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Find out all the ways to Get Info in the Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Conferences.
SD Youth Crafts Resolution,
Heads to General Synod
High School Junior Hunter Rice received unexpected lessons in leadership and church structure during his confirmation program at  Custer Community Church  in Custer, South Dakota.
Part of the confirmation lessons taught by his pastor, Rev. Dustin Bartlett, included an understanding of the inner workings of the United Church of Christ. The class attended a Black Hills Association meeting. They also learned about conference meetings and the  UCC biennial General Synod meeting .

Learning about General Synod’s requirements to have diverse delegates from its conferences — particularly the requirement that 20% of the delegation be young adults (under 30 years of age) — sparked an idea in Rice and Bartlett.
Church Nerdery 101:
Interpreting General Synod in Local Congregations
Unlike Hunter Rice, the South Dakota youth mentioned above, many members (especially new ones) in local congregations may not be aware of what denomination they are part, much less understand the purpose of the UCC General Synod gathering and its impact on the life of all settings of the church.

There are many fantastic resources that you can use to turn average church members into full-fledged church nerds! In anticipation of General Synod June 21-25 in Milwaukee, plan an adult education series, new member class, confirmation study or church newsletter article using these resources from MESA (Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization) Team:

2019 Synod Resolutions
The heart and soul of UCC General Synod are the resolutions that voting delegates will consider, revise and vote upon. Here's are just a few. Plan a conversation before and after Synod to discuss the resolutions and the results:

Committee #3 - Addressing the State of Global Forced Migration

Committee #6 - Denouncing Acts of Violence, Hatred, and Racism Carried out in the Name of Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist Ideologies

Committee #11 - Examining, Articulating, and Resourcing the Nature, Purpose, Composition, Covenantal Autonomy and Definition of 'The Basic Unit of Life and Organization of the United Church of Christ for the Twenty-First Century.

Committee #14 - Jesus said, Come Follow Me
General Synod 101 - 2019
GS Highlights: All Female Preaching Lineup, Keynote Speaker and Church-wide Book Discussion, and Special Events
Synod isn't all resolutions and voting. This gathering provides so many opportunities for worship and learning. You can even join some plenary sessions and worship via livestream!

Synod Worship. Many who attend General Synod mention worship as a transformative celebration of the remarkable diversity with which God has gifted the United Church of Christ. For the first time, preachers at the General Synod's four worship services are all women.

Keynote Speaker and All-Church Read. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Matthew Desmond of Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, will be the keynote speaker. Get connected to General Synod by participating in the All Church Read of his book.

Special Events. Many special group gatherings and training events are held before, during and after UCC General Synod to help maximize your travel dollars!

June 17-19 - Our Whole Lives Junior High and High School Facilitator Training
June 18-20 - UCC Open and Affirming Coalition
June 21-25 - Youth @ Synod (13-18 years old)
June 25-28 - UCC Musicians Association Conference
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