2017 ServSafe Training
The exam has become increasingly harder over the past few years.  
Register early to ensure adequate time to review the course book. 

February 26th - Hyannis - Private class

May - Hyannis - tbd

Provincetown date & location tbd - stay tuned (or contact me to receive this info - solutions8535@gmail.com).

The month of May is being dedicated to Employee Training
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The Cape and Plymouth Business magazine ran a wonderful article on life in the restaurant world.  I am happy to say a few past participants were interviewed and provided some insight to success in this crazy business.  Congratulations to Scargo CafeJolly Bean Cafe  and the Cape Sea Grille  for your contributions.    

Recalls some recalls amaze me

The short of the story: 204 pounds of consumer ready chicken salad products with a "Sell By" date of 1/24/2017 are recalled because of misbranding. They  actually contain egg salad.  

Inspections - love them or  hate them, our Inspectors have a hard job.

Think about this: 
Food code recommendations change every 4 years.
* Each state adopts what they want and this can vary from State to State.  Regulations can also vary from town to town creating a concerns for businesses with multiple locations. 

The solution: Strive to meet the strictest food safety recommendations available.   Inspections let you know you are meeting the minimum not the maximum - you should always strive to exceed.   

* Be prepared for your inspection -  9 tips to help you prepare.  
Staff meetings are essential to ensure everyone is on the same page.  
* What to do when an inspector arrives ... read more
Drink Garnishes 

Make sure you're handling your drink garnishes corre ctly 
                                                 ... read more

     * Prepare on CLEAN and sanitized approved food contact surfaces

     * Refrigerate

     * Safely store at the bar - away from customers (dirty hands)

      * Bartender hand hygiene      ... read more


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