January 15, 2024

Greetings Beloveds,

Someone asked me recently, "Who is the love of your life?" I think the person expected me to say it was my partner Danny. That's not what I said. I said, "I am the love of my life."

The love I'm talking about transcends our experience of human partnership on the planet yet at the same time, enhances every relationship we have. The love I'm talking about is the essence of our very being. It transcends petty grievances and feelings of separation. It is deep and abiding and calls us to a deeper standard of existence. It calls us to see with different eyes, to forgive and release all judgment. It calls us to be truthful; yet considerate and loving. We become our own object of love but it is not about our ego.

There is a desire within to find the common ground with everyone everywhere and to realize we are, at some level, the same. It calls us to a higher standard of being in the world. It's not someone else's job to understand; it is our job to recognize where we feel separation and to make peace with what is.

Living and loving on this planet is an inside job. There is no special formula on the outside we can lean into. There are a million different people, attitudes and events that can upset our psyche if we are not vigilant. We love to blame and judge other people and situations. In the end, though, everything is about us--our ability to live from the highest and best within us and to call ourselves on the times when we want to blame something on the outside of our being for our unhappiness or discontent. The love of God within us is powerful and resilient. Miracles happen all around us when we are truly awake and conscious in our living. From that heightened consciousness, we move energetically with Spirit and opportunities and doors open to us that we could never have imagined.

We are not meant to play small in this world. We are meant to radiate the spiritual qualities of peace and love everywhere and all the time. Soon enough, we become masterful at knowing when we are spiritually off course. Stop looking for answers outside of yourself. Everything we need is already within us. Trust what you've been given.

In peace and love always,

Rev. Karen