The Official Newsletter of Christian Women Affiliate
Newsletter #8
May 1st, 2014
A Note From Heather:

I love our community and take pleasure watching connections forming within it. However, as I look around, I am beginning to see a danger we all must be aware of. It's the comparison game, the "I'm not enough syndrome". It's a horrible lie that, if successful, keeps us isolated and degraded from our call. 


For some reason, women are especially vulnerable to this lie. We crave approval. We want to fit in. 


CWA is not about competition or ego. It's  a community of Christian Women  who strive to inspire each other. That means you have something to offer, something valuable to give. We want to learn from you.   


Come find your place and grow with us!



Heather Randall


Keep reading this newsletter for all the goings on within CWA's extraordinary platform. 

9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom


Is it really possible to take down the super- mom facade long enough to transform the hidden places of our own hearts? 


Yes! But only with God's help. 



  • Discover how to overcome unresolved issues in your own life so that you will become a better parent
  • Find peace with your imperfections and find peace for your mistakes
  • Increase your confidence in God's Power to heal your own hidden habits
  • Identify hidden triggers that cause you to walk in the flesh rather than the spirit
  • Respond to daily irritations of parenting without regret
  • Gain deep joy and satisfaction as you intentionally embody the fruit of the Holy Spirit in how you parent.


Reviews of Sue's book, 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom, will be posted by members of The CWA Review Crew. You can  read their reviews here.


You can also listen to Sue's recent interview on Touch A Heart here.


Join the CWA Review Crew and find this and other great items available for review. Are you an author or creator? Submit your book, product, app or resource for review.

Who Are You Looking At? 


I work with talented women, every single day. I connect with authors who craft sentences in their sleep. At least, that's what I imagine. They make it look effortless and, I won't lie, sometimes I find myself feeling a bit small. 


Occasionally I think about the counselors and life coaches I serve through CWA and I shake my head at myself. Why don't I have it all together? Why can't I be so composed? I randomly shame myself. I bury my strengths and abilities under a thundercloud of self-degradation. 


Don't lie, you probably do it too. We don't mean to tear ourselves down. 


We don't wake up thinking today I'm going to compare myself to an impossible extreme just to make myself completely insane trying to match it. Nobody in their right mind would think that way. 


Exactly! When we are feeding our minds with lies of comparison, we  are not in our right mind. We are not operating with a mind of Christ. 


A mind unified with Him doesn't just take note of our positive attributes and budding potential, it builds hope around it. A Christ-like mind embraces the good in us with a fierce resolve, determined to build upon it and glorify God with every skill we were designed to use. 


I was not designed to do everything the amazing women I work with do. I was designed to support them as they do it. 


This is my calling. What's yours?


Don't look around when you answer that. Get quiet. Be alone. Look only to your Creator and ask boldly "What do you have for me?"

Who Is Looking At You? 

I began the previous section by asking you who you are looking at, but I'm going to end by asking who is looking at you? 


For me, it's my four crazy munchkins who watch mommy juggle some pretty hard things at times. They have witnessed me falter with my self-image and worth. They've also stood by as I've dusted myself off and stepped forward confidently onto the path God designed for me. You know what? I believe, with every part of me, that they are learning; learning from my unique example.


Who is learning from you?


Check out this poem from my oldest daughter, Chloe. I think she captures this theme in her own unique way.:


Be Free


You are rich with life and love. Don't stop laughing.

Darling, don't.

You are sick with death and hate. Please stop crying.

Oh darling, please.

Please, darling. Please, my heart is dying.

Please, darling. Please, your soul needs to go dancing;

Leaping and jumping. Don't worry at all.

Let your soul  out free. Be free. Be free.

Let out a laugh or a hee hee hee.

Be free. Guard when you need to, but free. Be free.



You are rich with life and love. Don't stop laughing.

I won't stop it. 

You are full of life and love. Don't stop living.

I won't stop it.

Thank you. Thank you. My heart is jumping.

Oh darling. Oh darling, our souls are dancing;

Leaping and jumping. Don't worry at all. 

Let our souls free. Be free. Be free.

Let us laugh as loud as a trumpet.

I will be free, always. Be free. Be free.



Got it ladies? You are free to be you. Permission was granted by an almighty God. When you relax and embrace your authentic role, your soul will dance! Believe it. 


For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10


This month is about authenticity. You were designed with a purpose and mission that only you can fill. Step into it. Don't hide. Don't shortchange yourself and those around you by copying another. You're an original work of art created by skilled hands that love you completely. 

Your Friend,

 Heather Randall
 Christian Women Affiliate LLC
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