Caregiver Tips for May to Brighten Your Day!
Making Mom's Day Special this May
A mother's love is an irreplaceable and unbreakable bond. In this issue of the newsletter, we will cover tips to help you make her days brighter while caring for her changing needs due Alzheimer's or related dementias. Here is what is in store:
  • Introducing: The Chef's Table! A special meal each month that will showcase our culinary team's talents
  • Guide to a Happy You and Effective Caregiving
  • 7 Benefits of Sleep
  • Plus, some "punny" bits.
Read on.
May Activities are Blooming
Our communities have so much in store this month. We have a calendar chock-full of activities and special events. Check out what is on the schedule.

Jot Down These Dates:
  • May 2 - Chef's Table at 5:00 pm
  • May 21 - Caregiver Support Group at 4:00 pm
Welcome to the Chef's Table

In May, we are introducing a new event where we feature the culinary talents of our Food Services Team: The Chef's Table.

Each month we will feature a special dish and presentation from Duane Henderson and his team that will showcase their talents. 

Family members are welcome to join us for dinner* during the Chef's Table on May 2. The special menu will feature Chicken Cordon Bleu, Twice-Baked Potatoes, and Bacon-wrapped Asparagus. And to top it off, we'll be having Fudge Brownies Smothered with Vanilla Ice Cream. Yum!

*Guest Meal fees apply.
Caregiver Health: 
Essential to Effective Caregiving

A common trait among mothers is to care for everyone else before themselves. Perhaps this is one trait that we should not emulate as caregivers. 

Caregiving is not an easy job and can be more challenging if caregivers are not at their best. Research has shown the significant impact of caregiving on an individual's mental, emotional, and physical health. The best gift that you can give your loved one is a healthy, happy you.

Here are a few ways for caregivers to lessen stress in their lives and practice self-care.
  • Control Frustration - the Southern Caregiver Resource Center has a great fact sheet about managing your frustration levels.
We are strong advocates of caregiver meetings. These small groups help their members cope with the many challenges of caregiving and share resources and ideas. 

Whether it is at one of our communities, through Alzheimer's San Diego, Southern Caregiver Resource Center, or online through Alzheimer's Association, there are caregiver support groups that can assist you. You are not alone.

7 Sleep Benefits You Need to Know

Sleep well. It's not just an expression, it is really sound advice. Getting a good night's sleep will restore you for the next day ahead. Here are some points to ponder before your head hits the pillow.
  1. Memories and skills are consolidated, moving from short-term to long-term storage during periods of deep sleep
  2. Disturbed sleep can lead to trouble concentrating, remembering, and learning
  3. Sleep spurs creativity and battles depression
  4. Getting 6 or more hours of sleep each night can reduce inflammation linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis
  5. Restful nights can lead to less daytime fatigue and more stamina
  6. Healthy sleep habits can help your metabolism; sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same sectors of the brain
  7. Sleep removes excess proteins linked to Alzheimer's that accumulates in the brain during wakefulness
The National Institute on Aging provides some great insight on the studies for the link between sleep and Alzheimer's. Read more here:  The National Institute on Aging: Sleep Loss
What's better than Dad jokes? Mom puns!

You always have the best ideas. You're a real mother of invention.

I still hear your voice in my head telling me to do the right thing. I call it my inner mom-ologue.

Thank you for providing me womb and board all those years ago.

You're responsible for so many of my best memories. I like to call them mom-entos.

Computers are so smart because they listen to their motherboards.

You always knew what to do to make me feel better when I was sick. The first step was always the ther-mom-eter.

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