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2024 NGBS Development Update

The 2024 NGBS Consensus Committee met in Washington, DC in early November to vote on all previously submitted proposals. A draft standard reflecting all changes will be posted sometime in early 2023 for public review and comment.

'Tis The Season: Make A Plan

The Holidays are coming and Verifiers and the NGBS Green Team alike want to finish up as many certification projects as possible AND spend time with their loved ones.

That said, please make note of the following:

Thanksgiving: Home Innovation is closed Thursday, November 24th. Admin processing will pause starting COB Tuesday, November 22nd, to include issuing certificates. If you need something that week, get it in early.

2022 End of Year: Home Innovation is closed Monday, December 26th, and Monday, January 2nd. Admin processing will pause starting COB Thursday, December 22nd, to include issuing certificates. If you need something that week, get it in early.

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'Kudos' to the following individuals who've earned the NGBS Green PRO accreditation.

Maksym Gerasimov


Southern Illinois University

Veronika Maynard-Simon

Multifamily & Commercial Energy Efficiency Team Coordinator

Southern Energy Management

About Green PRO

Calling all industry professionals!

Earn your NGBS Green PRO professional designation to validate your expertise in green design, construction, and building certification.

Successfully earning the NGBS Green PRO designation demonstrates advanced understanding of the National Green Building Standard ICC-700 and the NGBS Green certification program.

Training for the designation – consisting of four self-paced modules, each with its own mastery check – is live and available 24/7 at the NGBS Green Pro Training site. Completion of a single NGBS Green PRO module earns 1LU Elective from AIA or 0.1 CEU credit from ICC; completion of the entire course earns 4LU Elective from AIA or 0.4 CEU credit from ICC.

Learn more and get started today – download the Overview document and discuss the benefits of this professional development opportunity with your supervisor and colleagues.

NGBS Green PRO – Student Discount & Recruiting Opportunity

Are you a student interested in green building? Utilize our discount code for 50% of the NGBS Green PRO training: NGBSStudents50.

NGBS Green PRO Directory

All NGBS Green PROs are now featured on our website. See the directory


Delray Beach Approves NGBS Green Certification for Building Code

The City of Delray Beach adopted a Green Building Ordinance that establishes Sustainable Design and Construction requirements for new construction within the City's Central Business District. With this new legislation, the City recognized NGBS Green, Florida Green Building Coalition, Green Globes, and LEED certifications.

New buildings and building additions greater than 15,000 square feet must earn Bronze-level NGBS Green certification or equivalent. New buildings and building additions greater than 50,000 square feet of gross floor area must achieve Silver-level NGBS Green certification or equivalent.

Read our announcement here.

Inflation Reduction Act: 30C Tax Credit for EV Charging Stations

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA), signed into law by President Joe Biden on August 16, 2022, includes significant investment in energy efficiency and clean energy technology. For the next several months, we will feature an element of the legislation related to the built environment.

The 30C Tax Credit Program for EV Charging Stations encourages installation of EV charging at properties located in low-income or high-poverty areas (as defined by the New Markets Tax Credit criteria) and areas not defined as urban by the U.S. Census Bureau. The IRA extended the 30C Tax Credit through 2032. 

The 30C program extends tax credits of 6% of the energy project, or up to 30% if prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements are met. Benefits are capped at $100k for each charging station or refueling station installed at a property.

For those taking advantage of the 30C Tax Credit, EV charging contributes toward NGBS compliance. Practice 505.6 awards 4-10 points for EV-charging capability. Practice 706.8 awards 2 points for installed Level 2 or Level 3 charging stations.

Inflation Reduction Act (IR) Incentive Chart

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) was signed into law by President Joe Biden on August 16, 2022. This federal investment in clean energy and green building is unprecedented. Over the next year, product manufacturers, builders, developers, government agencies, and local jurisdictions should re-evaluate business activities and identify opportunities to take advantage of new federal credits and deductions.

In our new resource we summarize the key incentives for the residential development and construction sectors. Our chart focuses on the most relevant incentives to the NGBS Green business; however, there are also homeowner-oriented benefits not covered. Please review and share with your clients and partners.

QAP Watch
The following states have or will revise their Qualified Allocation Plans (QAP) for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. The summaries below indicate if NGBS Green certification is incentivized and provide information on how to submit comments or stay informed. If you're aware of any current QAP activity in your state or locale not listed here or included in our online QAP Round-Up, please contact us.

GEORGIAThe Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) published its 2nd draft 2023 QAP and accepted comments through early November. The draft QAP would require NGBS Green, EarthCraft, Enterprise Green Communities, LEED for Homes, or Green Globes certification. Home Innovation commended DCA for recognizing third-party green building certifications.

KANSASThe Kansas Housing Resources Corporation posted its final 2023 QAP. New developments must demonstrate compliance with the 2018 IECC or ENERGY STAR v3.1. The QAP does not recognize any third-party green building programs.

MICHIGANThe Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) accepted public comments to inform their 2024 QAP. Home Innovation encouraged MSHDA to retain the green building criteria included in the 2023 QAP. The current QAP requires that funded projects achieve certification to the NGBS, Enterprise Green Communities, LEED, or PHIUS+. Silver level or higher is required for NGBS and LEED, and competitive points are available for higher certification levels and net zero energy certification.

MONTANA: Montana Housing published its draft 2024 QAP and accepted comments through late October. The draft QAP does not recognize any third-party green building programs and instead includes a list of prescriptive energy efficiency measures. Home Innovation recommended that Montana Housing recognize credible third-party green certifications as an alternative.


Product Spotlight

In each issue of Insider Update, Home Innovation profiles products that can help builders achieve points toward NGBS Green Certification. To browse all NGBS Green Certified products, visit the online directory.

Panasonic WhisperComfort Energy Recovery Ventilator

The Panasonic WhisperComfort Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is a stand-alone system that provides balanced ventilation that is ideal for single-family homes and multifamily units, affordable, easy to install, and energy efficient.

WhisperComfort ERV is UL listed for ceiling or wall mount applications and can be used to comply with the latest codes and standards.

WhisperComfort is certified as a smart HVAC system (706.3(7)), as part of a ventilation system that can be implemented in accordance with ASHRAE 62.1 (902.1.6), as an ERV (902.2.1(4)), and as a commercial ventilation system (13.107.7;

WhisperComfort contributes to the NGBS Green+ WELLNESS and SMART HOME certifications.


Latest Case Study: 22 Light Street

22 Light Street is the adaptive reuse of a historic commercial building converted to multifamily. Ideally situated in downtown Baltimore, 22 Light Street is walkable to the Inner Harbor, public transportation, retail stores, and restaurants. As a historical building reconstructed with a modern design, the original stairwells and existing building shell and brick exterior were preserved, providing the building with a rustic charm. The front windows were maintained due to historic preservation restrictions, but interior storm windows were installed, meeting NGBS requirements and showcasing the flexibility that the NGBS program allows for historic preservation.

Read the full case study here.

Freddie Mac Develop the DeveloperSM Academy

In 2020, Freddie Mac introduced Develop the DeveloperSM, an innovative reinvestment and development in historically underserved communities.

Develop the DeveloperSM offers resources through established training academies integrated within local programs. Since its launch, the Develop the DeveloperSM program has successfully graduated 72 developers through four cohorts. 

Learn more here.

Latest Blog Posts

Streamlining Green Verification for Factory Construction

Due to the level of quality control and manufacturing precision available with factory-built construction, modular and panelized homes may have an advantage in achieving above-code green building certifications. Read Cindy’s blog to learn more about modular construction trends and new NGBS Green process improvements to streamline green verification for factory construction.

Verifier Voice: Green Verification for Modular Multifamily Buildings

During our virtual verifier retreat in July 2021, Cindy spoke with a panel of NGBS Green Verifiers—Glenn Haydu, Phil LaRocque, and Jeff Slaugh—who shared their experiences with performing verification services for modular projects and their advice for other verifiers getting started with modular projects. Read her blog for a summary of the conversation.

Deep Dive into NGBS Chapter 6

The intent of NGBS Chapter 6 is to minimize environmental impact and improve environmental performance through informed decision-making during design, material selection, and construction. Read Elina’s blog for a deep dive into the key selections of the Resource Efficiency chapter.

Accessibility and Universal Design

The benefits of an accessible home extend far beyond individuals with permanent mobility impairment. Accessible features can make a home more visitable for infants, young children, older adults, or to accommodate immobility from injuries. The goal of green certification programs like NGBS Green is to minimize the home's environmental footprint, which includes allowing people to remain in their homes even when facing mobility limitations. Read Elina's blog to learn more.

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