April Newsletter - 3rd Week            April 20, 2017

Healing from the inside out 

Hello Everyone! 

Recently I scheduled a little retreat for myself at a resort in Arizona. As soon as I arrived I was transported into the land of healing. All of my spiritual, emotional and physical needs could be addressed. Healthy food, energy work and nice accommodations were at my fingertips. I had so many choices of activities, yoga, guided meditation, rock climbing and amazing spa options.
  Miraval offers something for everyone. A handful of guests visit to process grief. Others are on the quest to find their life purpose or just simply take a break from a demanding life. Yet there is an overall resounding theme of most guests. They are seeking healing from some pain in their life. I personally came for unscheduled time and inspiration. I wanted to explore different healing modalities... Plus I always meet amazing people at pivotal times in their lives when traveling to Miraval.
"We each process grief differently. We each move through hurt and illness differently." 

What struck me most on this stay was the variety of conscious shifting that was taking place. We all have different needs for healing and our ailments come in all different forms. We each treat our bodies and minds differently even with the simple cold. Occasionally we also need to care for our bodies during more serious Dis Ease ( disease). We each process grief differently. We each move through hurt and illness differently. We all have vastly different tools available to us. I know there is one type of healing that we can all benefit from. Healing from the inside out.

Let’s first explore how dis ease manifests in our life. I believe that many of our illness start on an energetic level. This means that it affects our energy body (energy surrounding our human body), much sooner than it does in our physical body. Our physical bodies are surrounded by and filled with Divine energy. We also have the ebb and flow of the energy that we attract. Each of us, also has our individual energy that we are born with. So we have a mixture of divine energy, personal energy (karma for this life) and the energy we attract by our thoughts and behaviors. The Karmic energy can bring various opportunities into our energy field.

Imagine a newborn baby born with this beautiful, light energy field. Divine energy is abundant and the karmic energy is there as well. At this stage the baby is learning how to interact with the world. For the most part living in the moment. As the older the baby grows, it has expectations and law of attraction begins to come into play. This baby learns that what it thinks about triggers behaviors that result in the desired outcome. All is good, there is a nice flow of energy between the baby and the universe. Just like the baby, we are constantly connected to the energy of the Universe. It flows to us, surrounds us and hopefully easily flows through us. This is the abundance of life. 

As our journey of life continues we can start acquiring blocks in our flow of energy. This can be in the form of disappointment, lack of self-care and being around people that are not treating us well. As these blocks in our energy field grow they decrease the flow of energy. The ability to live in the moment and welcome a life of abundance decreases. This negative energy that has taken residence in the person’s energy field is denser than the original vibrant energy. it’s heavier and can weigh your heart and mind down.. The longer it stays in your field, the deeper it takes root.. it will eventually begin to settle into the physical body. Up until this point the symptoms are found more in our mind. We might have recognized being emotionally tired, depressed and attracting unwanted things into our lives. It is also at this point that some people turn to self- medication or even co-dependent relationships. If drugs and alcohol are brought into the balance it is even more toxic.

As the dense energy settles into the body we start experiencing physical symptoms. We might experience weight changes, fatigue or aches and pains. It can trigger autoimmune disease and other serious issues. At a certain point many of us seek medical attention. This can be standard Western care or even non-traditional therapies. They all have a place in the process of healing. Some are more loving than others. For example having surgery can be very hard on your body, as is taking medication with harsh side effects. If you think about it we willingly do some pretty painful things in the name of good health.

If you are seeking a life of ease and abundance and good health.. How do you get rid of the murky unwanted energy stored up from every break up, negative self- talk and poor self -care?

First off clean up your environment. If you are intertwined with a job or relationship that is unkind to you, take steps to let them go. Your health is not worth sacrificing for a job. When you are living a life of abundance, the perfect job will come to you. Are you treating your body with love? Do you regularly eat healthy fruits and veggies? Are fruits and vegetables your staple? Are you sleeping enough? Do you enjoy fresh water and air? Are you enjoying physical activity? Do you get time outside in nature? Do you have a supportive community? These are all fundamental for good health.

The most important aspect of good health is regular prayer and meditation. This is healing from the inside out. Call in that beautiful Divine Energy into your body through prayer and meditation. The more you do this, the easier it is to let go of all the pains from the past, clearing your energy. See your -self as healed and perfect in every sense. Treat yourself like you are a miracle because you are. 

Ask God, the Universe and Angels to heal you and remove anything that is not for your highest good. Provide yourself with love and enjoy the abundance that flows to you and trough you. Live with gratitude for all the opportunities bestowed upon you in this life. Know that you are no less a miracle than anything else. As you dive deeper into this place of abundance and gratitude you will find your disease slipping farther and farther away. There will be no scars left from the dense energy. only gratitude for the lessons learned while discovering self- love. Let the healing begin.... 

Striving for compassion and wisdom…..  Always compassion first,

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