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Newsletter #5
December 15th 2013
A Note From Heather:

The holidays are on our heels. For this reason, I am truly thankful that you chose to take a moment out of your busy life to look over this newsletter. 


I pray that this edition of Inspiration Information touches you and that you feel the presence of a mighty God moving in your life this month.


 Keep reading! In January we will return to our regular newsletter format. 


Be blessed!

A Thin Film of Lies
My theme this month is photography so I thought it was a great time to share with you about C. S. Lakin's A Thin Film of Lies.  


If you pick up this book your life will be in a paused state until you reach the last page. It's just that good.
Lakin has the incredible gift of description. From the introduction I was hooked, simply by her language and the vivid images they evoked. 
A Thin Film of Lies reads almost like a film script. Camera angles, intrigue, suspense. You get so much detail from the author that you actually believe you know what's going on, but you don't.
The reader becomes like the character, Alisa, evaluating the evidence and putting pieces together. 
Alisa is a woman who has just learned of her husband Mike's infidelity via the ominous envelope filling her mail box. Oh, and if she had any doubts of its authenticity, there were pictures and love letters in her husband's handwriting. Can you feel the tension? It seems pretty cut and dry.  However,  it was far from simple. The day the letter arrives, the illicit "lover" is discovered dead, possibly victim of a hit and run.
Now two detectives are on the case, but ultimately, it's Alisa whose heart is on the line  (in more ways then she can even understand).
A Thin Film of Lies is a fantastic book! 
In all the reading I do I certainly give plenty of positive reviews, but seriously, this goes beyond a good book. 
thoroughly recommend snagging a copy. You can purchase it online at Amazon.
You can also try before you buy: Sample Chapter PDF.


Reviews of C.S. Lakins's book, A Thin Film of Lies, have been posted by members of The CWA Review Crew. You can read their reviews here.


You can also follow her at .


Join the CWA Review Crew and find this and other great items available for review. Are you an author or creator? Submit your book, product, app or resource for review.

Mary's Scrapbook: A Poem by Heather Randall


If Mary kept a scrapbook what would her pictures portray?

It's a simple day dream that sweeps me away.

If cameras existed then what might we see,

of the child who was born to provide us a way?


If we could place a camera into Mary's hands,

pictures would show us of faraway lands.

We'd see our Master's expressions, His gentleness and love

and capture in images His heartfelt commands.


It may be a silly thought,

But indulge it, we ought.

For a moment let's pretend.

What would she capture if each moment was caught?


She'd open her book with pride,

as her heart bubbles up inside.

He's her reason for living,

and a message she cannot hide.


She can't help but recall,

her first look at the infant in a Bethlehem stall.

His eyes were exquisite and so filled with life,

and she stared at the baby so tender and small.


Pages 1-5 are of His birth when he was laid in hay,

and cover until a few years past when she thought He'd run away.

The fear was overwhelming and the search seemed so very long.

A simple prayer was all she could pray.


Just to find the boy safe and sound,

speaking in the temple to a riveted crowd.

Capturing the attention of young and old,

He was a beautiful teacher, a miraculous sound.


Then the pages start to glow.

The following pages she can't wait to show.

A man's sight is restored.

Water turned to wine and begins to flow.


He feeds fish and loaves to five thousand.

Their bodies then strengthened.

Provision supplied to every last one.

Each listener leaving with eyes newly widened.


In a storm He walked on water,

as the waves grew gentler.

Nothing was impossible for this very fine man.

The memory of Him would never escape her.


The camera wouldn't come to the hill at Calvary.

It was an image so horrible no mother should see.

His body was bleeding and broken.

She looked away as he died on that tree.


The book doesn't end as He died for us all.

For in the following page the crowd He'd enthrall.

Risen and returning into the sky,

Hell and the grave conquered in a glorious brawl.


Then the book begins to grow,

with millions of pages left to show.

Pages that Mary would never see filled.

Of you and I, and others we know.


Such people were blessed by the love of her son.

They followed His teachings and called Him "the One".

Prophesy was fulfilled as our path He restored.

Such a beautiful victory our Savior had won.


If you think it ends there,

There is still more this dreamer can share.

Imagine empty pages crisp and white,

for future believers won through our prayer.


The book still waits for a future delight,

when a trumpet roars and the world's made right.

When the clouds burst open,

and our King is in sight.


Then a picture will mean nothing for we won't look away.

His love is a story, a picture, a ballet.

We'll bow down in worship with no thought to rise.

As we seek Him and find Him so vivid that day.

Picture Perfect by Heather Randall

Perfection is something I struggle with. I want my life to be flawless. I hold myself to high standards that usually can't be obtained and then, when I fail to meet my expectations, frustration sets in and shakes me around. I require good plain scripture to soak in and knock me to my senses before I'm beat up by my own flawed agenda.


I have been pretty open about my struggle with perfection on our facebook page and in the CWA community. I try to be as vulnerable as possible because, in my own life, I have learned so much from women who are truly genuine. I pray that in some small way others might learn from me as well.


Maybe perfection is something you struggle with too. 


James 1:4 gives us the key to perfection and it's not an easy key to hold. It reads "But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."


To be perfect you have to be patient. 


Perfection doesn't come over night. It takes work. It requires a steadfast commitment. 


You must strive fiercely, putting your whole self into it. 


Here's the thing, perfection can never be achieved apart from God. If God isn't in it, all of your striving and tenacity is in vain. John 15:5 tells us that apart from Him we can do nothing. So why do we try?


Do you want your home, business, family, church, friendships to operate with the ease of perfection? Then keep God in the mix. Ask for Him to take the reins and invite Him to lead you rather than the other way around. 


If your life isn't picture perfect, get with Him. Don't wait. Ask Him to help you where you're lacking. He will show up.



This month is already shaping up to be a little crazy. Holidays and hospitality are a growing priority. You know what? I'm determining right now to be proactive, to seek out those quiet moments when my Heavenly Father whispers to me and sets my dreams in motion. Let's commit ourselves this month to battle the busyness and stay open to His inspiration.

Watching God Work,

 Heather Randall
 Christian Women Affiliate LLC
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