In our current issue of the Institute Insights newsletter we celebrate the young Innovators in Training, graduate students and post-doc trainees, who are dedicating themselves to becoming the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to catapult the transformative biomanufacturing technologies from campus to clinic. I encourage all of you to watch their video interviews to learn more about how they are contributing to the success of the Institute and expand the reputation of Madison. We are also excited to showcase Cathy's interview with "Women in Science" regarding her incredible professional path and how biomanufacturing can lead the fight against COVID-19, and showcase our extremely active and productive partnership with BioForward Wisconsin!

On behalf of everyone at the Institute, we are grateful for your continued support of our mission, and hope that you and your families enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

The Forward BIO Team
Meet the Innovators in Training
During Startup Week the Forward BIO Institute showcased interviews with the outstanding trainees in our Innovators in Training program. The IIT program expands on graduate and post-graduate preparation, providing experiential-based training in skills necessary to successfully engage across the technology ecosystem.

Visit our website to learn more about the current cohort of trainees. Hear directly from them about how they drive new technology innovation forward, integrate entrepreneurial training into their graduate thesis research, and expand their professional networks through partnerships with the Institute, our campus, and industry partners.
How COVID-19 is Impacting the Burgeoning Biohealth Sector
As part of the Women in Science series, Cathy Rasmussen, Assistant Director of the Forward BIO Institute, recently spoke about the growing biohealth industry, her development as a scientist and the ways biomanufacturing can take the lead in fighting COVID-19.
“The focus on what companies in our industry are doing as part of the COVID-19 response has broadened the public’s understanding of biomanufacturing, and the critical need has heightened the importance of what we do,” Rasmussen explained. “In recent years this field has revolutionized the approach to medicine, and biomanufacturing is foundational to the future of healthcare.”
Start In UW–Madison is a new searchable database that serves as a “one-stop-shop” for campus entrepreneurs seeking to identify and connect with campus resources that best suit their needs. Found on the Innovate Network website, Start In UW–Madison features a robust search engine where users can query information provided by university programs supporting innovation in fields from biomanufacturing to computer and data science, medical, clean tech, food science and more. The directory is searchable by university audience, type of business assistance, industry specialization, and many other categories.
Start In UW–Madison is part of the broader Start In Wisconsin initiative. For owners and startups, Start In Wisconsin will power connections to start, scale and accelerate area entrepreneurs. For the established resource network, Start In Wisconsin will be a platform to provide best fit referrals, build your network, and to showcase the story of entrepreneurship in our region.
BioForward Wisconsin and the Forward BIO Institute
Wisconsin, building on decades of groundbreaking discoveries, is quickly establishing its role as a leader in the rapidly evolving biohealth industry. BioForward Wisconsin, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization, is the collective voice of Wisconsin’s robust and comprehensive biohealth cluster, which represents more than 220 member organizations across an integrated network of health solution leaders, including research institutions, biotech and biopharma, digital health and medical device and diagnostics. It is an action-oriented association that focuses on initiatives to strengthen the state’s talent pipeline; collaborations to develop supply chain partnerships; educational and networking events to enhance professional development; and legislative advocacy to highlight the economic and social impact of the biohealth industry on the state, nation, and world.
“The Institute and BioForward share a strategic vision for the growth of Wisconsin’s biohealth industry; one where collaboration directs the natural flow of technology advancement from early stage, pre-incorporation development through post-incorporation commercialization activities.”

- Philip Keegan, Public-Private Partnership Lead
The Forward BIO Institute
The partnership between the Forward BIO Institute and BioForward Wisconsin leverages the strengths of both organizations, most notably through fostering successful public-private partnerships. The expertise found in BioForward’s member companies has greatly enhanced the Institute’s educational offerings and serves as an important resource for product development insights. Similarly, industry partners have found significant value in both the Institute’s workforce development programs, which enable direct student engagement, and our Catapult Program, which enables these potential collaborators and/or investors to learn about innovative technologies being developed on campus.
“As an action-oriented association, BioForward has taken steps to redefine and elevate Wisconsin’s image as a leader in the biohealth industry. Our partnership with the Forward BIO Institute as part of the Forward BIO Initiative is an essential part of strengthening the state’s position as a biomanufacturing hub of excellence.”
- Lisa Johnson, CEO
BioForward Wisconsin
BioForward Wisconsin recently commissioned a report assessing Wisconsin’s biohealth industry landscape and economic impact. It found this industry to be a leading driver for economic growth and innovation in the state, outperforming most major industries in Wisconsin in terms of job growth and wages. While in 2018 the state’s biohealth industry employed over 46,000 individuals and contributed over $28.8 billion to the economy, these values have only increased as this sector has continued to grow. The partnership between the Forward BIO Institute and BioForward Wisconsin best exemplifies how to expedite and amplify technology advances throughout this shared ecosystem. 
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