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Newsletter #7
March 14th, 2014
A Note From Heather:

God is always up to something, whether it's pushing the snow aside for a glimpse of spring or pushing you out of your comfort zone. 


He has a plan, accept it. 


Trust what He's doing and step out in faith. 


Remember, you have a community of Christian Women ready and willing to hold you up in prayer, network with you for success and encourage you to follow His lead.  


Lean on us and grow!



Heather Randall


Keep reading this newsletter for all the goings on within CWA's extraordinary platform. 

Esther, Queen of Persia

Have you ever really considered what it would be like to be in Esther's shoes? 


I really thought I had given this question consideration. Esther is one of my favorite books of the Bible. I've read and studied the book of Esther alone, and with the help of various authors through a number of Bible studies over the years. I really thought I "knew" her.


Esther, Queen of Persia is a historical fiction novel by Jim Baumgardner. The book is currently up for Book of the Year and has already been named a finalist in the Adult Religious Fiction category. 


This book will give you a glimpse into the behind the scenes mind struggle of a young girl's growth from innocent questioning to positive, fearless knowing.


Through rich characterization and interesting historical facts the framework of a fictional story based on Biblical text comes to life. You'll feel the emotions and concerns of a very brave girl and close the book believing that you just might understand her in a fresh way.


Reviews of Jim Baumgardner's book, Esther, Queen of Persia, will be posted by members of The CWA Review Crew. You can  read their reviews here.


Join the CWA Review Crew and find this and other great items available for review. Are you an author or creator? Submit your book, product, app or resource for review.

Behind The Scenes Of The CWA Radio Network 


When a new host applies and is approved, I set everything up for her.  She is added to our private group for the CWA Radio Network. I give her access to training, schedule her test shows, set up her recurring episode times, record her intros and archive her episodes after they've aired. 


I used to think this was a lot of work, 

then I began doing what they do. 


On March 7th I launched my own show on the network, A Musing. It's really not as easy as they make it look and God is with them in it every step of the way.


Going through the process myself has exposed me to a lot of the behind the scenes work and prayer that goes into being a host. 


These ladies are incredible! 


They begin planning their episodes months in advance. They practice and prepare to give you the best possible experience. 


They do their homework, from digging into God's word to surfing the web to find the neatest facts about their guests. They know their stuff and convey it with confidence.


They pray. They pray for technology to go smoothly, for the right ears to be listening and for the message God wants conveyed that day to come through loud and clear. They pray for the opportunity to make a difference and every week they do just that. 


These ladies inspire me. I bet they inspire you as well. 



Visit the CWA Radio Network to listen live or call in to chat with the host. Did you miss a show? Catch up on the archives page. Do you have a message to share?  Apply to host.

New Growth by Heather Randall

It's hard to recognize what God is doing sometimes. 


Our eyes get stuck on the problems. There may still be snow to shovel, work to do, and the cold seems endless. 


In desperation, we turn our wind-chapped faces toward the heavens wondering when this season (whether literal or figurative) will pass.  Will it ever?


Just as we are about to shift our eyes back to the problem, we see something poking through the once bare branch of a nearby tree. We discover life in bloom. Change is coming. New growth is popping through. Nothing can stop it. 


This is where we are. Standing on the precipice of a new start. 


We can choose to keep staring at the problems embracing an endless winter of separation from Him or we can sing a song of praise by choosing Him and beginning to bloom in spite of our circumstances or surroundings. 


What will you choose? 


For behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.

Song of Solomon 2:11-12


This month is about willingness. We each have the freedom to choose a new course. We get to choose what we will feel as the seasons change and God begins to do something fresh in us. I pray that we will be pliable, bending solely to the Creator's will for us. I ask for His unwavering peace as we start over and choose with willing hearts to grow.

Watching God Work,

 Heather Randall
 Christian Women Affiliate LLC
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