In line with their mission to support nascent entrepreneurs and early stage companies in our community, the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic (L&E Clinic) provides free legal services through the work of law students supervised by faculty and private sector attorneys. The L&E Clinic seeks to train law students in the practical aspects of transactional law while providing a challenging academic experience, provide high quality legal services to entrepreneurs and startup companies, and impact the economy by helping Wisconsin businesses launch and grow.

Led by Anne Smith, the L&E Clinic is structured to run akin to a law firm with law students responsible for the majority of activities under the guidance of Supervising Attorneys. Students participating in the L&E Clinic are encouraged to share their knowledge and seek assistance within the Clinic, but also from an Advisory Committee of respected attorneys within the greater Wisconsin legal community.
 “The L&E Clinic is a valued asset within Madison’s start-up community and provides excellent guidance to innovators on campus seeking to expand their understanding of the business and legal aspects of technology to commercialization. The Forward BIO Institute is proud to partner with the L&E Clinic, and have Anne Smith serve on the Forward BIO Institute’s Executive Committee.”
- Cathy Rasmussen, Assistant Director Forward BIO Institute