ISSUE 113 | June 30, 2021
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Economic and Policy News
Regional solutions needed for public services and safety amid COVID-19
Changes in employment and business revenue directly affect local government operations.

The pandemic caused major economic challenges for small and large cities.

This study discusses the local impact and reinforces the need for more shared or regional services in municipal government.

Alleghany County leads state in use of data to reach the Black community 
The history of racial discrimination and abuse within the medical system is well documented, and has led to disparities in health care and health outcomes.

The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center and the Black Equity Coalition work together to release data on such disparities.

Their efforts are informing tailored outreach campaigns that help decrease the spread of COVID-19 in the Black community. 

Alternative energy will help maintain air quality amid a robust logistics industry 
Alternative sources of energy, such as natural gas and electric, will help to maintain air quality throughout the region as truck traffic continues to grow.

It is critical to transition the use of these fuels to fleet vehicles.

Greater application of alternative fuels will also stimulate NEPA’s energy industry, and ultimately its economy.

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Economic and Policy News
Federal government changes the landscape of employment 
The Biden administration is offering federal agencies flexibility in terms of remote and hybrid work.

Restrictions on office occupancy are no longer in place, but the federal government had acknowledged the effectiveness of telework during the pandemic.

Officials also anticipate that the changing policies will enhance talent attraction and retention efforts.

States leverage creativity to develop their workforces
State economies depend on workforce development, attraction and retention.

Some are getting ahead by getting creative.

Communities stand to benefit from rise in electric vehicle usage
The American Jobs Plan is expected to accelerate the move to electric vehicles, and manufacturers are responding.

It is important for communities to keep pace with these advancements.

They can accommodate demand and promote equity by establishing charging stations and encouraging collaboration between the private sector and utilities. 

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