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Sentimental jewelry made of crochet lace, flowers, porcelain roses and buttons always makes conversation.

And so many who see it, want to do it, too!

I was at Instagram last Monday talking about the first brooch I ever made. I showed you a photo in the last newsletter, too.

It was kind of sad....but it showed effort.

I sat and looked at it for a long time, and then....

The wheels started to turn....and the brooch in the photo above was the result!

I had so much fun putting it together that we made a video to show you how to get started. I didn't get it completely done in the video, but the finished piece is in the photo just above. You can click on it for a link to my Instagram, too.

Click Here for B'sue Boutiques at Instagram

Below is the video on the process, posted at YouTube:

Inspiration from old lace

If you'd like to try and make a lace brooch like mine--but aren't sure you have just the right stuff, I can help.

I'm pulling together several small kits to make it easy for you to just sit and play. All you will need is a bit of cardboard and your mini glue gun!

Contact me DIRECTLY if you would like that kit. Cost is 35.00 and that will include the shipping, too. (It will not be listed at the website, for now!)


MORE FUN in the kitchen with B'sue

last Wednesday.

I worked with my bone beads and we talked about the things I made.

Here's the video....it's archived at YouTube so you're never late. Watch when you have time!

dyeing bone beads to make jewelry

The orange color is more like hot red....and the turquoise beads are my faves.

Dara DiMagno loved to play in her bone beads, too. The denim blue ones are my faves...and you make them using butterfly pea tea.

NEXT VIDEO is this WEDNESDAY at 2pm.

I hope you will join us to find out what it's about!


What a beautiful cuff bracelet Debra Long of Fairy Unique Jewelry made this last week.

Click on the photo to find the cat cameo....it's a favorite of many!

Dara DiMagno's storytelling composition this week is stellar!

I think everything but the photo came from B'sue Boutiques.

Darci Brown got busy with a winning combination: bezels from B'sue Boutiques, buttons and cameos!

Click on the photo to find our large selection of bezels.

Arrived a couple of days ago:

Mixed lots of colorful acrylic leaves. You can jazz them up even more with Solar Paste or Perfect Pearls!

Click on the photo to find them fast!

Just below this picture is a photo of our new ROSE RED bead mix. It's a combination of glossy red and matte red beads....lots of acrylic flowers in there, too.

Limited edition on that one, so don't miss out.

Click on the ROSE RED photo to go to the B'sue website listing.

B'sue Boutiques carries everything you need to make great handmade designer jewelry, too---especially in the unique collage style. Come shop with us and BRING YOUR COUPONS!

Need some new ideas? Lots of new ones at the link below:

Click HERE and Find Our 522 Video Classes and Demos at YouTube!


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How about this cool lot of vintage Italian lucite, hand-wrapped focals and dyed jade?

Click on the photo below to find it fast. If it's sold already, look around a bit, there are several other lots!

Visit The B'sue Boutiques Etsy Shop!

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Charm bracelets are great fun ANY TIME.

Jann Tague from Clever Designs just finished this one, today. Most of the baubles on it are from B'sue Boutiques, too!

I love the novelty of the key closure!


Check us out on Instagram on Monday afternoon to see what else I have to share---and participate in the conversation. We'll be on at about 4pm EST.

B'sue Boutiques at Instagram




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