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1st Edition
Welcome to the first edition of the Inspire Madison Region Education Partner eNews. 
Every other month we will be connecting with you, our education partners who are on the front lines of inspiring tomorrow's workforce - your students -  by the work you do to connect their education to careers. 
In our first pilot year of this initiative, we brought on 14 school districts from across the Madison Region.  Supporting the students in those districts were over 100 businesses.  Over the next year, we anticipate growing our list of participating school districts to 40 and our participating businesses to over 250.
Of course, none of these numbers mean anything unless there are active, experiential learning connections between students, educators, and businesses in our region.  To that end, in each edition of these eNews, you will find tips and other information on how you can become more engaged as an educator through the options that Inspire provides.  Should you have any questions or require assistance, I encourage you to reach out to Adrian Crabb, our Talent & Education Specialist for this initiative.  You can reach Adrian at or call 608-345-8378.
Thank you for playing your part in building the future workforce, and economy, of the Madison Region.
Gene P. Dalhoff, Vice President - Talent and Education
Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP)
Gearing Up for 2016-17!

As the 2016-17 school year approaches, take a look at the progress we've made building Inspire Madison Region over the summer months, and read about the successes we're building on from last year.
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We want all educators with access to Inspire Madison Region to know what this business-education network offers. If you're new to Inspire, here's a basic overview:   

Inspire Madison Region  (currently available in Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Green, Iowa, Jefferson and Sauk Counties) helps educators and their students easily find local employers and career coaches willing to connect with them to help build our future workforce. Educators and students in participating schools can access Inspire through an additional tab in Career Cruising.
Through Inspire's features, you can find and request Experiential Learning Activities (ELAs) such as teacher externships, job shadows, guest speakers and youth apprenticeships offered by employers in our region. It is a resource for your students to learn about the careers available in the Madison Region and the employers who offer those careers.  Students can connect with locally or regionally-based online career coaches who answer their questions about various careers in a secure environment.

Learn the basics of Inspire Madison Region by clicking on the following article link:

IMPORTANT: New Shorter Process for Setting Up Experiential Learning Activities Through Inspire

The Experiential Learning Activity (ELA) process has gone from five steps to as few as two, encouraging educators to complete requests from within their Career Cruising Career Advisor Management System (CAMS) portals. By doing this, each confirmed ELA is recorded in the system. 

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Educator's Perspective

Editor's note: We want to give educators throughout the region a platform to share the ways they are using Inspire in their schools. The following is short Q&A with Stacy Gloede, College and Career Readiness Teacher at Deerfield High School. Stacy is a member of Deerfield's Academic & Career Planning Team and uses Inspire in her classroom.
Q. Stacy, tell us about your experience with Inspire Madison Region as an educator at Deerfield High School. How did you use Inspire during the 2015-16 school year and how did it benefit you and your students?

A. Deerfield High School had much success with Inspire last school year. Students in the required College and Career Readiness Course were expected to complete a 4 hour job shadow in a career of choice. Inspire allowed for this to be done quite smoothly and efficiently. I was pleased with the ease of requesting job shadows and the quick responses and immediate feedback from employers. Students were able to explore a variety of careers!! Also, last year our district conducted a career day and I was able to contact and set up many guest speakers using Inspire. I was very impressed with the program and look forward to seeing more and more local businesses and career opportunities added to the resource list!!
Career Coach Message Board Highlight: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Student Question: What does a typical day entitle for a sonographer?

Career Coach Answer: Hi Nichole, 

A typical day for a medical sonographer is usually that you are given a list of patients who are scheduled for you. Usually, depending on what kind of exams you are doing, you will be performing between 8 and 10 sonography examinations in a typical day. Each examination may take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes. You would be responsible for making the patient comfortable, explaining the examination to the patient, making sure you have a correct order and you know why the patient is there for the exam, taking a history on what kind of symptoms the patient is having and then performing the exam and giving a technical report to the physician that is reading the exam. Sometimes you could be responsible for giving your technical report and findings verbally to the doctor who is reading the exam. The doctor would then read the exam and be responsible for giving the results to the doctor who ordered the exam. Sometimes you may have to escort the patient to the emergency room or somewhere else in the health care facility for treatment or an additional procedure, if you find something that needs immediate attention. Many sonographers take call or work on the weekends, depending on where they work. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this information was helpful. 


Top 5 Currently Listed ELAs & Top 5 Requested ELAs 
From the 2015-16 Academic Year

Top 5 ELAs Currently Offered By Employers and other Providers
Top 5 ELAs Requested by Students and Educators (2015-16 Year)
Career Fairs (65)
Guest Speaker (56)
Company Tours (51)
Job Shadow (43)
Internship/Project Support (43)
Interviews (16)
Internship/Project Support (11)
Guest Speaker (10)
Job Shadow (9)
Summer/Part-time Job (4)

Click here to access the ELA continuum that outlines the names and definitions of the various ELAs employers can offer through Inspire.

 Educators make excellent Online Career Coaches. 
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