August 2020

The Waiting Game

I just cannot WAIT for things to be normal again! That sentiment, in all its variations, seems to be on continuous loop in so many of our conversations.
During these unusual times, I find many people waiting it out. Waiting patiently for the pandemic to be over. Waiting until there is certainty. Waiting until times are better. Waiting for the steady background hum of anxiety to fade.
As the pandemic and related economic upheaval drags on, I have started to notice a common theme in conversation. We are all so tired. So ready for it to be over and for life to resume. It is as if someone hit a cosmic “pause” button back in early March and we’ve been waiting for the “play” button to resume the activities of our lives.
Waiting. For some of us, waiting is an exercise of patience and surrender. There is peace in the waiting. A quiet acceptance and deep sense of calm. For others, waiting is a torturous place where our driving, “Type A” inner selves long for action, decisiveness, and bold steps forward. Admitting that there are some things (gasp!) that we have absolutely no control over can be an uncomfortable confession. Waiting seems to go against the grain of our capable, efficient nature.
Events & Occasions
August 26, 2020
It's A Tea Party....
Host Your Impact100 EqualiTEA

Special thanks to our partners S'well & Girl Scout Councils
September 22nd 3pm ET
Ramp Up Your Membership
Join special guests Lisa Warren, Kathryn Gillespie, Nicole Mugavero, Impact Palm Beach County who will inspire us with their membership efforts during their 10th anniversary year.
October 13th 3pm ET
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November 10th 3pm ET
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September 24, 2020

The Big 3 Impact Events
Join Wendy and special guest Allison Beers, Impact100 Traverse City virtually to talk about the Impact’s Big 3 Events: The Big Reveal, Meet the Finalists & Annual Awards. 
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News & Noteworthy
Meet Impact100 WA – A Ripple Effect
Last week Impact100 Western Australia made a big impact awarding $330,000 to nine different organizations. And, the impact didn’t stop there, as they say. 

After the presentations and member vote, more impact was on the way. First, a donor in the audience was so inspired by what they saw and heard; they personally gave an additional $10,000 to two of the three finalist organizations. Then, another donor stepped up to give $10,000 to another of the charities presenting on the night! 

After an evening of remarkable inspiration and generosity, Impact100 WA woke up the next day to learn that $7,500 more in donations would further benefit their grantee finalist organizations, and that four new computers would be heading to one of the charities to help with an urgent need to offer services online during COVID-19. Read More.

Impact100 Western Australia was founded in 2012 by a group of friends and colleagues in Perth and was the first international chapter of Impact100. Since it was founded the group has distributed $1.75 million with over $890,000 of additional donations made by members over and above the group’s annual grants. Today, there are eight Impact100 chapters in Australia and one in New Zealand. Impact100 Australia offers a gender-neutral cultural adaptation, to respect and include both male and female philanthropy. Impact100 Global Council recognizes and honors the unique cultural dynamics of our international communities and works to ensure that the truest spirit of the Impact100 Model remains the guiding principle. Meet Impact100WA
Impact100 DC
Meet Vivian Aguayo,
Founding Board
Impact100 East Bay
Listen to Alissa Friedman, CEO of Opportunity Junction, 2018 Impact Grant Recipient for a great update and thanks!
Impact100 Greater Indianapolis
Impact on Homelessness
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Meet our Rocket Fuel
Special thanks to the Morgridge Family Foundation and Carrie & John Morgridge for their extraordinary belief in women, giving & Impact100.
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Benefits and resources are made available to all Impact100 Chapters on behalf of the Impact100 Global Council. They are designed to support and develop Impact100 leaders and members.
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Benefits and resources are made available to all Impact100 Chapters on behalf of the Impact100 Global Council. They are designed to support and develop Impact100 leaders and members.
Stay tuned and well resourced at Impact100 Resources & Community Forum.
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