With A Hint Of Spring In The Air Let's Welcome In March

Who doesn’t dream of getting away in the winter? With mud season on the horizon and a good dose of it here now is the perfect excuse to head to someplace warm. However, if you’re like some of us that love the winter “regardless” there are great Vermont experiences just under the radar! Look at what we did since our last newsletter! 
This is what a small maple sugarhouse looks like – with eleven hundred trees tapped! Our neighbors (Glenn, Sr. & Glenn, Jr.) just up the road started boiling sap Tuesday morning before a five hour power interruption. 
First Taste of Maple Syrup This Season – It Was delicious!!
Just Outside the Sugarhouse is Glenn Sr.'s 1967 John Deere.
We began the season with 2.3 cords of wood... four months later we're down to under one cord. We're burning about 50 cubic feet each month! One cord burns over 20 million BTUs and, we've only consumed 1/3 of an oil tank!!
The "Goodrich Gristmill" one of the oldest buildings in Wells dates back to the 1780s... I'd love to go inside!
Just down the road from us is this tributary that runs into the Mettawee River… the water is the most amazing color green that the camera barely captures. 
Seldom that one finds vintage gas pumps like these appearing somewhat operational... Heading into Bennington on Route 7A. 
Chippy makes his first appearance... quite tentative at first, but finally transitioned from his borrow... Still though, it may not be "Chippy" ?!?!
The S harp-Shinned Hawk is the smallest hawk in North America. Why do birds perch on one leg? One leg is doing the holding, the other leg is resting or maybe staying warm tucked against its body.
Pileated woodpeckers are the largest of the common woodpeckers found in most of North America. With a height of almost 20 inches and a 30 inch wingspan makes it easy to spot! 
We like knowing that most of our food is locally sourced... our beef, pork and winter eggs comes from our wonderful neighbors behind us. The animals are lovingly cared for, well-fed and have wonderful pastures in which to graze.
It is virtually impossible to take an enticing pea soup photo.
Kay's Mushroom Pea Soup is absolutely delicious! A nice twist on this traditional New England winter soup.
You Don't Need More Vacation Days – You Just Need Better Ones!
Experience for yourself the beauty of Vermont and let your next adventure begin here!

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