July 2021 Week 2 E-Newsletter
Thriving Together Fundraiser

The SEFAA Center is open again and in-person classes start this weekend. It is time to connect in-person and online to learn, create, and explore more together. It is time to thrive together! Let’s enjoy more of what we love - more classes, tours, events, and exhibitions, more amazing instructors, and more full-tuition scholarships. Let’s share our passion for textiles and nurture our community. We can do it all if we all contribute.

Why is your one-time or monthly donation important? Because your gift will fund programming growth. Because your gift is an expression of your joy in making, your love of creativity, and your passion for textiles. And, because giving now is the perfect way to celebrate SEFAA’s 12 years of growth, grit, and commitment to being your textile resource. Your gift is important because it allows us to celebrate, support, and perpetuate all textile arts together.
Detail view of Igshaan Adams, Klip Gooi (Throwing Stones), In Intricate Weavings, Igshaan Adams Maps South Africa's Tangled Histories; Photo by Mark Blower
Membership Corner
Textile Appreciation Society of Atlanta

TASA is a wonderful forum for learning about and sharing textiles, particularly ethnic textiles. Members include collectors, educators, artists, and others who exchange information about exhibitions, textile publications, travel opportunities, and other related topics. Virginia Postrel, author of The Fabric of Civilization, will present their next program (in conjunction with SEFAA) on September 12th. Please join us and, in the meantime, visit their website for more information about this unique organization.
Individual Members

We're delighted to announce recent new and returning members: Yolanda Duralde, Karen SanMillan, Linda DeMars, Jon Eric Riis, Leah Henderson, Anna Bielowicz, Kathy Williams, Sarah Thomsen, Sally Reaves, Gale Evans, Jennie Rodriguez, Judy Carpenter, Joan Gleckler, Barbara Flexner, Susan Duralde, Brenda DeBord, Sally Joerger, and Emerson Koetter.

Want to join or need to renew? Start here! (Hint: If you're renewing, log in to your account first.)
Australian Sunset II by Beth Berghoff, a 2019 Square Foot Fiber Art Pin Up Show winning entry. Mixed media with organza, acrylic paint, paper, and acrylic medium to adhere the materials. Beth's piece was inspired by a photograph her son took in Australia.
Inspiration Gallery
Aleppo 3
Emergence VII
The Tide Always Rises
Healing Hearts
Flora Ruba
Urban Cathedral
Photo by: Rick Wells, Houston TX

How About Supplies? If you need to re-stash or just love a great bargain, bring a friend and shop till you drop on July 17th at the SEFAA Center. Entry is free and we'll be serving cake and wine from 3-4 pm in celebration of our 12th (!) birthday.
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