An installer tells me how he really feels about ProVia's stone - see his candid comments in the video!

March 15, 2016
Installer Reacts to ProVia's Stone (Video)
A few days ago, while driving in to work, I cruised past the site where our new stone manufacturing plant is being built. As I glanced over at the new building, I noticed a crew installing ProVia's stone.

I decided to stop and see how things were going. One of the installers, Josh, started telling me his opinions about the stone. Naturally my first thought was "wait, let's get this on camera!!"

Josh was kind enough to let me capture his comments to share with all of you. So check out this video – his observations about the chipping process are especially interesting.

What do you think about the video? Comments? Feedback? Feel free to send me an email with your thoughts.

Joe Klink,
Director of Corporate Relations
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