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IACPR: In-depth with senior leaders. Nike, IBM, Ernst &Young, RIM, Wyndham Worldwide

How have top companies continued to recruit the talent they need around the world throughout the economic downturn? What are the stumbling blocks to finding and keeping executives in far flung locations? What are the short-term tactics and longer term strategies to make sure an organization has the global leadership needed to stay on top? What advantages can be realized with a globally diverse workforce? These are some of the topics we approached with the senior leaders we interviewed at the International Association for Corporate and Professional Recruitment Global conference in Philadelphia.

Our podcasts from the IACPR Global Conference are sponsored by Riviera Advisors, a premier global human resources consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations develop stronger internal recruiting and staffing capabilities.

"Here's the thing, IACPR is truly a unique organization. It's about 50% corporate HR and staffing leaders who are focused on senior level executive recruiting, so those are in-house people and then the other half or 50% of them are basically retained executive search professionals, so that's why it's unique." Jeremy Eskenazi

Listen to Jeremy Eskenazi, Managing Principal of Riviera Advisors, discuss this year's IACPR Global Conference.

The Real World Challenges of Global Recruitment at Wyndham Worldwide
Rick Badgley, Wyndham Worldwide
Rick Badgley

New in the Inside Recruiting Channel

Rick Badgley is Senior Vice President of selection, staffing & University Relations at Wyndham Worldwide. He has global responsibility for how the company attracts and hires external talent, selects and promotes internal talent, and all University Relations initiatives. He is also responsible for establishing the direction of the company's career messaging and diversity recruitment.

"We're really asking and demanding for transparency. One of the things that in developing these relationships with our search firms is we need a select group that knows how to tell our story... which LinkedIn doesn't do, that cultural fit, that EQ, that emotional intelligence, all those things that can't be measured by a website. We need a search partner and we need somebody out there kind of measuring what that 'fit' is for the Wyndham organization." -- Rick Badgley

You can download the complete transcript from this compelling interview with the Rick Badgley on his feature page.

Creating a Global Mindset: A High-Performance People Culture Through Diversity

Nancy Altobello, Ernst & Young Americas Vice Chair of People
Nancy Altobello
New! In the Inside Recruiting Channel

Nancy Altobello is Americas Vice Chair of People, Ernst & Young LLP

"Diversity is here no matter how you define it, no matter how you look at it and those who can harness it and really get the talents to work together, the success is just going to be off the chart." Nancy Altobello

New! You'll find a complete transcript of our podcast with Nancy Altobello on her feature page.

At Research In Motion, Recruiting is All About Innovation
Rodney Moses, VP Talent Acquisition at RIM
Rodney Moses

Inside Recruiting Channel Podcast

Rodney Moses, is Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition at RIM (BlackBerry). Rod has provided talent acquisition leadership, vision and innovation to some of the world's largest and most visible companies for over 20 years. He is currently responsible for re-engineering the structure of the RIM team, bringing a new philosophy of focus on candidate care and streamlining processes to support the rapid and recent growth of the business.

..."We're just constantly converging technologies and same thing has to happen with people. You have to look at critical skills and key capabilities and some of these personality traits around leadership skills... Some of the new technology in our new products that we're rolling out, you're not going to have people to have that kind of experience, so you look for someone that has 75% of those key capabilities whether it's engineering skills or the development skills but they're not going to be specific into the product or market necessarily that you're in right now because either that talent doesn't exist, or there's a very small labor market supply of those folks... and you have to create your own supply."

New! You'll find a complete transcript from Rod's 29 minute podcast interview on his feature page.
Recruiting the Top One Percent for Nike. Lance Abisror, Executive Talent Scout, Changes the Game
Lance Abisror, Executive Talent Scout, Nike
Lance Abisror

New! In the Inside Recruiting Channel.

"I think one of the great 'aha' moments that I had was today is the first day of the conference and I hear many of my peers and folks that are in organizations that I respect, other global multinational tier one organizations, talking about the same challenges and difficulties that we face as an organization at Nike; whether that's retention of great talent, whether it's recruiting in emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India, and China. And sometimes we pull our hair out internally thinking how are we going to do this or why haven't we thought of this yet? You know what, there is no finish line. We're on a path and we keep trying to get better, we keep trying to bring in great talent. We're growing as an organization. All companies are facing the same challenges. So I think that is one great takeaway is, you know what, I talked to great folks from Pepsi, from the Hershey Company, from American Express, and I heard them speak on panels and they have the same challenges that we have." Lance Abisror

You can download the complete transcript of our 25 minute interview with Lance on his feature page.
Talent in a Changing World: Developing Future Leaders is the Number 1 Issue Across the World.

Hemant Minocha is Global Leader for HR Strategy and Transformation, Human Capital Management Practice, IBM.
Hemant Minocha, Global Leader for HR Strategy and Transformation, IBM
Hemant Minocha

Companies everywhere, in all industries, are wrestling with the impact of the global economy, changing workforce demographics and increased competition. Which critical workforce challenges are companies facing today? How are they handling them? What can your organization expect three years from now?

"The challenge is how do you rapidly acquire, develop, deploy talent when you're going both ways. The American-European companies are entering nontraditional markets for them and the Chinese-Indian companies are entering nontraditional markets for them. There's a cross exchange that needs to take place and therefore, lies the question of how best are we going to develop and deploy talent across many different spectrums? You don't have to be a global company to be impacted by the trend of globalization. You could be a domestic US corporation where your competitive position is now being dictated in part by others who are global." Hemant Minocha.

Stay tuned... Our exclusive Podcast interview with Hemant will air soon!

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