The ability of a start-up to effectively develop their prototype or conduct a critical proof-of-concept study is critical to sustainable growth. However, due to the expensive and specialized equipment typically needed to run a life science start-up, these organizations instead burn significant time and capital on the logistical setup, calibration, and maintenance of a research facility. Forward BIOLAB’ co-working life science laboratories and offices cultivate a collaborative innovation ecosystem built around shared expertise, enhancing a startup’s ability to achieve sustainability. Located in the heart of Madison’s University Research Park, Forward BIOLABS’ 10,000 ft 2 of fully equipped and maintained laboratory space is supported by dedicated Forward BIOLABS staff, which allows resident start-ups to execute strategic goals at launch. The partnership between the Forward BIO Institute and Forward BIOLABS exemplifies a shared strategic vision to support life science entrepreneurs. Projects fostered on campus by the Institute can naturally transition into the Forward BIOLABS post-incorporation. 

“The addition of Forward BIOLABS into Madison’s ecosystem substantially shifts the dynamic and broadens opportunity by lowering the barrier to entry for companies developing technologies that intrinsically have higher operating costs.” 
-Cathy Rasmussen, Assistant Director of the Forward BIO Institute