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April 11, 2018
New Milestone! 400th Peer-Reviewed Published Study Highlights PAM® as a Key Variable and Value-Based Outcome Measure

Nearly two decad es of third-party research has demonstrated how the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®pinpoints individuals at risk for adverse health outcomes and excess utilization. 

This mounting base of evidence continues to indicate that patient activation is a key driver of health outcomes, costs, and patient experiences.  

Explore our comprehensive bibliography of over 400 published research studies.  Search by title, author, keyword or publication.
Higher PAM Level Indicates Fewer GP and A&E Visits for NHS Patients With One or More Chronic Conditions
Key findings from a study published by The Health Foundation show PAM Level is a key predictor of general practitioner visits and emergency care utilization for NHS patients with one or more chronic conditions. 

Check out The Health Foundation's video presentation highlighting PAM results.
CaseTrakker Adds PAM to Its Care Management Solutions to Streamline Care Coordination

CaseTrakker® Dynamo has incorporated PAM® directly into its care
management platform to help build and track personalized care plans that can increase activation and improve health outcomes.

Health plans, hospital systems and health service organizations using CaseTrakker software can now administer PAM to their members and receive a PAM score and level within seconds.  This capability provides case managers with seamless access to actionable information for generating tailored care plans that enhance condition management strategies for their members.
Pharmacy Care Plans Supporting Patients with Long-Term Conditions Could Reduce Healthcare Costs up to 21%
In partnership with researchers at the University of East Anglia, 38 community pharmacies in West Yorkshire took part in a study in which pharmacists devised personalized care plans for 378 patients over age 50 with at lea st one cardiovascular disease or diabetes. 

Pharmacy teams used patient activation - as measured by PAM - as well as goal setting and therapy management to encourage patients to manage their long-term conditions. 

Results showed that moving patients from the lowest to highest level of activation can reduce healthcare costs by up to 21%, with a cost-effectiveness of £8,495 ($12,050) per year.
Leverage Activation Scores and Levels in Your Organization by Unleashing the Predictive Power of PAM!
Numerous research studies and client applications demonstrate how PAM can be used to:
          • Improve risk identification and resource allocation
          • Tailor support and education to activation levels
          • Measure program impact pre- & post-PAM 
Check out the predictive power relationship between PAM scores, activation levels and future health outcomes and costs.
PharmOutcomes Integrates PAM® to improve continuity of care for community pharmacies
Community pharmacies and healthcare providers across England can now access PAM to tailor patient support and achieve better outcomes.

PharmOutcomes' secure, web-based service management solution allows authorized providers to capture and share a patient's PAM score and level to evaluate the impact of care programs on reducing utilization and improving medication adherence  over time .
Find out how your organization can improve care and reduce costs!

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