DECEMBER 19, 2022

Practical information and resources for NGBS Green Certification program partners. Find out more about the program, its tools & resources, and available marketing materials online. If you were forwarded this message or do not receive Insider Update regularly and would like to, sign up online.

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Insider Update - Special Edition:

NGBS Green Marketing Resources

Builder Central: Your One-stop Shop for Program Information, Certification Marks, and more NGBS Green Marketing Resources.

Construction, marketing, and governance/ESG professionals should establish an AXIS account to access NGBS Green certificates, certification marks, and marketing resources.

Your AXIS account has your company's certification activity data and analytics that can be used for corporate reports, sales and leasing agent information, property valuation, and ESG reporting metrics. NGBS Green certificates and data are available in perpetuity.

Register for Your AXIS Account

Register for an AXIS online account here. When Home Innovation migrated all our program data to the AXIS platform, many names / companies were imported from the legacy NGBS Green database, so you may already have a portal account even if you have not previously registered.

New users should check out our NGBS Green Portal Powered by AXIS Quick Start Guide.

If there is an existing account that you have never accessed, you will receive a message during your account registration process indicating that you need to reset your password. If you receive a message that an account with that email address already exists, click here to reset your password.

Print NGBS Green Certificates

To print a building certificate, select "NGBS Download Certificates" from the Reports menu. On that page, you can search for and select projects then download the respective certificates. This will generate an auto-populated PDF version of the NGBS Green certificate that you can save, email to others, and/or print. Print as many copies as you need for no additional fee.

Put Our Mark in Your Marketing: Download Certification Marks

Bookmark Builder Central as your go-to place for:

  • Certification Marks
  • Certification Level Seals
  • Certified WRI Mark
  • Program Logos
  • Partner Logos
  • Yard and banner signs
  • Presentations and infographics

If You've Got It, Show It Off! Order Certification Plaques

We have coordinated with Green Plaque to offer a few different options of NGBS Green certification plaques that you can purchase and display on certified homes and buildings. Current options include glass and brushed aluminum plaques and translucent window stickers.

Review Marketing Guidance

Please refer to the NGBS Green Stye Guide for appropriate use of the logos and certification marks.

If you have any questions as to what materials can and cannot be shared, please contact us.

Get the Inside Scoop

Be sure all the members of your team are signed up for our monthly Insider Update e-newsletter to keep up with the latest news and developments related to NGBS Green certification.

And, if you have members of your team who are interested in learning more about how to use NGBS Green certification for marketing, ESG reporting, or for other purposes, just contact us for additional information or to schedule a call with our staff. You've worked hard to earn NGBS Green certification – we want you to get the most bang for your buck and enjoy all the marketing benefits that accomplishment has to offer.

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