January 10, 2023

Happy New Year My Friends,

I guess the big question to ask yourself is...Are you experiencing the life you want to be living here on this planet? I believe you have a choice, no matter your current situation. I know sometimes that seems impossible because of the circumstances of your life, but it is true. The point is...whatever situation you are caught in, you can choose to see it in a whole new way. That's the choice you get to make, and it is the choice that will bring you peace.

We can forever let old stories and a troubled early life limit our ability to love and be loved. You can spend your life living in the past and limiting the possibilities of a happy future or you can decide to change your inner dialogue. Since we are beginning a beautiful new year, this might be the time when you decide you are willing to change it up and set yourself free.

You might sit quietly and do a life review. "Is what I'm feeling here based on an old belief system? Is an old story being repeated over and over again? What is truly triggering my discomfort with this person or with this situation? Is there something to fear here or am I just replaying an old tape? Or perhaps...how is my negativity serving me? What is the payoff?

Just know this, you are loved beyond measure. The presence of God, Love Intelligence, Divine Spirit, or whatever you choose to call it, is forever in your corner, loving you, sustaining you, supporting you, providing everything you need. We are here to discover our true selves...who we were at the moment we entered our bodies as babies when we were so beautiful, innocent, loving, trusting, sweet and free. You are that!

In peace and love always,

Rev. Karen