JANUARY 18, 2023

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Insider Update - Special Edition:

Join NGBS Green at IBS/KBIS

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Learn about NGBS Green compliance, marketing trends, and other green building topics at these sessions.

Leveraging Health, Wellness & High-Performance Solutions to Meet Demand

Pre-Conference Master Workshop,

January 30th, 9:00AM-12:00PM

Market studies show consumer interest in healthier homes and communities has been increasing for several years, and the pandemic has quickly accelerated these interest levels. In this Master Workshop, leading experts in healthy and high-performance building will explore the design and construction principles of a healthy home, and how to apply building science and wellness solutions to entice homeowners and meet their needs.

Ticket purchase required; $75.

Speakers include: Karla Butterfield, NGBS Green Master Verifier and Sustainability Director with Steven Winter Associates; Gene Myers, Owner, Thrive Home Builders; Nathan Kahre, Business Development Manager, EnergyLogic; Deana Vidal, Senior Manager, Trend Consulting, John Burns Real Estate Consulting; and CR Herro, EVP, Operations, Bettr Homes.

Construction Performance Zone

January 31st - February 2nd

Gain insight from industry experts for building more durable, energy efficient, higher-quality homes.

The Construction Performance Zone has three distinct areas:

  1. Demo Stage
  2. Presentation Stage, and
  3. Building Display Area

Beer & Banter: Designing Homes to Optimize Health & Happiness

Design Central Workshop

February 1st, 4:30-5:00PM

Home design contributes toward resident health and wellbeing. Come and grab a beer and join in the conversation as building experts share design strategies that can contribute toward improved indoor air quality, humidity and moisture control, as well as light and sound quality. After walking through the planning and construction of a home that earned the NGBS Green+ WELLNESS certification and the specific features that contributed toward that notable recognition, the speakers will open the discussion and encourage attendees to share their tips and tricks.

Speakers: Karla Butterfield, NGBS Green Master Verifier & Sustainability Director, Steven Winter Associates; John Barrows, Owner, P3 Builders Group.

Market Drivers for Green Multifamily Buildings

Multifamily Central Workshop,

February 2nd, 8:00-8:30AM

The Inflation Reduction Act expanded the available incentives for multifamily developers and property owners to adopt energy-efficient designs and technologies. Investors are also spotlighting the value of green building performance metrics for ESG reporting. Join this presentation to identify the forces that are leading multifamily developers and property owners to invest in efficient design and construction and seek third-party green building certifications.

Speaker: Cindy Wasser, Senior Manager, Green Building Programs, Home Innovation Research Labs.

Are Builders Providing the Green Features Buyers Want?

Design Central Workshop

February 2nd, 11:45AM-12:15PM

If you don't know what consumers want, how can builders and designers ensure their homes are sought after and sellable? Come and hear about NAHB's most up-to-date research on green home trends and buyer preferences, which will highlight the features buyers want and builders are most likely to include in their homes in 2023. Use this information to make sure your next home building project is sustainable and irresistible!

NGBS Green Certified Product Manufacturers

Ask The Manufactures

When visiting the show, be sure to connect with the following NGBS Green Certified Product manufacturers and learn more about their products that are pre-approved for points toward NGBS Green Certification.

Tour The New American Home!

A NGBS Green Certified Show Home

Take the time to tour The New American Home (TNAH), one of the official IBS Show Homes.

The New American Home is projected to earn Emerald-level NGBS Green and +NET ZERO ENERGY and +WELLNESS certifications, as well as the EPA ENERGY STAR, EPA Indoor airPLUS, and DOE Zero Energy Ready Home labels. Constructed by Luxus Design Build, TNAH showcases some of the industry's most innovative and energy-efficient products from all over the world.

And, While You're At It...

While not located in Las Vegas, The New American Remodel (TNAR) will open for an immersive virtual experience during the IBS Show. Renovated by Phil Kean Design Group, TNAR showcases how even a seemingly well-designed and well-maintained existing property can be completely transformed into a contemporary, high-performance home using the latest building products and techniques. The home is projected to earn Gold-level NGBS Green certification.

NGBS Green Master Verifier Drew Smith and NGBS Green Verifier Josh Kane, both of Two Trails, Inc., provided verification services.

Home Innovation Focus Groups During IBS

Share Your Point of View

Home Innovation's Market Research team will be conducting interviews and focus groups at IBS, January 31st - February 2nd. Join us! An honorarium is available to qualified participants. We are especially looking for architects, exterior siding contractors, home builders, energy raters, insulation contractors, roofers, framers, and remodelers. If you're interested, contact Jon Violette with your availability.

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