May 26th, 2020
Trauma Basics for These COVID-19 Times & Beyond
When : June 4 th at 11 MST
Where : Go to to register
We will discuss:
Why it’s especially important to understand the impacts of trauma.
Who is especially vulnerable?
What we can do now to reduce the impacts of trauma.
This area provides information and resources to use in the of COVID-19. We hope you find them useful.

Trauma-Informed Resources: ATN's Covid-19 Help Center
Check out what Ginger Healy (ATN's Parenting Director) has for us! A series of short (few minute) videos to remind you and re-energize you during these trying times!

Trauma-Informed Distance Learning Support for Educators & Parents
ATN's Trauma-Sensitive Schools Program has the following online tools for educators:
  • DOWNLOAD this handy infographic for both teachers & parents.
  • VIEW this Roundtable hosted by the National School Board Association's Center for Safe Schools:

Check out the other tools, videos and offerings for educators on ATN's site  Covid-19 Resource Page. 

 African American Young Ladies Summit Program
Meet Senior Lauren S. of Grandview High School

Lauren S. will be majoring in Environmental Science. Lauren's first choice college is North Carolina A&T State University, where she has been accepted into their Honors College.
Lauren what is your career interest and why? "I want to be a conservationist. As a little girl, I wanted to be a lawyer. Standing up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves is what I thought I was going to do for the rest of my life. But before my first year in high school, I was spending my whole summer at the Denver Zoo. I began to realize that every time I walked into the zoo, every animal was a representation of the beauty we have in this world. I also realized that they were a representation of the little man in our world. The human species has advanced so much with new technologies and growing populations that I think sometimes we forget that we share this world with others. So, I tried to find a field where I could still be a lawyer(advocate), but for the animals: and conservation was my answer."

Lauren what was your favorite memory of AAYLS? "My favorite memory of AAYLS was the retreat. Even though the Grandview girls were new to the scene, the rest of the girls made us feel so welcome. We were allowed to open up about our experiences and journeys in life. I got to see that life will throw us curve balls and we may strike out, but when we come back up to the plate with a new mindset; we can get a home run."

What do you miss or wish you had the opportunity to do before the pandemic? "Before the pandemic, I wish I had gotten the opportunity to go on my choir trip. The Grandview Performing Arts trip only happens every three years. This year we were supposed to go to Germany and Austria and sing our hearts out. This adventure would have also doubled as my senior trip. I will certainly appreciate the time I spent with my family. While I was sitting with my family, I realized that if the year had gone as planned I would only have had a summer to be with them. But, now we have an extra three months."
Things You Want To Know About
Trauma-Informed/Sensitive Practices: Lessons from Trauma and Postsecondary Success
May 26th 4:30-7:30 Remotely
University of Colorado-Denver
Facilitator: Dr. Plashan McCune
Global MindEd Industry Marketplace Lunch & Learn
Our hope is to provide information and access to students, families and communities about careers. Check out the first Industry Marketplace Lunch & Learn. Let us know what you would like to see next. To see the entire segment .
Summer Camps
We are happy to share information to that supports our community. Please pass the information on. For more detai ls follow this link .
Teachers That Heal
Although, we are experiencing major challenges in our world we are still asking that you nominate individuals that create and support healing, learning environments for the success of all children. We will focus on those individuals that possess characteristics consistent with the b ook Trauma & Postsecondary Success A Framework for Systemic Change . Please nominate educators across the world, and your city, today. Thank you for doing your part in spotlighting those who heal our children.
As The World Adjusts So Will We-Stay Tuned
Journey Through The Decades of Black Excellence Fashion Show

We are very sad to share that this event has been postponed. We are weighing our options for a Fall reschedule.
GlobalMindEd Conference, June 6th-8th, 2020-Denver CO.
 Stay tuned
Dr. Plashan McCune will be presenting: Ensuring the Success of First Gen Students by using Trauma-Informed/Sensitive programming. We will also be taking some AAYLS Members to participate and lead.
Sisterhood Worldwide Conference 2021- The Spirit of Harriet
Adjusting- Looking at Spring
After having such and amazing time at camp and seeing the power of teaching and supporting our young ladies to lead change, we want to hold a leadership conference. We already have young ladies attending from Uganda and were asked to include young ladies from Nigeria as well. If you think this is a great idea and want to be part of it let us know by following this link.
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