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The Importance of Social-Emotional Learning
The Education Week article " Sorry, There's No Easy Toolkit for Social-Emotional Learning. But It's Worth the Work ," by Marc Brackett & Diana Divecha, begins with a surprising statistic and a question that is more complicated than many of us would like: "SEL has an $11 return on every $1 investment. So what are we waiting for?"
The article takes us on a research-based journey through the development of SEL, and challenges us to change the ways in which we approach social-emotional issues. Implementing teacher training in order to achieve certain state standards is one of the suggestions made in the article, which tells us, quite factually, that "quick fixes" don't work.

Click below to read the full article, and let us know if the topic of social-emotional learning would interest you if developed as an Eduspire course.
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Meet One of Our Master of Ed Tech Degree Recipients
We've followed up with some of the graduates of the MET program to learn what they liked about it and whether they'd recommend the program to colleagues. This is what Sydney MacDonald, a 7-12th grade choral music teacher from the Troy Area School District in Pennsylvania, had to say.

Q: Sydney, what have you enjoyed most about the MET program?
A: The wealth of new, engaging, and exciting information re-ignited my fire for educating with every course I took. The material was exciting and unlike a lot of education and professional development that I have had as a teacher. The instructors were all knowledgeable, engaging, and had experience in the classroom. They were understanding of our careers and positions and made every assignment applicable to each of our individual classrooms.

Q: How has the MET impacted your classroom instruction?
A: It has helped me to understand and keep up with this new age of education. Students are learning differently and technology is continually more present. My studies in the MET program helped me to learn how to best reach and connect with my students while helping them to navigate learning in today's educational society. The MET program also helped me to evaluate the tools I use in my classroom to ensure that no matter what the newest technology tool, I am using the tools that best help my students to achieve their learning goals.

Q: Has there been an instructor in the MET program who you found particularly outstanding (and why)?
A: I was very fortunate that my school district hosted summer course offerings that applied toward my degree. Kevin McGuire was the instructor for four of my required eight courses: iPads in Education , iPads in Education II (now called iPad Infused Classroom ), Effective Video Production , and Tech-Infused Classroom . He was knowledgeable, engaging, and personal. He geared his instruction to not only the course objectives, but how each student in the classroom could apply those objectives in diverse teaching situations. His assignments were fun and inspired creativity, problem-solving, and new device discovery. My colleagues and I always left his courses inspired to use our new tools and ideas in the classroom! I continue to ask my school district to bring Kevin back for PD and new summer course offerings!

Q: How has the MET program helped you to achieve your career goals?
A: A large part of what inspired me to pursue the MET was taking on leadership roles in my school district and teaching field. As a music educator, there is very little training for technology use in my classroom. Without that training, there are many educators that are nervous about how to incorporate new ideas, methods, and technology tools into the classroom. My involvement in the MET program has allowed me to take my skills and knowledge back to the educators in my home school district and area music teachers and assist them in taking the first steps to incorporating technology in a way that is comfortable for them. 

Q: Would you recommend the MET program to a colleague, and why?
A: I would absolutely recommend the MET program to a colleague! (And I have!) Especially to the teachers in my own school district, it is incredible to have the opportunity to take some courses in-person close to home and then take the online courses when it works for you! 

Q: What influenced you most to enroll in this MET program specifically?
A: As I was searching for a Masters program, my school district moved to a 1:1 iPad initiative and offered Eduspire's iPads in Education course during the summer as an option for those looking for guidance. This spurred me into investigating the MET program. When I saw the flexibility of scheduling courses and course selection, I was interested. The fact that I could complete some of these courses in weekly in-person at my home school district sealed the deal. 

Q: How do Eduspire courses compare with other PD courses you have taken?
A: The Eduspire courses were the first technology PD that I could apply to my subject area. All of my courses contained applicable skills, ideas, and teaching tools with assignments and projects that I could use immediately in my classroom. I wish all technology-related PD could be Eduspire!

Q: In a few words, how would you describe the MET program?
A: A flexible, applicable program for anyone who wants to best reach their students in today's educational society. 
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