March 7, 2022

Greetings Family,

So much is happening on the planet right now, much of which is very upsetting. As I watch the evening news, I am provided with lots of prayer work. What is happening for me and apparently so many others is that my heart is filling with unbelievable compassion. It is coming from the deepest part of me. This compassion seems to be awakened now in human beings in every corner of the world. As we watch what is unfolding in the Ukraine, we are getting to see first hand the pain of war, the pain of separation.

I focus on this awakening of compassion, which seems to be showing up everywhere, no matter the nationality. We never know why anything happens the way it does. We never know the good that comes out of events that on the surface seem to be humanly so wrong. I discover that no matter the situation, my job is always to find the place of healing within myself that allows me to see the blessing in what appears to be catastrophe. In that way, I become a contributing force for good, not just for myself, but also for the whole human family.

Healings happen in the light of love and compassion. It is that compassion that brings us peace individually and unites us all over the world as one people, inseparable one from another. And so, as I watch the news, as the events of the day unfold before me, I remember the essence of me, that part of me that can find a greater truth no matter the situation, and the peace and compassion within me for all humanity magnifies.

Remember this, you are the light and love that so many of us need during this time of great transition on the planet. You are the promise of a great tomorrow!

In peace and love, Rev. Karen