ISSUE 118 | August 4, 2021
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Organizations recognize arts & crafts as valuable economic generators in PA
The arts and crafts sector is often overlooked as a generator of economic activity.

In response to this issue, a unique partnership between a Philadelphia craft nonprofit and a Pittsburgh business accelerator has resulted in a new pilot program.

The goal of the Keystone Alliance for Creative Economies and Entrepreneurship (KACEE) is to provide more resources to artisans and support their business development. 

PA Youth Congress takes on big business’ lack of nondiscrimination support 
Pennsylvania is the only northeast state without anti-discrimination laws to protect LGBTQ individuals.

Only three percent of the state’s communities offer such protections.

The PA Youth Congress criticized businesses for promotion of Pride month without any policy support or legislative substance behind their efforts. 

Philly attempts to establish safe injection sites as RI launches program
Overdose deaths escalated globally during the pandemic.

Many countries established safe injection sites where medical personnel monitor drug use, while offering information and support.

Lawmakers in Rhode have approved a two-year pilot program to mitigate overdose deaths, while similar efforts in Philadelphia continue to falter. 

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Economic and Policy News
‘Blind removal’ may determine extent to which social workers are influence by race 
LA County is implementing a pilot test to determine whether neighborhood of residence, race, or ethnicity influence decisions to remove children from their homes.

This ‘blind removal’ effort is modeled after a program in Nassau County, New York.

After five years, the NY program reported a 36-percent reduction in foster care placement of Black children. 

Georgia school district working to minimize racial disparities in gifted programs 
Gwinnett County Public School system has committed to a new and comprehensive equity plan.

In addition to increasing the share of Black and Hispanic children in gifted programs, the plan is intended to narrow gaps in standardized testing scores.

Gifted 101, a training program to help educators identify a child’s potential, will be expanded as well.

Bismarck makes innovative parks & recreation improvements 
A Parks and Recreation District in North Dakota is using grant money for wheelchair accessible picnic tables and enhance overall park accessibility.

Many eight-foot picnic tables now have six-foot benches, allowing ample space for mobility and medical equipment.

The ‘Place at the Table’ project ensures that people who use wheelchairs can easily sit next to family and friends. 

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