Florida. Home Innovation's Cindy Wasser will join for the Q&A and discussion.
Trent Michels – 2nd Professional to Earn NGBS Green PRO
Trent Michels, Development Manager for the Carolinas regions of Terwillinger Pappas, is the second individual to complete the NGBS Green PRO training. Congratulations, Trent!

Will you be next to earn this professional designation?
About NGBS Green PRO
Industry professionals can now earn NGBS Green PRO, a professional designation that validates your expertise in green design, construction, and building certification.

Those who successfully earn the NGBS Green PRO designation demonstrate advanced understanding of the National Green Building Standard ICC-700 and the NGBS Green certification program.

Training for the designation – consisting of four self-paced modules, each with its own mastery check – is now live and available 24/7 at the NGBS Green Pro Training site. Completion of a single NGBS Green PRO module earns 1LU Elective from AIA or 0.1 CEU credit from ICC; completion of the entire course earns 4LU Elective from AIA or 0.4 CEU credit from ICC.

Learn more and get started today – download the Overview document and discuss the benefits of this professional development opportunity with your supervisor and colleagues.
HUD Updates Green Building Options for CDBG-DR Funding
In Federal Notice 87 FR 6364, HUD released updated requirements for accessing Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Disaster Recovery (DR) funding for rebuilding or replacing homes impacted by disasters. While prior releases regarding this program include NGBS Green certification as one of the recognized green building programs, the latest notice specifies NGBS Green+ RESILIENCE certification. This would significantly raise the stringency of the NGBS Green option, placing it at a disadvantage compared to the other recognized options. We are currently in discussions with HUD regarding this update.

Please contact Michelle to stay informed on this issue.
Alexandria, VA, Recognizes NGBS Green in Latest Green Policy Update
On February 17, 2022, the City of Alexandria released an updated version of its 2019 Green Building Policy. This updated Policy includes NGBS Green certification as a recognized option for compliance.

Unfortunately, the City expects additional requirements—higher energy performance, dehumidification, and humidity monitoring—in order for NGBS Green to meet compliance. These expectations are inconsistent with the expectations for other recognized green building programs. We have contacted City staff to discuss their equivalency determination.

Please contact Cindy to receive updates on this activity.
New Jersey's Proposed Budget Includes $300 Million for Affordable Housing
Governor Murphy released New Jersey's proposed budget, which includes $300 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds for the Affordable Housing Production Fund. These funds would create 3,300 new affordable homes across the state.
SEC to Require Climate Change Disclosure
The federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gave initial approval of a rule that would require public companies to tell shareholders and the federal government how they affect climate change. The transparency required by this rule would hold companies accountable for their climate change impacts and give investors more leverage in forcing changes to business practices.

We believe that this new ruling would drive more real estate companies to quantify and track progress toward their sustainability goals. Third-party green certifications like NGBS Green will be even more in-demand by investors as evidence of sustainable, green real estate assets.

The public has 60 days to share comment public comment period before the proposed rule takes effect. For more information, click here.
QAP Watch
The following states have or will revise their Qualified Allocation Plans (QAP) for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. The summaries below indicate if NGBS Green certification is incentivized and provide information on how to submit comments or stay informed. If you're aware of any current QAP activity in your state or locale not listed here or included in our online QAP Round-Up, please contact us.
The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) has scheduled (announced?) its 2023 QAP Work Groups and Roundtables. Three topic-specific work groups have been scheduled and are designed to provide a forum for in-depth discussion and drafting. To ensure productive engagement, TDHCA asks that organizations interested in participating consider sending only one representative.

Work Group 1: Proximity to Jobs
  • March 31, 1:30-3:00 PM CDT | Register here
Work Group 2: Underserved and Tax Credit Density Points
  • April 28, 1:30-3:00PM CDT | Register here
Work Group 3: Tenant Right of First Refusal
  • May 26, 1:30-3:00PM CDT | Register here

TDHCA will also host three in-person QAP roundtables to discuss the 2023 QAP. These will be held in-person at the HHSC Winters Building, located at 701 W 51st Street, Room 125W/125C, Austin, TX 78751.
  • March 30, 1:00-4:00PM CDT | Register here

  • April 26, 9:00AM-noon CDT | Register here

  • May 24, 1:00-4:00PM CDT | Register here
Product Spotlight
In each issue of Insider Update, Home Innovation profiles products that can help builders achieve points toward NGBS Green Certification. To browse all NGBS Green Certified products, visit the online directory.
Patriot Timber – RevBead® Reversible Plywood Beadboard
Patriot Timber's RevBead® Reversible Plywood Beadboard is one panel with two application options.
The face of the RevBead® panel has a clear Radiata Pine veneer for stain grade applications while the reverse side has a pre-primed surface ready to use for paint grade applications. RevBead® is certified as a biobased product (606.1(1-2)).
RevBead® Reversible Plywood Beadboard is a new and revolutionary concept in plywood beadboard and another first from Patriot Timber Products.
RevBead® - one panel with two options that is perfect for all your beadboard applications — paneling, wainscoting, millwork, ceilings, cabinetry, and crafts.
Latest Blog Posts
COVID Changes – Temp or Perm?
There's certainly no arguing that COVID changed our world, but the debate continues as to whether the day-to-day changes are temporary or if they will have a long-lasting impact on our behaviors. In an effort to determine if COVID will have a lasting impact on new home features and on the business of building them, Home Innovation Research Labs conducted a survey in collaboration with Professional Builder magazine to learn specifically what practices were adopted as a result of COVID, and which of those practices will remain after the pandemic is "over."

Take a look at Part 1 and Part 2 of Ed's series of posts on this research
Quality Assurance Highlights
As an accredited laboratory and third-party certification agency focused on the home building industry, Home Innovation Research Labs is uniquely suited to manage a residential green certification program, and quality assurance is central to NGBS Green certification. Over the next several Insider Update editions, we'll highlight key tenets of Home Innovation's quality assurance program.
Virtual Audits
Virtual audits are an in-field assessment of a Verifier's inspection using a video conferencing service. After connecting with the Home Innovation staff via the video conferencing system, the Verifier conducts the inspection as they would normally. HI staff will observe the inspection and take notes but generally not interfere with the Verifier's actions. Every virtual audit is graded, and the review is added to the Verifier's file.

Virtual audits are project-specific and assigned at registration. Our goal is to conduct Virtual Audits on at least 50 Verifiers annually (approximately 16% of the total accredited Verifiers). Verifier and project selection is largely random, but Verifiers with performance issues are selected at a higher frequency than experienced Verifiers and those with exceptional performance reviews.
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Career Opportunities
Mechanical/Electrical/Civil/Architectural/Structural Engineer Building Scientist – Sustainable Construction
We are looking for a researcher/analyst to join our Applied Engineering team to support our consultancy business with government and industry clients in the field of residential and light commercial buildings and associated technologies. The book of business focuses on optimization of high-performance buildings from structural, durability, and energy performance standpoints.

Research Analyst - Building Science and Sustainable Construction
We are seeking a recent college graduate with a technical (non-engineering) – construction management or accounting degree to join our Building Science Division. This person will be responsible for the analysis of residential and mixed-use construction.

NGBS Green QA Associate
We are searching for the right person to become part of our vibrant and active green home certification team.
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