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This is the one IDEAS&INFO Luncheon that Board Chairs, Board Development Committee Chairs and Executive Directors should attend together.

According to A. Adar Ayira of Associated Black Charities, our May IDEAS&INFO Luncheon speaker, nonprofit leaders must prepare now to in order to effectively handle challenges the organizations will face in the upcoming decades.

Building and Maintaining a 21st Century Board, will cover topics such as, setting the board culture, negotiating generational divides, recruiting for diversity, and developing committee workplans.
Register now for our May IDEAS&INFO Luncheon and get your board ready for the 21st century.

Building and Maintaining 21st Century Boards
Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Noon - 3:30PM
Vista Gardens Marketplace
10201 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway
Second Floor Community Room A
Bowie, MD 20720

Members: $10.00  |   Non-members: $22.00

Do More 24 Success Story 
Ivy Community Charities DO MORE better! 
Raise $20,000 in only 24-hours? Yes , it's possible!!!
In 2015, Ivy Community Charities of Prince George's County, Inc. (ICCPGC) raised over $21,000, which included a $4000 bonus, by participating in Do More 24, the annual online fundraiser organized by the United Way of the National Capital Area.

The ICCPGC, a Nonprofit Prince George's County member, under the leadership of Cheryl Garnette, Executive Director, combined the online fundraiser with traditional fundraising to increase revenue. Thousands of dollars can be raised for less than a $100 investment with a well-developed plan, as a result Garnette encourages nonprofits to, first of all, "show up."  She further suggests being strategic by focusing on winning a cash prize and by doing one offline activity well.   

Do More 24 Training
Garnette and others received guidance on web presence, social media, communications and nonprofit success stories at the training session.
United Way Consultation
As a training session participant, ICCPGC was offered and received two hours of personalized consulting on web presence, communication and web writing.
Leveraging "Showing Up"
By being present at the above activities, Garnette was invited to appear on NBC4 to promote Do More 24. 
Offline Strategy
To encourage donations, ICCPGC held events the day of Do More 24. They boosted morning giving by starting with a senior breakfast and fortified a strong  finish with an evening happy hour.
Timing for Prizes 
The offline events were strategically timed to take advantage of prize money awarded by Do More 24. This enabled the organization to add an additional $4000 to their coffer

This year, Do More 24 will be held June 2 and organizations must register by May 23, 2016 to participate. Go to Do More 24 website to register and download their toolkit.
For additional guidance, contact Nonprofit PGC's Board Member Cheryl Garnette.  

Children's Mental Health Matters: May 1 - 7, 2016

This week marks Children's Mental Health Matters, a weeklong campaign to raise awareness on importance of the mental health of children. We are proud to announce that Prince George's is the largest partner for this state-wide initiative which includes support from schools, mental health professionals and nonprofits.

Participating community partners this year include: Nonprofit Prince George's County, Bowie Youth and Family Services, College Park Youth and Family Services, Community Crisis Services, The Foundation Schools, Community Counseling and Mentoring Services, In-Reach, Prince George's Child Resource Center and Maryland Family Resource, the Prince George's County Department of Family Services and Health Department.

Visit the website for more information.  
Nonprofit Notes
Winners to Conference
NONPROFIT PGC  was able to send four people to Center for Nonprofit Advancement's (CNA) 2016 National Nonprofit Leadership Conference thanks to the generosity of the conference sponsors.

One winner of the free tickets, Peter VanHouten, Director of Operations for CALMRA, Inc.,  learned valuable information on vital nonprofit issues such as infrastructure, IT and managing virtual employees. Congrats to the other winners:
Girls Speak, Inc., Community Crisis Services, Inc. and the Community Services Foundation, Inc.

Services 24/7 
The best resource for nonprofit resources and volunteer opportunities is Services 24/7 , a database created by Nonprofit Prince George's County and The University of Maryland -Leadership & Community Service-Learning Program. The database identifies services provided by a wide variety of nonprofits and has volunteer opportunities for students, seniors and county residents.
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